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stellarium mystery chart

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Graham F

Joined: 22 Mar 2008
Posts: 376

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:07 pm    Post subject: stellarium mystery chart Reply with quote

Answer to mystery chart posted by Stellarium in "Traditional and Ancient" Forum.

1 – D- I'll say artist, probably painting or visual arts. Mars R1 in 5 (the arts, entertainment), conj Saturn and aspected by Jupiter (R5 and 2). Jupiter at MC (vocation) in 11 (earnings form profession). Sun R10 in 2 ("his work is his family"; visual and observational acuity, "cosmetics").

2 – D -famous for his manner of death (Jupiter out of sect R2 on MC, trined by NN)

3 – A – Never married and rarely dated (NN in 7 on DSC, Saturn aspects 7 and 2, Venus R7 (and 12) unaspected in 4 (ruled by Saturn)

4 – A –I'll say no – since he rarely dated… but Mars R1 in 5 with Saturn R4 opp Jupiter R5 looks ambiguous.

5 –D - H6 not afflicted, so not specially sickly physically, but mental health pb : SN on asc, waning Moon in H12, NN aspects Mercury (trine). Can't say whether 2nd part of life.

6 – C- above average longevity (Mars R1 conj Saturn R3, Mercury R8 in 3 ruled by Saturn)

7 – A - Violent death: Yes: SN on Asc , Jupiter R2 (death) and MC opposed by Mars and trined by NN, Jupiter trines Mercury R8 (longevity) in 3 (life force). H8 squared by Mars.

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Joined: 26 May 2010
Posts: 99

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Graham,

Thanks for starting this thread in the Sidereal forum and giving your own answers. To avoid having posters opening a seperate window if they want to reply in this forum, I've replicated the introduction, chart and questions below:

To refine things somewhat, I have asked 7 multiple choice questions which concern fundamental life issues such as occupation, health and relationships. Obviously, it is expected that posters will give an astrological explanation for picking an answer, no matter how brief or detailed that explanation is. The natal chart is shown in the tropical and sidereal zodiacs and the Alcabitus house system is used but of course posters can choose their own (traditional) house system to delineate the chart.

I will reveal the person's identity and the answers to the questions in five days time (Friday the 15th). If anyone wants clarity about something related to the natal chart or the questions, then I'll gladly reply.

Sidereal zodiac (Lahiri):

Basic information about native and birth data

The chart is that of a male who is no longer living. The chart is not listed on Astrodatabank or any similar website. I would consider the birth time to be 'AA'.

The Lots

Lots shown are Fortune, Spirit, Exaltation, Eros (also Basis in this figure) and Necessity.

Planetary motion

No planets are retrograde or stationary.

Planetary bounds or terms

Dorotheus bounds are shown.

The Questions:


1. What was this man's occuption?

a) Surgeon.
b) Police Officer.
c) Priest.
d) Artist.
e) Journalist.


2. Was he famous?

a) No.
b) Only briefly.
c) He was a legend in his own lifetime.
d) Yes, for the manner of his death.
e) Only posthumously unrelated to the manner of his death.

Marriage and Children

3. What best describes this man's marital status?

a) Never married and rarely if ever dated.
b) Never married but dated frequently.
c) Multiple marriages and infidelities.
d) Happily married for life.

4. Did he have children?

a) No.
b) Yes, only one.
c) Yes, two to four.
d) Yes, five or more.

Health, Longevity and Manner of Death

5. Which of the following best describes his health status?

a) Very healthy and fit all his life.
b) Sickly and frequently ill for most of his life.
c) Very accident prone and numerous injuries on account of this.
d) Afflicted by serious mental illness in the second half of his life.

6. Which best describes this man's longevity (for the era and economic status of the country in which he lived)?

a) premature death (as a young adult or in middle age).
b) about average (55 - 69).
c) above average (70 - 84).
d) exceptional longevity (85+).

7. Did he die violently?

a) Yes.
b) No.

**End of Questions**
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Graham F

Joined: 22 Mar 2008
Posts: 376

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2013 6:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you Stellarium.
I thoroughly messed that one up.
What I have learned is that I should have taken more notice, as mentioned in the tropical forum, of the T-square involving Sun against the Saturn+mars - Jupiter+MC opposition.
In terms of Indian aspects, this also means that Saturn has full aspect of 10 on Sun R10.
Jupiter on MC trined by NN could give the "legend in lifetime". The SN on ASC doesn't seem to have had any major negative role here, nor the waning Moon in 12.
I know there's some thing in Indina astro about the 2nd house being involved in career choice, I think because it's partly about things you feel attached and drawn to, or at home with. But I don't see how R10 in 2 (true in both quadrat and and WS) would give a policeman/speaker/boxer.
The Mercury R of MCin 3 could indicate his speaking/communciation skills.
Thnaks again for taking the time to post the exercise.
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