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Employment for My Grandson - When?

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Joined: 15 Mar 2008
Posts: 97

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:54 am    Post subject: Employment for My Grandson - When? Reply with quote

Dear members

The above chart is erected by me, as an anxious grandfather, to get an answer to the question whether my grandson will get a job soon. He is a Ph.D holder in wireless communication from a top university in U.S. He has been applying for a suitable job for the last two month, but three interviews have failed and two more interviews are still pending. Will he be successful in the upcoming interviews?

Looking at the chart, late ascendant worries me. I do not know whether we can proceed further or not. Added, the aspects also are not quite favourable. Grandson, represented by Mars in the turned chart, squaring Jupiter and Moon, the secondary significator forming seperating 6/8 relationship are some of the discouraging factors.

Anyway, I request the members for additional inputs, if any, to read and interpret the chart better.


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Joined: 03 Jan 2006
Posts: 458

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 2:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Usually too late or too early degrees of AC makes horary not radical.
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Joined: 01 Aug 2008
Posts: 1115
Location: California, USA

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Late ASC is a consideration before judgement or "non radical"/ fit to be judged because there is not much to be done about the matter or the matter is already set in motion (or occurred when it is a question about the past). To say that the chart is not going to provide information is another story. A lot of very readable charts have a late ASC. It is a consideration for the astrologer only and they can choose to read it or not for a querent. Normally we are advising others, and if you, as querent, are advising yourself there is not much to be done about not reading the chart (since you've already seen it and what you believe it says). If you asked this question without your grandson's permission, I think this late ASC is saying that there is nothing that you can do to help him - he will do this on his own. In fact, I find it very likely he wants to do this on his own and is the type of person who does not like other people meddling in his affairs because he is a self-doer (which I will get into below).

One important thing to look at in turned charts is the derived houses. Mars as the grandson is in his turned 10th and the Moon rules his 10th. Also, Moon is in a fire sign which means it would have trined Mars, not squared (they are both in fire signs and like triplicities always trine, while qualities square such as two fixed signs). It has already translated light of Mars to Mercury and is now moving from Mercury to Saturn. Unfortunately, those planets are in his derived 12th and Mars is peregrine. It could be that he is self-defeating some of these opportunities because they are not living up to his expectations. With 12th house influences, we wouldn't know enough about your grandson to say for sure what this means - struggling with an illness, shady background, or just self-defeating things by what he is doing.

The last time Mars was in Leo, I had a job horary (while Moon was also in Sag):

If it helps at all. Your grandson and I might have some things in common. I am heavy fire (5 planets), a natal Sag Moon with Mars in a fire sign (Mars in Aries) in the 10th house and Mars-Jupiter square out of sign (they are both in fire signs so it's really more so a loose trine).

Obviously this chart looks a bit difficult for your grandson, perhaps because he is approaching the situation without much preparation or expectation by being peregrine and squaring Jupiter, which is also the dispositor of the Moon - he may be "winging" things too much and depending on luck. Mars out of sect tends to be more destructive and wasteful, which when it is a person can be self-destructive (or destructive for others, depending on the question). The Moon applying to Saturn (in his 12th) next is probably not the most supportive of these job opportunities. The Moon is increasing in light though, and is in a sign of Jupiter, so he will likely continue to have a plethora of opportunities. I just think it will take a while to find the right thing, and it may happen unexpectedly and perhaps not live up to his expectations. That seems pretty common with Sag Moon influence on a chart, because its expectations are pretty lofty but it does have luck too. With Mars trine Uranus and sextile Sun, he seems very resourceful, intelligent, full of ambition and drive, so I am sure he will get there eventually. I don't think he likes the hiring process at all and may even be angry and rebelling at it a bit (that's a typical Mars thing to do, I should know). You want a job yesterday when you're that type of person and can't understand why every job doesn't see your attributes. This leads to impatience, not going into great detail during the interview, or even making more mistakes (again, a lack of preparation), etc. He needs to read up on these jobs, think about what THEY want as well as what he wants. Otherwise this will take longer... he is peregrine and disposited by a planet in its fall and in his 12th. He's going to make a lot of mistakes and wander around a bit, I can bet you.
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Joined: 05 Jun 2008
Posts: 362
Location: Latvia

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

So the question is "Will he be successful in the two upcoming interviews?" Looking at the 10th house, we could say that there will be more than one interview - a) the Moon as a rule means more than one, b) SAG is a double-bodied sign, c) both the NNode (in the 10th) and Jupiter (as the Dispositor of the Moon) are known to expand things. Wow, a simple conclusion which is formed within a second in the mind, looks very complicated when in writing.

Anyway, more than one interview. The Moon separates from combust Mercury (ie, the communication planet) which probably shows the failed interviews, more so because Sun rules the turned 10th house. The bad news is that Mercury continues combust for a while and the Moon applies to the greater Malefic without reception. The Moon is in mutual reception, though, with L10 (Jupiter) which is good but probably not good enough.

Mars in the 6th, Jupiter, L10, peregrine, retrograde and cadent in a fixed sign. The communication planet combust. Unless the mutual reception with Jupiter does wonders, I would say it would be a small miracle if your grandson lands the job.

I hope he does, though, we are not Nostradamuses you know but the chart is discouraging. But hey, if it doesn't work out there will always be some other opportunity sooner or later.
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Joined: 15 Mar 2008
Posts: 97

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you all for your elaborate analysis and interpretation

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Joined: 02 Nov 2009
Posts: 509

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Kannan

I realise you've been on the forum doing horary for longer than I have, and so will have your own approach and preferences for horary.

Accordingly, one of the things that you might have chosen not to include, so forgive me if I'm needlessly drawing attention to it, is retrograde Neptune right on the Ascendant.... less than half a degree separates them.

The only reason I mention it is that it hasn't been mentioned in the thread so far. Only you are in a position to weave its meaning into the chart (and only if you wished to do so, naturally) but for me it says something about not having all the facts available to form a sound judgement on the matter, which could be read as something that ties in with the meaning of the late Rising degree.


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