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chapters from Hidden mysteries on astrology

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Joined: 23 Sep 2012
Posts: 419

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:49 pm    Post subject: chapters from Hidden mysteries on astrology Reply with quote

You will be surprised to know that ninety percent of children are born at night. Ordinarily – in
accordance with mathematical probability – the percentage of births would be fifty-fifty for night and
day. There can be a fluctuation of four to five percent here and there, but why should ninety percent
be born during the night? Only ten percent of births, at the most, occur during the day. This cannot
be without any reason. There are many reasons for this. Let me explain....
When a child is born at night, the first exposure of the world upon its mind is not of light, but of
darkness. I am telling you this only by way of illustration, because the matter is really much deeper.
Only by way of illustration am I telling you that the first impression upon the mind of the child is that
of darkness. The sun is absent, its energy is absent. All around, the world is sleeping; nothing is
actually awake. This is the first impact on the child.
If we ask Buddha or Mahavira about the reason for this, they will say that most souls take birth at
night because they are sleeping when they are born. These souls cannot choose the moment of
their birth. There are hundreds of other reasons, but this is important, that most people are asleep.
They are in darkness and inactivity.
Whosoever is born after sunrise will be born with energy. After sunset, in the darkness of night, only
sleeping beings can take birth. The birth that takes place at the time of the rising of the sun will
be a birth under the influence of energy; the birth that takes place after sunset under the cover of
darkness will be a birth under the influence of sleep. The exposure will be different for a film exposed
at night and one exposed during light. It is necessary to understand this point about exposure more
clearly, because astrology is very deeply related to it.
The scientists who are conducting research on this subject of birth exposure say that it is a
happening of the utmost importance. That exposure will follow you throughout your life.

When a chicken is born to a hen, it immediately starts running after the hen. We say that it is
running after the mother, but scientists say that this has nothing to do with the mother, that it is only
a question of exposure and imprinting. Scientists have now conducted hundreds of experiments –
one experiment was on chickens about to be born. The chickens’ beaks were emerging from the
eggs, and just then the hen was removed from the scene, and a balloon was placed in front of the
chickens instead. When the chickens opened their eyes they saw the balloon. You will be surprised
to know that the chickens loved the balloon as if it was their mother.
Wherever that balloon moved in the air, they would run after it. They did not care for the mother,
wherever she might be, but they became surprisingly sensitive towards the balloon. When the
chickens became tired, they would go and sit beside the balloon. They would try to love the balloon,
they would try to peck at the balloon – not at the mother.
In this connection, a lot of work has been done by the scientist Konrad Lorenz. He says that the first
moment of exposure is the most important. The child becomes intimately related to the mother, but
because of the first exposure. It runs after the mother only because she was available to it first.
Now some more experiments are being conducted.... Those male children who are not brought
up in the presence of the mother are not capable of loving any woman. There has been no
proper exposure; the image of a woman has not been properly imprinted in such a child’s mind.
If homosexuality is increasing in the West, one fundamental reason is insufficient exposure to one of
the parents. Heterosexual love, love between opposite sexes, is becoming less and less in the West,
and love between members of the same sex is increasing. Although this is an unnatural happening,
it is bound to be there.
The sexual attraction between a man and a woman is also conditioned in another manner. To whom
a child should be first exposed is a matter to be considered. A woman will not be happy in life if, as
a baby girl, she was first exposed to the mother. Her exposure should be to a man. The first impact
on the mind of a girl should be of her father; then only will she be capable of loving a man fully. If
men always surpass women it is because boys and girls are both first exposed to and brought up by
the mother.
The exposure of the boy is correct, but that of the girl is not. So, as long as a baby girl’s first exposure
is not to her father, it will not be possible for her to become equal to a man. Neither through politics,
nor through employment, nor through economic independence can she become equal, because
from a psychological angle the weakness in the personality of a girl remains. No civilization so far
has been able to overcome this weakness.
If a small balloon can exert so much influence on a chicken, if it can enter so indelibly into its
mind, astrology suggests that whatsoever surrounds us – the whole universe – also enters into our
consciousness at that moment of exposure at birth, when the mental film is exposed to the world.
This determines forever your sympathies and antipathies for the entire life. All the constellations that
are encircling the earth at that moment also, in a very deep way, imprint their influence on that newly
born consciousness. The constellations are in certain positions: the basic significance of these
constellations lies in the

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Joined: 23 Sep 2012
Posts: 419

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

With regard to the nonessential part of life, we are always free to lift the first leg. But once that is
done it becomes a bondage for the essential part. We take steps that are nonessential, become
entangled, and then we are not able to do the essential. So Mohammed said to Ali that he had all
the freedom to lift the right or the left leg first. But once he exercised that freedom and lifted one left
leg, he was incapable of lifting the other leg. So freedom is there within certain limits, but beyond
those limits there is bondage.
This is an old conflict for the human mind. If man is a slave of his destiny – as the astrologers seem
to assert – if everything is predestined and happens inevitably, then all the religions are of no use.
If a man is free to do everything, as all so-called rationalists say, and if nothing is predetermined or
inevitable, then life will become just a chaos and an anarchy. Then it is also possible that a man may
steal and still attain liberation, that he may murder people and still realize the divine. When nothing
is related, when one step is not related to the other, then there are no laws and nothing is binding
I remember a story about Mulla Nasruddin.... Mulla was passing by a mosque, when suddenly
someone fell down from the minaret of the mosque where he had climbed to say his prayers. The
man fell right onto the shoulders of Mulla, and Mulla’s spine was broken. So Mulla was taken to a
hospital for treatment.
Some of his disciples came to see him, because Mulla used to interpret all events. They asked him,
”How do you interpret this event? What does it mean?”
Mulla replied, ”It is very clear that there is no relationship between an act and its fruit. One person
falls down, and the spine of someone else breaks. And so from now onwards you should not enter
into the controversy of the doctrine of karma. It has been proved that one person may fall down and
that the spine of another can break. That person who fell down was hale and hearty: he fell on me
and I got in a mess. I had not climbed the minaret to say prayers, I was just returning home. I was
not in any way concerned with the prayers – but still I got involved. So, from now onwards no more
talk about the doctrine of karma. Anything can happen. There is no law; it is all anarchy.”
Mulla was very unhappy, naturally, because his spine had been broken unnecessarily.
There are two hypotheses. On the one hand there is the astrologer who is sitting on the side of the
road being asked about the nonessential.... Whether he is the astrologer of a poor man or of Morarji
Desai it does not make any difference – all ordinary astrologers are asked about nonessentials.
An ordinary astrologer is asked questions like: ”Shall we win the elections or not?” How are the
elections connected with the moon and the stars? The ordinary astrologer who replies, ”Everything
is predetermined, and no changes, not even as much as one inch, can be made,” is making a false
On the other hand there is the rationalist. He says that nothing is connected inevitably: whatsoever
happens is coincidental, circumstantial and a matter of chance. There is no law, everything is
anarchic. He is also making a false statement.
There is a law: A rationalist is never found so full of joy and bliss as a buddha.
Hidden Mysteries 115 OshoThe rationalist denies God, soul and religion with the help of logic, but he can never attain the joy
of Mahavira. It is definite that Mahavira must have done something that earned him his joy, Buddha
must have done something that liberated him, and Krishna must also have done something which
made it possible for him to give out such distinctly unique magical notes through his flute.
The real thing is the third, which is the quintessence of everything, which belongs to the innermost
and which is absolutely predetermined. The more one moves toward one’s center, the nearer one
comes to the essential, predetermined part. As we move towards the periphery, we move towards
coincidence. The more we talk about external happenings, the more there is coincidence. When we
talk about inner phenomena, things begin to appear scientific, as if based on a certain law, and they
become more and more decisive.
Between these two conditions – the essential and the peripheral – there is ample room for changes
through the exercise of choice. Here, a person of knowledge makes the correct choice, while a
person who is without knowledge, who is in the darkness of ignorance, drifts to his destiny. In
darkness, circumstance catches hold of him.
So there are three areas of life. In one area, that which is the essential core, everything is
predetermined. Knowing this is knowing the essence of astrology. In another area, that which is
peripheral, everything is uncertain. To know this is to know the everyday unpredictable world. There
is another area which is in the middle. By knowing this, a person can save himself from trying to do
the impossible, and can do what is possible. If a person lives in the peripheral and middle areas in
such a way that he begins to move towards the center, he will become religious. But if he lives in
such a way that he is never able to move towards the center, his life will remain irreligious.
For example, a person is preparing to steal. Stealing is not predetermined; it can’t be claimed that
stealing is inevitable or unavoidable, there is complete freedom whether to steal or not. But once
stealing has been committed, it is as if one foot has been lifted and the other foot remains on the
earth: after doing it, you cannot undo the act. And the total effect of the act of stealing will spread
over the personality of the person who did it. But as long as stealing is not done, the other alternative
is present and available.
The mind of a person swings between yes and no. If he says yes, he will be thrown towards the
periphery; if he says no, he will move towards the center. Thus, in the middle, there is a choice. If
he makes a wrong choice he is thrown towards the periphery; if he makes a right choice he moves
towards the center, towards that part of astrology which is essential in life.
I have told you certain things. I have told you that we are the outstretched hands of the sun, that the
earth is born of the sun and we are born of the earth. We are not separate, we are all united. We
are branches and leaves that have spread out from the sun. Whatsoever happens in the roots of the
sun will vibrate and spread throughout and within one’s being, through every cell and nerve. If we
can understand this properly then in this world we will realize that we are one family. Then we have
no need to live encased within ego and pride.
The heaviest blow of astrology is upon the ego. If astrology is right, the ego is wrong. Let us
understand it this way: if astrology is wrong, then nothing else remains – but the ego – that can be
right. If astrology is right then the world is right, and only I can be wrong. I am only an infinitesimal
Hidden Mysteries 116 Oshoand negligible part of the world – I cannot even be included in the count, I am so minute. If astrology
is right, then I am not there. There is a big flow of forces in which I am only a small ripple.
Sometimes, as we ride on a big wave, we have the impression that we too are something special
and that big wave is forgotten. That big wave too is riding upon some sea, but even that sea is
forgotten. If that sea gives way underneath, the wave will disappear and we will also disappear.
We unnecessarily become unhappy over the possibility of our disappearance because we became
artificially happy through our belief in our own existence. We should have realized that there is only
a large wave and a vast sea, and that we are not – that it is the wish of the sea that we arise in it,
that it is the wish of the sea that we die.
If an attitude arises in which we realize that we are only a fraction of the grand desire of the infinite,
then there will be no unhappiness. And with such an attitude, the so-called happiness which we want
to enjoy will also not be present. The feeling of happiness over such thoughts as, ”I have won, I have
earned,” will no longer remain. Nor will there be a feeling of unhappiness over such thoughts as, ”I
am dying, I am finished, I have drowned; I have been destroyed or defeated.” When both happiness
and unhappiness no longer remain, we enter into the world of reality – the essential – where there
is bliss. Astrology then becomes the door to bliss.
If we look at astrology as a melting of our pride or as a disintegration of the ego, then astrology
becomes religion.
But we go to the ordinary astrologer, and in order to protect our egos we ask, ”Will I run into loss?
Will I win the lottery? In this new business I am undertaking, will I succeed?” These questions are
asked in order to save our egos, but the fact is that astrology is entirely in opposition to the ego.
The significance of astrology is this – that you are not but the universe is, that you are not but the
cosmos is. Very powerful forces are operating, and you are absolutely insignificant.
You can see astrology in this light only if you think and feel that you are just a very small part of this
big world. That is why I have told you how the whole solar family is united with the sun. If you can
realize this, then you will also realize that our sun is united with many larger suns in the universe.
Scientists say that there are forty million suns, and all are born from some bigger sun. We have no
knowledge of where that supreme sun may be. We do not know how this earth is rotating round its
axis and also revolving around the sun, nor do we know where that center is, around which our sun
with its family is revolving. A great universal merry-go-round is in swing.
In Hindu temples there is the practice of pradakshina, circling around the image of the deity. This
pradakshina is the symbol of the fact that everything is rotating by itself and also revolving around
something else. Then these two together revolve around a third thing, then these three together
revolve around a fourth thing, and so on, ad infinitum.
The ultimate center of infinity is referred to by those who know as ”the supreme center of Brahma.”
This ultimate is neither rotating, nor revolving around anything else. Whatsoever is itself rotating will
definitely revolve around something else, but that which neither rotates nor revolves is the ultimate.
It is also known as the supreme silence or void. This is the axis, the pivot around which the whole
universe expands and contracts. Hindus thought that just as a bud becomes a flower and the flower withers, similarly the world also
expands and then disintegrates..that just as there is a day and a night, there is a day of the world
and there is a night of the world also. As I told you earlier, there are cycles of eleven years and
cycles of ninety years. Similarly, Hindus thought that there are cycles of millions of years: during
such a cycle a universe is born, passes through youth and grows old; earths are born, moons and
stars spread across the universe, populations grow, and millions of living creatures are born.
This is not only happening on the earth, now scientists say that there must be a minimum of fifty
thousand planets on which there is life. There may be more, but this is the minimum. In such an
infinite universe it is not possible that only one earth can have life. There are fifty thousand planets
or earths on which there is life – it is an infinite expanse. Then everything contracts again.
This earth was not here from the beginning, nor will it last until the end. Just as I am born and I will
be no more, so will this earth and sun be no more – and a time will come when these moons, stars
and planets will also be no more. The circle of their being and not being continues. We are just
infinitesimal, rotating and revolving somewhere on this cosmic wheel. And if we still think that we
are separate, then we are like Mulla Nasruddin who was traveling in an airplane for the first time....
Mulla Nasruddin entered the airplane, and as it took off he started walking along the aisle in the
plane. He wanted to reach his destination very fast and was in a great hurry; naturally, if you want
to reach somewhere quickly you will reach sooner if you walk faster...! His co-passengers stopped
him and asked him what he was doing. Mulla Nasruddin replied that he was in a hurry.
He was traveling in a plane for the first time and he was using the same logic which worked on
the ground. There, he always reached earlier when he walked faster. He could not realize that
walking in the plane was useless – the airplane itself was flying and he would only exhaust himself
by walking. He would not arrive any earlier, and it is possible that by the time he arrived he would be
so exhausted that he would not be able to stand up. He should rest, he should close his eyes and
rest. But neither Mulla nor other pundits would agree to such advice.
He who achieves rest within this cosmic circular movement of the world, I call religious. He is
religious who knows that universal forces are at work and there is no hurry – that his hurry is of no
use. If we can only be one with the universal harmony, it is enough – and it is blissful.
Hidden Mysteries 118 Osho
Hidden Mysteries 117 Osho
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Joined: 23 Sep 2012
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Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

One more point is also worth noting.... Just as there are radio-active storms on the sun every
eleventh year, similarly, there is another periodic rhythm of ninety years on the sun. This has only
come to light recently, but it is a scientific fact and it is as surprising as the periodic rhythm occurring
each eleven years. Astrologers do not mention anything about this, but I am telling you to make it
easier for you to understand astrology in a scientific manner. There is a cycle of ninety years which
has been experienced, and its story is quite amazing.
Four thousand years ago, an Egyptian pharaoh told his scientists to keep a record of how often the
water in the River Nile increases or decreases and by how much. The River Nile is the only river
in the world with a biography four thousand years old. A record has been kept of when the water
level in the river increased or decreased by even one inch. This record runs from the time of the
pharaohs, four thousand years ago, until today.
”Pharaoh” is the name given to an Egyptian emperor and means the sun in the Egyptian language.
There was a belief in Egypt that a continuous dialogue existed between the sun and the River Nile.
The pharaohs, who were devotees of the sun, declared that a complete record of the Nile should be
kept. They said, ”We know nothing about the sun at present, but some day we will, and this record
will be useful.”
So everything about the River Nile for four thousand years has been recorded: the increase in
the water level, when there were floods and when there were none.... And one Egyptian scholar,
Tasman, compiled its history. Some things that were not known in the times of the pharaohs are now
known and everything that has happened in the Nile has been compared with events on the sun. A
ninety-year rhythm has been clearly indicated to relate to happenings on the sun. These events are
quite similar to what we call birth and death.
Understand it this way: the sun grows for forty-five years and then begins to decline in age for fortyfive
years. For forty-five years the energy flow within the sun increases towards a peak of youth.
After forty-five years there is a receding flow of energy, as within a human being. After ninety years
the sun becomes very old. During the later forty-five years, the earth is struck with earthquakes.
Earthquakes are related to this ninety-year cycle. At the end of the ninetieth year, the sun again
becomes youthful.
This is a very important cyclical occurrence. There are such immense changes happening on the
sun that it is natural for the earth also to be shaken. When a body as huge as the earth becomes
upset by earthquakes because of changes on the sun, how can the small body of a man remain
unaffected? This is the question astrologers have been asking. They say it is impossible for the
Hidden Mysteries 102 Osho
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Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 3:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"On his return to India, he changed his name to Osho to signal a change in his consciousness. Less than five years later he died of heart failure at his Ashram in Poona, India, 1/19/1990.",_Bhagwan_Shree

interesting character who says a lot of interesting and/or questionable things. he was born during the day, contrary to his 90 % are born at night comment.. it would be nice to see him back up some of his statements, but he is dead and gone and that isn't going to happen.
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