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A Method to know if some person/place is favourable or not

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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 6:13 pm    Post subject: A Method to know if some person/place is favourable or not Reply with quote

In January 2009 I started thinking about the questions in which a Querent asked about a selection of a particular item among many given. Many of my friends and even my father asked me questions which did not show a pressing concern, were casual but an answer of which would be welcome.
Few of the Examples:

-In which village should I buy land? (Not a deeply felt question and all the villages in mind are close to each another)

-Which city is more beneficial for me? (Not a deeply felt question)

-Out of all these proposals which should be accepted? (A girl’s mother asking)

-Which girl’s invitation for the should be accepted? (Again there are many girls in mind)


What’s special in a name? Is it the total numerical value of a given name? Or birth of a name? (Birth chart)

I am few of the fortunate ones who have travelled all over of Pakistan...
In 2009 I was serving in Rawalakot and I had enough time to research...
I made a list of all the cities and places which I like to visits most, visit occasionally or did not want to visit again.

I noticed that my village is the place where I don’t have any good experiences except when I visit my certain male cousin...

I noticed that Lahore (city) of Punjab was the city I hate most.... (There is no mundane chart for Lahore or other cities)

I noticed that Muzaffarabad, Mianwali or Multan were also top of the list...

I made another list of my bosses, my sweethearts, girl friends, relatives and people distinguishing between people whom I do like and people with whom I bad experiences...

Is there a pattern?

I calculated the numerical values of all the names according to Abjad, Chaldean Hebrew Cabbala (suggested by Cheiro and Linda Goodman) and Pythagorean.

Try as hard...there was no pattern...

I put all the data in Microsoft Excel and filtered according to

I like most
I like average
And I don’t like

Wow...there was a pattern....

All the places and names whose first letter started with M, L, A was not good for me...

And all the places and names whose name started with B, W, V, T or R were the ones which I did like most...


I referred to A Sign table which gives and distributes alphabets to different signs...

M was related to Leo and L and A were related to Aries
B, W, V related to Taurus and R and T (soft sound) were related to

I ascertained the strength of signs in my natal horoscope. The sign of Leo was weak and the signs of Taurus and Libra were the strongest. My research and experimentation continued for two years. I experimented on my relatives, cousins, and friends and now I use it in my professional practice.

Following is the method which I use but your are free to devise your own. Don’t be too quick. Take your time.

Step 01: Make a Birth Chart.
-Whole Sign
Try to arrive at the exact degrees and minutes of planets and the sign in which they are placed.

Step 02: Only use following planets or bodies
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, North Node & South Node

Step 03: Take signs one by one and assess their strength. The strength of the sign depends upon the strengths of planets placed in a sign and the strength of the sign ruler. This calls for judgement, and may appear to be an assessment based on subjectivity; however, in the end it is sufficient to find one of the strongest sign and one of the weakest sign.

Step 04: Don’t use almuten, exaltation ruler or triplicity ruler.

Step 05: The people, places or things whose alphabet starts with weakest sign would be unfavourable and people, places or things whose name starts with strongest sign would be favourable or lucky.

Alphabets related to sign

Ch (Check—Charity—Cheeks--Chess)
L (Liberia—Let—Labour)
A-Ain (Arabs-Iraq—Abidjan)
Aaa (Amina--Australia)

Aae (Invite—Insist—Immigrant-Infect-Instead)
Oo (Obama—Oman--Ogle)
E –the word sounding aain in Arabic (Emirates—Efficient)
B (Boost—Bat—Brazil--Bulgaria)
The sound of Wow (Wonder—Versatile—Very—wave)

K (Katrina—Kim—Karachi—Canada—Kennedy)
Q (Quotient—Quintile—Quadratic)
Ha (Hajra—Hamilton—Harris--Ham)
H (Hamas—Hedonist—Hindi)

Hee (Herat—He Man—He)
Hoo—Sounds like Who (Hoor-Hoofs—Home)
Dah all harsh sounds of D (Denmark—Disaster—Donkey—Duck)

Ma (Malice—Majid—Manchester)
Mee (Me—Mean—Meek)
M (Mother—Mozart—Milan)
Tah Harsh T sound (Turkey—Terrific—Ticket)

P (Pure—Peek—Peak—Puma)
Pa (Paul—Pakistan—Panama)

Tay-- very Soft T sound (Tanzania—Tania)
Toay—Soft T sound (Tariq—Tahir)
R (Rabbit—Rat—Rocket—Racket—Race—Remember)

N (Nordic—Nathan-Natal)
Ya (Yasmin—Yard—Yasser--)

F (Fruit—Fatima—Fast—Fin—Fun)
Yu (You—Yusuf—Useless—Yummy)

J (Japan---Jack—Jill---George)
Kh (Khan—Khartom—Khaleej)
Z (Zebra-Zigzag)

G (Go—Get—Gambia—Ghana)
S (Sip—Sara—Sindbad—Siberia)
Sh (Ship—Shimmer—Shut—Shakira)

Da-D-Dee all the soft sounds of D (Daud—Delhi—Dubai)

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