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syria ingress charts 2016

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 2907
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:31 am    Post subject: syria ingress charts 2016 Reply with quote

i don't consider myself all that great at reading these ingress charts..
i think i picked up from ibn ezra the idea that using the lunation - fm or new moon - prior to the aries ingress was used because the astrologers wouldn't be able to ascertain the ascendant for an ingress with any authority..

i'm again reading masha'allahs 'revolutions of the years of the world' found inside of ben dykes translation titled 'works of sahl and masha'allah') .. it never ceases to amaze me how i can read these books a few times, but it doesn't replace the practical value one gets from going over events from the past, as opposed to trying to figure out how these charts might pan out in the future.... no one foresaw russia entering into the equation with syria last year but they did, and i think this is reflected in the libra ingress chart for 2015 set to damascus..

the ingress charts for syria 2016 are much like the charts for the rest of the planet in having the superior planets saturn and jupiter in square to one another and involving the lunar nodes. mars sort of mixes into this too by being in a wide conjunction to saturn for the aries ingress.. mars does a retrograde period for a good chunk of 2016. to me all this suggests a more trying year where their will be ongoing conflict between different layers of gov't and just generally more conflict..

masha'allah is of the view that any planet retrograde is pretty useless.. i mention this as the summer ingress has mars - ruler of the ascendant, retro in the 8th.. i think mars would be disqualified as the ruler of the chart based on this.. the moon is ruler over the nocturnal chart is slightly better situated by location next to the midheaven, but not good by sign - opposite it's own domicile... my feeling is this summer is when the troubles are really going to hit the fan.. this would be a reverse of masha'allahs thinking with me thinking mars is quite potent and strong in scorpio retro in the 8th.. lets hope i am wrong.. it is not as if things aren't already hitting the fan with so many folks seeking a solution in syria that suits their own agenda, with the syrian people last in line, or of consideration.. religion does weird things to people... making war is much the same thing i guess..

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Joined: 11 Mar 2015
Posts: 45
Location: Home

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 9:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

When the war started in 2011 rumors spread people predicted it will last five years some said seven years the last two we will witness famine!

My question for you: this chart is for Syria what about the mundane chart ? The ascendant is taurus according to some astrologers on youtube where mars saturn in the 8th house"sounds bad" more bloodshed maybe!

I personally wish the syrian army finishes off all so called rebels because they are merciless killers
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 2907
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi hsn1983...

there are a few charts for syria... i will give the data i have for all of what i have of them here.. they're all set to damascus..

sept. 16 1941 12pm.. 16 sag. 19 rising..
jan. 1 1944 0:00 am... 13 libra 19 rising..
april 17 1946 12pm... 10 leo 15 rising..
nov 3 1970 5:50 am... 16 scorpio 35 rising...

having more then 1 chart for syria complicates working with 'a chart' for syria... i am not convinced of my success with any of these charts.. i think any chart has to highlight the change that happened when russia entered into this on approx sept 20th 2015.. in this regard, the 1970 chart shows some promise... i haven't examined them thoroughly... sorry..
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 2907
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

there is another approach that was used by astrologers like ibn ezra.. this is discussed in chapter 10 'beginning of wisdom' and in shlomo selas translation of 'the book of the world' volume 2...

essentially it is this : you draw on the jupiter-saturn conjunction chart for the location... some of these charts are considered more significant then others, but they all have some relevance.. the ju-sa conjunction that marks the beginning of aries would be the initial one in an approx 960 year cycle. the least significant one might be the one that only happens every 20 years and doesn't mark a change in triplicity...

following with this approach, below is the jupiter-saturn conjunction set to damacus ( i had considered starting a separate thread on this concept, but am including it in the syria thread instead.. the aries ingress charts for around the time of this ju-sa conjunction are considered more important as well.. as i am unclear what would be considered the most relevant aries ingress chart in the approx area, i have included the one for 2000 here as well..

photo uploading

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one proceeds to use these charts as guides to the next 20 years by profecting the chart - 1 sign per year... one could also do a solar return off the ju-sa conjunction chart for the intervening years as well... the question then becomes which chart holds the most symbolic value and predictive ability? i did this with the ju-sa conjunction chart 2020 with 1 sag rising.. as one can note, and i am not sure if these older astrologers would have factored this in as well - transit saturn has been in the ascendant of the ju-sa 2000 conjunction chart the past year...about the time russia got involved with syria - sept 20 2015, was about the time saturn moved into sag and got more close to the ascendant degree at 1 sag... jupiter at 8 virgo was moving towards the midheaven. solar arc direction of the ju-saturn from the 2000 conjunction chart would be on the sun position for 2015/16 area as well.. for 2016 the sa ascendant is basically opposite the 7th house mars which suggests to me an increase in the hostilities and war mongering around syria.. i wish it was different, but that is how i read that..

in chapter 10 'beginning of wisdom' i note one of the ways of directing the charts was 1 degree per year... to quote the book "the beginning of wisdom' meira b. epstein translation: "There is one more direction in the nativity of a person and in the annual revolution for the world, and that is directing from the Ascendant to the body of a planet or to it's aspect at a certain sign, or to a certain degree, for each year one degree." page 158..

it was shlomo selas book 'the book of the world' in the introduction page 29-31 where he discusses chapter 10 of 'the beginning of wisdom'..i recommend getting a copy of this book, as i am not at liberty to recite what i refer to here..

the nodal axis and the eclipse data make strong connections to this 2000 jupiter-saturn conjunction chart for this year as well..

now, whether one wants to entertain the use of a saturn/jupiter conjunction chart from 16 years ago has having some relevance in world astrology - this seems to be what astrologers from the past did.. i think pinpointing the ascendant for these conjunction charts would have been very difficult to do, as would finding the ascendant for an aries ingress chart.. from my reading i have learned that this was the reason that new or full moon charts - whichever came closer - before the aries ingress chart - were used and thought to be more reliable in so far as one could get the ascendant off these charts more easily..
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 2907
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 2:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

there is so much has been going on in connection with syria on the ground and geo-politically on the world stage, it's hard to capture it all on one thread, or title, other then a title 'syria'... that is a bit too general.. maybe syria 2016...

just the past day or two, russia and usa - have had talks broken off with regard to moving forward for a non military solution in syria... the usa had threatened to break off talks for the past week, and have done so in the past approx day.. regardless of how one views this - it is hard to view it positively.. it would seem to me the chance for syria to be better positioned has always looked grim from the point of usa involvement.. saudi imam's preaching for some crazy form of wahabbism to take hold in syria doesn't look especially appealing either.. it is bad enough that isis/al qaeda seems to follow the usa everywhere it wants a regime change - iraq and libya being the 2 most obvious places, but one always hears about the mantra of going after isis/al qaeda.. it looks like the opposite is mostly the end result..

bottom line is syria looks like ground zero for any escalating conflict between russia and the usa.. the fall ingress for syria looks gloomy enough with the 11th and 12th house ruler on the midheaven, and ruler of the ascendant - jupiter in the 8th.. how this plays out longer term is hard to decipher for me, but the news coming forward internationally ain't pretty or positive sounding..
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Joined: 14 Aug 2012
Posts: 183
Location: Nottingham U.K.

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2016 10:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

James this is not about the Ingress charts but I am commenting on the the May 2000 Saturn/Jupiter conjunction you mentioned because I consider it to have been highly influential on world events since then.

My instinct is always to look at the fixed stars with these conjunctions and this one was particularly nasty. Here’s why :-

The conj.was at 22Taurus43 and the closest high magnitude star was Zaurak at 23Taurus52 – a Saturnian star in Eridanus which Ebertin describes in a natal chart as a star which “could trigger death and suicidal tendencies”. We could translate this in to a mundane context and conclude this star does not exhibit much possibility of a benign influence. The constellation Eridanus I have found to be associated with catastrophe (Note the Phaethon myth).

This conjunction occurring in this position and then directing at one degree per year is moving through the late degrees of Taurus and the early degrees of Gemini an area which Vehlow described as “an unfortunate corner”. An understatement in my experience !

Added to this, to make matters worse, the antiscion position of 22Taurus43 was exactly on the fixed star Praesepe which is part of the beehive cluster. In Chinese mythology it is known as the “Exhalation of Piled up Corpses” – souls leaving bodies, In short this star is a gateway to death. I have found this star to be present (in another way) in connection with the two World Wars.

Looking at this configuration is it any wonder that the years since 2000 then have been so horrific.? This configuration in this way could only happen once in a precessional cycle i.e. once every 25000 + years.

The configuration directed to an exact conjunction with Zaurak eighteen months later (9/11) and then reached beta Perseus Algol two years later. I could go on …. We come to this year when it reached by direction the Hyades and the Aldebaran/Antares axis and we have ever increasing terrorist atrocities, violence , chaos and a seeming never ending war in Syria. Looking at the chart you have posted James, I see the conj. directs to an opposition to Pluto in 3 years’ time.

As if this weren’t enough we have the Saturn/Pluto antisicon conj. which will reach exactitude for the second time this year on 4th Nov which I have written about on another thread.

In December 1941 there was a Saturn/Pluo antiscion conj. at 14 Taurus and as we know, the war sent on until 1945.

In June 2018 Uranus finally moves away from that square to Pluto when it enters Taurus so we lose that, but then Saturn will have already entered Capricorn in December 2017 finally brewing up for the Saturn/Pluto conj. in January 2020.

Perhaps others could tie in what I have said with events such as ingress charts and any relevant eclipses. I am aware of the total eclipse in Dec 2020 which along with the next Saturn/Jupiter conj. on Dec 21st 2020 will bring a big change and maybe, just maybe, some hope, but four years is a long time on Planet Earth !
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