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Would like a second opinion about job horary please..

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Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:26 pm    Post subject: Would like a second opinion about job horary please.. Reply with quote

Question posed was whether I would get a specific job (with my old company). However - please note this is not a full-time job, this is a contract 1099 gig that I want (so - no commission, no paycheck - straight hourly rate $/hour).

Planetary hours line up with venus as hour ruler and mars as day ruler. Natal moon also at 23 degrees Virgo same as ASC Accordingly, significator seems to line up with 10H ruler mercury as well.. moon in it's own sign as co-sig. We have ruler of H10, moon, ASC and H2 (money) all doing well either in it's own sign or in dignity by terms. I'm reading this chart to answer yes to the specific question. BUT -

First aspect moon hits is square to venus (ruler of 2H money). And we are in dire financial s__ currently. Next we have the 10H sextile moon and beyond uranus/nodes hitting moon, the only other significant aspect is jupiter, ruler of 4H end of matters sextile moon at the cusp 20 degrees. Not sure why venus would square moon suggesting a bad way with money should this pan out? This gig is what it is - either it happens and I get paid an hourly rate or it doesn't. Even if they didn't have the budget in total as they had previously for me, it's a black and white deal in the sense that I am either going to say yes or no and the hourly is either enough or not - there's no gray space where if they give me the contract, the money would not be enough for me for example. This is why I'm so curious about the first aspect that is coming about..

So - with respect to H2 squaring moon first -
1. how might this interfere or impact me getting the gig if at all?
2. What could this mean - does it prohibit the gig from improving our financial situation even though it would be a job?
3. Could it mean another opportunity might be in the mix that doesn't pan out before the question is answered positively (assume merc sextile moon)?

1. This should be in days from a real life perspective but any thoughts about the timing since merc is not in cardinal/angular house as moon is? Any clue on timing?

I am assuming the answer to question posed is "yes" based on merc sextile moon in 4 degrees but the venus square throws me off. If the answer is really no because of the square, are there any signs from other planetary aspects that can be considered to hint at how to get through the venus square or whatever is affecting the no - merc sextile moon seems to be the positive sign I'm seeking and I'm fairly desperate in figuring out when a gig might be upcoming or at least how to help myself find one. Any hints of the right industry or right contact (ie if it's going back to someone I know/place been or a need to develop new contacts) or even size of company that would want me would be tremendously helpful! THANK YOU!

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