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Asking sincerely for a reply...PLEASE...

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Joined: 03 Aug 2004
Posts: 18

Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 2:37 am    Post subject: Asking sincerely for a reply...PLEASE... Reply with quote

I have a friend, long distance, whom I have grown to care for very much. Over the last few months, we have opened up to one another and our relationship has taken on strong romantic overtones. However, this past Thursday we had an upsetting fight, and he is now feeling "stressed and overwhelmed" and "wants to take a step back."
I am very worried and confused. We used to talk every night. I miss my friend!

I asked at 10.16 PM in Columbus, OH...when shall D call me again?
I see Gemini rising at 15 degrees, conjunct the Moon at 15 Gemini....I am asking, indeed, about emotions and communication. His significator, Jupiter, is in Libra in the Fifth House, as is mine. Pluto is in the Seventh. I see that Mercury has already passed Jupiter, so I looked to the Moon as the CoSignificator, and see that the Moon is making its next and final aspect as an opposition to Pluto.
How do I read this? There is 4 degrees between the Moon and Pluto...does this indicate 4 hours? Four days? Or do I look at the applying sextile between Mercury and Pluto in 11 degrees?

I am worried and my heart is hurting. Can someone please help me?
Thank you so much. Sad
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Joined: 05 Jun 2004
Posts: 61
Location: Sweden

Posted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 5:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi L J!

I will not comment your chart because I`m not really qualified, student as I am. But I will say that I do not think your question is the right one. You ask "when will he call me again?" and I think you really want to know about the future of your relationship.

If you read Alyas post down below you see that right now it is not a very good time to ask anyway. I suggest you wait a while. Take it easy and most of all consider what you want for yourself, what you need from a partner and then rephraise the question.

Best wishes for you!/Anna
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Joined: 11 Oct 2003
Posts: 4130
Location: England

Posted: Tue Oct 05, 2004 11:38 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Because it’s clear that you are quite upset over this; the question you have asked – when will D call? - is framed by your current state of panic and distress. It would be much better if you stepped back from that question and used the chart to evaluate the true nature of this friendship and what it has or has had to offer you.

It’s interesting that your friend admits to feeling ‘stressed and overwhelmed’ because the chart describes you very much in that position, with your main significator closely applying to combustion. (The Sun rules the 3rd house of telephone calls, emails, etc., suggesting that your communication got too hot to handle and has left you feeling burnt out; Saturn is on the cusp of the 3rd house too, bringing the communication to a close). Mars (the upsetting fight) is in the middle of your significators in the 5th house but Mercury moves away from Mars quite quickly, whilst it hovers around Jupiter, showing that your friend remains angry and annoyed at what has happened longer than you do. This is a natural consequence of him being signified by a superior planet and you by the inferior. You are the one that reacts to the way he calls the shots.

There is only a separating motion between the two significators with no aid from the Moon and no collection or translation to suggest a reconciliation. In addition, both significators are disposed by Venus, which has just entered its sign of fall and is within a few degrees of the applying opposition to Uranus, which brings separation and coldness. Venus is in the first degree of a new sign, showing a new state of affairs and a need to close down unrealistic relationships or those that have no positive potential. Jupiter has also just changed signs, suggesting that your friend has gone through a major change of circumstances or at the very least a big change in his mental attitude.

The Moon’s applying opposition to Pluto on the 7th cusp shows only that this situation can evoke emotional trauma and suggests that the relationship – which no doubt started off as light and reassuring friendship – got too heavy and too deep with no effective outlet for those emotions. Mercury’s trine to Neptune and sextile to Pluto as it becomes combust, is going to leave you feeling vulnerable, confused and empty for a while. But the chart is clear that the relationship has changed and whether you re-establish the communication or not, the sense of evolving trust and intimacy with this man will be left behind. So this chart isn’t going to help you in the question ‘when will he call again?’; it can only help by showing that it is time to move on, and by allowing you a better understanding of what went wrong in the friendship and why, and how you can benefit in the future for having had this experience.

The very highlighted position of the Moon, angular on the ascendant, is calling you to look at how your emotional needs and how they are expressed and fulfilled. The Moon is void of course except the opposition to Pluto, suggesting a very real and deep emotional need that is actually quite blocked. Once the Moon has passed the opposition of Pluto it will make a trine to the midheaven, so although it might feel as if you are going through a baptism of fire at the moment, use this experience wisely and it will give you the potential to be much more naturally expressive and emotionally fulfilled in the future.

I’m sorry that your heart is hurting but the pain that is involved in separation has a part to play in all our lives and if it has to be faced, astrology can only really help by making you aware of that.
One of the considerations before judgement is to be wary in questions where the ascendant ruler is combust, as it is here: - “neither question propounded will take, or Querent be regulated” (CA. p.121) I take this to mean that the querent is in a state where they have very little power to effectively pursue and accomplish what they are asking about, and also that they may be in the maelstrom of grief which makes it difficult for them, at that time, to fully understand what is happening and why. It is interesting that in her book ‘Life after Grief’, Darrelyn Gunzburg, who reviews the process from an entirely different angle, also advises against counselling astrological clients whilst they are still in the acute stages of grief, essentially for that reason, (grief being a term that is applied to any sense of loss and separation). If this chart doesn’t mean much to you at this time, or you can’t see how it describes the situation and explains the whys and wherefores, just leave it aside – this may not be the best time for you to be probing the matter astrologically as Anna says. Your heart will stop hurting in time, when you’ve come out of the other side of this - that would be a better time to take out this chart and explore it in more depth.
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