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AP - Remarkable planetary line up : May 2002

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Posted: Mon Oct 20, 2003 1:53 pm    Post subject: AP - Remarkable planetary line up : May 2002 Reply with quote

8 May 2003

Jane Grey:

Can someone please tell me what the significance is of the planets from Mercury to Saturn lining up in a straight line in the sky at the moment.It's a beautiful view.



Hi Jane, its stunning to watch and quite unusual. All of the naked eye planets converge together every 20 years or so but they can’t be seen if the Sun isn’t leading the procession in the evening or trailing it in the morning. The last time the five naked eye planets were viewable like this was in 1940 so for the likes of you and I (being only youngsters), this hasn’t happened before in our lifetimes.
The planets are very close together now with May 14 being the date of closest alignment. On that date Jupiter will be high and bright and Venus will be below it with the Crescent Moon. Mars is also close to the Moon, less brilliant than Venus but noticeable by its red tinge. Then Saturn is lower on the horizon and Mercury is close to it – although always very difficult to catch.
The good thing about this kind of event is that it reminds us all of how awe-inspiring it is to actually see the planets and watch their movements free from technology. Unfortunately, any unusual and visually striking celestial event tends to gather apocalyptical meaning and there have been quite a few occurrences in the past where these kinds of bunchings led to forecasts of disaster (often with the usual lack of significant world-incident that makes us forget all about it as soon as it has past).
On a more personal level I think astrologers will notice the stellium bringing difficulties for those who have sensitive points in their charts affected by it. Such a concentrated group of planetary energies can create a lot of pressure and focus for change and the lack of all-round balance will mean that those with hard changes to make could find it all overwhelming. With such an emphasis on Gemini I think we will all find communication issues a bit strained and intense. The imminent eclipses add to the significance.

In ancient astrology the upcoming period would have been considered particularly important. As the Sun moves closer to the planets and masks them in its light each will be going through their heliacal settings, which was anciently viewed as the end of a cycle - with a period of significant ‘beginnings’ commencing with their first visible appearance after the Sun at sunrise. Ancient Mesopotamian astrology centred on this kind of phenomena and the symbolic significance remains in the traditional use of combustion, where planets entering into conjunction with the Sun are considered to lose their strength and are tied into the idea of death, imprisonment and the inability to rise over circumstances. Only when the planets are free of the light of the Sun do they regain their potency and signify a favourable period to act. Many of the horary charts we’ll be doing in this period will be characterised by this kind of experience, but the individual manifestations of it will be as varied as the endless situations we’ll be dealing with. My advice is always “stay in bed and don’t have any contact with anyone” (just kidding!). Like everything else, this is part of a cycle but it gains attention because there is an emphasis – and wherever there’s an emphasis things tend to go noticeably well or noticeably bad.


Pete Phoenix:

Thanks for your insights into this, Deb.
Much appreciated!


Jane Grey:

Thanks for your reply Deb.I find ancient Mesopotamia very intriguing.
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Joined: 15 Oct 2003
Posts: 234
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Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2003 8:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

AP - This is an archived post, but may still be responded to.
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