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iraq inquiry - otherwise known as the chilcot inquiry

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 2911
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:15 pm    Post subject: iraq inquiry - otherwise known as the chilcot inquiry Reply with quote

this seems to affect the uk and tony blair more specifically.. it is another topic that i can't say i know that much about, given i don't live in the uk and my view may be clouded by unsubstantiated claims and theories.. one thing seems certain - the info revolves around tony blair, a key figure in british politics and responsible for the move towards war in iraq..

it seems the timing of jeremy corbyn's vote of non-confidence might have a lot to do with this, as some have suggested his role on the release of this important milestone - july 6th - would complicate tony blairs legacy further...

with all this in mind, i have been looking at tony blairs chart the past few days.. unfortunately there is no exact time available for jeremy corbyn.. below is a chart for blair -

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i will see if i can find some time in the next day to comment on his chart!

below is the 2016 solar return for this year as well..

image upload with preview
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 2911
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

a relatively quick trad type read on blairs charts now is this :

2016 is a mercury profection year for tony blair - virgo rises in the 2016 profection chart... the position of mercury in the 2016 solar return is retrograde and under the beams of the sun.. blairs natal mercury is in the 11th and rules the chart, or has co-rulership with mars which is in mutual reception with mercury and on the ascendant..mars is a degree off the ascendant - 3/4 gemini.. mercury at 26 aries is also opposed by saturn/neptune in the natal chart, while exactly square the midheaven degree at 26 capricorn.. this is an important year for blair and activates the ongoing challenges that his natal mercury is witness to in the natal chart..

sr mercury is conjunct/square natal sun/pluto square in his chart.. the sr ascendant is conjunct natal pluto.. thus the sun/pluto square in the natal chart is activated strongly for this year.. this highlights (to me anyway) all the issues of blairs support for the iraq war which led to this inquiry.. it could easily be described as manipulative, non revealing of the details and facts that went into the decision making process.. it was kept secret and not shared and in this iraq/chilcot inquiry, blair was supposedly forced into doing so.. i think it won't change much of anything, as one can't take back the past..

i don't believe the finding of this inquiry will exonerate blair either.. it might actually confirm his motive for war was based on rationale that doesn't hold up in the light of day.. perhaps he will avoid being skewed more and people will be given the chance to try to forget about him and the role he played in bringing the war in iraq about with the uk's support.. i don't believe the charts point to a real negative result, so much as a continuation of the same and what is already known.. overall negative though..

additional thoughts.. i am thinking about natal mercury in blairs chart - oriental in good planetary phase, but stigmatized by the opposition to saturn.. it is like an aspect in the natal chart never really goes away, but keeps on revealing itself in myriad different ways! you tell a lie or whatever, it is continues to haunt you - plague you actually! well, it is easy for me to pontificate outside the realm of knowing just how someone else - blair in this case - would contextualize this.. some folks are not given over to contemplation, so their is really no room for any self doubt or pause for reflection.. i suspect blair has rationalized his involvement and responsibility for all of this, but the iraq/chilcot inquiry keeps on acting like an endless saturn transit to his more mercurial disposition!

it motivated me to examine the location of saturn at the time of the announcement of the inquiry - june 15th 2009 and the position of saturn - 15 virgo - exact trine his natal sun and coincidentally where the jupiter/north node is at present... as for the saturn position, that would be a few years prior to the 2nd saturn return on his natal chart.. using equal or whole sign houses, saturn rules the 8th/9th and includes the midheaven in it.. using placidus, jupiter rules the 8th and 12th with saturn ruling the 9/10/11th houses... i suppose either saturn or jupiter works against the chart according to my limited understanding of house rulership impact.. one can watch to see whether the position of jupiter in the 12th house by equal and whole sign is indeed a drag on his chart, or whether it might be saturn.. as i read all this, the planet with the most power to act is mars on the ascendant, and mercury as a co-ruler of the ascendant.. the station of mars at 23 scorpio is on approx july 1st, so still in the window of time where it is highlighted due it's stationary - direct motion..

and of course the broader issue of war, prep for war and the thought of war hangs over the world more generally based on my read on the charts with this topic falling right in line with it too..
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 2911
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

i got to thinking about this some more...

you know the idea of sect and how a planet that is contrary to sect being more of a problem generally? that's the theory anyway.. it is interesting that the most angular planet is mars on the ascendant here - out of sect.. the issue of war is a martial one too. now a transit astrologer might emphasize the proximity of saturn/mars combo in opposition to this point in blairs chart too..

and then i thought about the mindset of a mercury in aries - a position i share with blair.. combative, argumentative, spontaneous - all those key words ideas - probably tempered some by the opposition to saturn, but with mars on his ascendant and sharing in reception - perhaps more combative and prone to accidents in thought and perhaps action - these are all general ideas that come up for me with the mars/mercury combo in blairs chart.. does it plague him, or does he somehow get beyond the public shellacking he has taken for these many years over this involvement in the iraq war? it's all very interesting to me from an astro p.o.v.

and then there is the location of mars/saturn in the 2016 solar return chart landing in his natal 7th for this year..

the midpoint picture in the 2016 solar return using the 90 degree wheel is quite interesting.. essentially the mars/saturn midpoint, along with the mercury/sun midpoint hold moon/neptune in the center... to buy this you have to work with 45/135 aspects and be into midpoints... all of this suggests to me a more difficult picture for tony blair then is immediately apparent...

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Joined: 14 Aug 2012
Posts: 183
Location: Nottingham U.K.

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

James in view of what's happened since the publication of the Chilcot inquiry report your comments are very prescient ! Not the whitewash we were expecting from Chilcot and thank you for taking such an interest in a very momentous event in the U.K.

Here are a few notes about the fixed stars. They tell so much about Blair's character.

You say it is a Mercury year for him, well this man is all about Mercury and its worst side. On the dispositor chain all his planets go back to Mercury.

His Mars conjoining Asc. is on the Hyades cluster. I recoil whenever I see the Hyades! This is some of what Ebertin has to say about this cluster :-
“These stars bear out a Mars-Neptune character with a Uranian blend ….excessive and licentious ways and a striving for power politics…..With a connection to the Hyades it is doubly important that power and strength must not be used to exploit other human beings. Vehlow recounts that “the Hyades with Neptune in the 8th house cause confused ideas, making “world saviours” and leading to delusions of grandeur”

Except for the 8th house Vehlow could have been describing Blair! However there is a strong Neptune influence in this chart. The Neptune conj. Saturn has its part close to the Asc. of course and the antiscia of these planets square the Mars/Asc.
This conjunction takes place close to Spica which is supposed to be favourable in Western astrology (although no star is wholly good or bad), Diana Rosenberg though recounts that in Indian astrology Spica is the single determinant star of Citra:-
“Citra can translate as many coloured …..carrying a sense of something bright and beautiful, but also artful and delusory”
Citra is ruled by Tvastr the divine carpenter says Valerie Roebuck and says that he and his children possess the power of making and shaping the way others see the world that is a form of magic.

That Neptune/Saturn conj. is opposed by Mercury and Venus which I have found to be located amongst the stars of Cepheus the King. An early Roman epithet says DR of Cepheus was “inflammatus” He sacrifices his daughter Andromeda to Cetus the sea monster. A king symbolically mediates between heaven and earth. To have the Cepheus influence opposing the Neptune/Saturn conj. as outlined seems to me very dangerous indeed. I remember saying before I knew anything about fixed stars that Blair thought he was “God”. I saw in him a man who had a messianic, deluded notion of his own rightness. I see Mercury and Neptune in his face.

His Jupiter Lord 8 conjoins Alcyone the main star of the Pleiades. It is noted by Ebertin that this star can make for“high passion and ruthlessness” and states that Stalin had Alcyone, Pluto and Algol in conjunction!
Noonan also said of the rising Pleiades that with a poorly positioned Mercury it can make one “impudent in speech”.

Blair’s MC/North node/Moon conjoin in the stars of Vulpecula the fox. I have personal experience that these stars ( along with those of Lepus) can produce very untrustworthy and cunning people.

Finally his Part of Fortune conjons Enif which is Epsilon Pegasi. DR describes it thus:- “it stood for the final departure of the deceased and presided over tombs, graves, dangers, misfortunes and death”

As a footnote I see that Blair’s directed MC at age 63 moves to oppose the star Scheat indicating catastrophe.

James you say you have Mercury in Aries but I do hope that it isn’t ruled by Mars on the Hyades like Blair! I also have Mercury in Aries, ruled by a very different Mars in Taurus. Incidentally, off topic, Charles Carter found a statistically high number of astrologers had Mercury in Aries !
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