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Lilly's List of the Parts of the Body

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Posted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 11:31 pm    Post subject: Lilly's List of the Parts of the Body Reply with quote

I have noticed a few things about Lillyís list of what parts of the body are signified by the various planets in each of the signs.

Lilly gives a perfectly reasonable explanation of how he derives the significations. He says that a planet in its own sign rules the head, and that the second sign from there rules the neck and so on. For example, Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, but since she belongs to the nocturnal sect, she is more at home in Libra. So Venus in Libra rules the head, in Scorpio the neck, in Sagittarius the shoulders and arms, and so on. He also includes a secondary list that starts with the planetís other sign of rulership. So since Venus also rules Taurus, Lilly says that Venus here also shows the head. These two cycles overlap and produce two different part of the body for each sign. Taurus is the 8th sign from Libra so the secondary meaning of Venus in Taurus has to do with the reproductive organs. This all makes sense and is easy to follow. There are two cycles at work at the same time, each starting at one of the signs ruled by each planet, and both going through the whole body from head to feet.

But I wondered about the luminaries, which only rule one sign each. When I looked at the Moon I saw that as I expected, the Moon in Cancer rules the head. But I also saw that Lilly gives a secondary meaning of the Moon in Cancer as signifying the breast and stomach. When I looked to see where this unexpected secondary cycle started I could see that it started at the Moon in Aries, which I still donít understand.

Can anyone explain why Lilly uses a second cycle for the Moon and why he uses Aries to start it?

And why does he not repeat the same process with the Sun? The Sun only gets one cycle of parts of the body.

Another thing I noticed is that he uses Pisces as the starting point for the primary cycle of Jupiter instead of Sagittarius. I had expected that he would start the primary cycle with Sagittarius, because Jupiter is in the diurnal sect and is expressed more directly in Sagittarius than Pisces. Instead he starts the primary cycle in Pisces and the secondary cycle in Sagittarius.

Lilly also does the same thing with Saturn, where he starts the first cycle in Capricorn instead of Aquarius.

With all other planets, Lilly starts the primary cycle with the sign that matches the planetís sect.

Besides this big question, I also see small exceptions for the pattern he lays out. For example, he lists Mercury in Cancer as ruling the legs, throat and the eyes. The first two are easy to understand. Cancer is the 11th sign from Virgo, which is the start of the cycle that began with Mercury in Virgo, so it makes sense for it to rule the legs. And since Cancer is the 2nd sign from Gemini, it also rules the throat. But where does Lilly get the reference to the Mercury in Cancer ruling the eyes? He only mentions the eyes one other time, and that is for Jupiter in Libra. Is there any significance to the eyes being mention in only these two places, or is this another example of Lilly not being consistent with his language?
Mark F
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