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Apartment sale, the lesser of the evils?

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Joined: 19 Sep 2014
Posts: 109

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:29 pm    Post subject: Apartment sale, the lesser of the evils? Reply with quote

My partner purchased an apartment years ago when times were a plenty and so was his income. However the country we are in now has had its currency devalued and the real estate market has been cut in half. He must sell the property now for various reasons and will take an obvious hit due to the timing. He then will give half of it to his ex wife (regardless he is going to end up with very little unfortunately). He wants to know when he will sell and/or which/who the buyer will be.

Using the initial chart and attaching it for the time being.

Relevant as well to this question is waybread's post about the 5th vs the 7th house. I've had help from a friend/co-astrologer recently and she has been assigning my partner the 5th. We live together. But we are not married. He is recently divorced, we're very much in love but the issue of marriage has not been broached. So I have found the 5th to be more relevant only since our relationship is not a "contract" (7H) yet. (one can dream though!).

Two possible takes on this:
1) if he is the chart 5H here, he is Virgo/Merc sitting "at home" next to expansive Jupiter.
Buyer would be 7th from the 5th or Pisces/Jupiter (chart 10th). And low and behold in 4 units of time the two will conjunct.
4 months?
His income is also Jupiter (Sagg/chart 6th house) going by this schematic.
So that also suggests 4 units of time.
But what can we say about the status of Jupiter and the offer? Jupiter is burnt by the Sun and moving even closer, so waekened.
My partner has had 3 offers so far but all of htem are half of what he paid. the most recent offer (two days ago)is the highest yet but only by a margin. He wants to know if he should take it or wait....and hope for better.

2) if he is the chart 7H/Cap/Sat
then his property is 4th is the chart 10th/Aquar (also Saturn which confuses it)
and its price is 10th from the 7th or the chart 4H/Leo/Sun.
This gets confusing bc co-signif for him would first be Sun (but it is price) and otherwise would be Mars (which also rules his 11th of hopes/dreams here).
But then the buyer is his 7th or the Moon and Moon is about to approach the DSC (him) in also 4 units of time.

Maybe someone can tell me if I'm right and also what the prospects might be (is there any way to tell from a chart) of waiting for "something better"??
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Joined: 05 Mar 2009
Posts: 934
Location: Canada

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

According to the experts on my 5th vs. 7th house thread, your BF/partner would be a 7th house matter.
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Joined: 19 Sep 2014
Posts: 109

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 7:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi waybread- Ok that is what I would normally use too. In some past horaries when we tried to use 7H, the answer sort of disappeared. So that confused me, as I also dont like using 5H for "partner" (inside or outside of marriage bonds).

I realize that both versions here give a 4 degree aspect...I am wondering how some astrologers read the issues of the buyer is strong or the buyer is hiding money or the buyer will make another offer etc.

My boyfriend already lowered his price. There is another apartment of the same exact size in the same building and they are asking 50% more. So his is underpriced, but the potential buyers are STILL offering less than his asking price. It's a bad market :-( He refused to lower it even more. I suppose this means February he will have an offer at his price range (?) I'm not so good at financial horaries...
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Joined: 19 Sep 2014
Posts: 109

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would like to return to this chart as I received no input on the actual "real estate" (buy/sell) portion of it and I am not good at these types of charts (this topic in general) so I welcome any input at all from people who may see it more clearly than I do.

here is the chart again:

The chart/situation/outcome has become more complicated (or my initial reading was way off) and now requires more analysis.

Returning to the chart and using boyfriend "the other party" (because I asked the question) with him as the 7th house then:

7H/Cap/Sat = him. Note he is intercepted in the chart (difficulty moving/acting) which is accurate in this case.
Property = chart 10th/Aquar (also Saturn which confuses it).
Price is 10th from the 7th or the chart 4H/Leo/Sun.
INITIAL BUYER (because...apparently there will be another one?): 1st house Moon.
I'm hoping i can do this - i asked the question (1H) but I"m superfluous to the actual transaction occuring in this case.

- Moon/Buyer in Cap is in detriment. Also is in His 12th house of undoing. The buyer doesn't have money.
- Sun in Libra is in detriment: the price is too low. He knows this or knew it but set it low in order to attract more buyers.
Saturn is in his house of loss and self-undoing. Selling at such a low price is a big problem as we just found out. After working 10 hour days we would go looking at potential apartments to purchase -- i went to some and he went to others, then we'd regroup. All of them are smaller than the one he's selling (bc he is selling and splitting the proceeds with his ex) but way beyond what half of the sale price for his home will give him. In other words, even the lower end of the market is not offering adequate living arrangements for the income he will get frm selling his property at the current price.

To throw some facts into why this is important and why it is confusing (although the latter may already be obvious!)
1) his ex spouse got into a snafu the day she was supposed to sign the permission to sell / she didnt sign. In a way this is a moot point since:
2) simultaneously he learned that the way he obtained a buyer was because despite the legal contract he signed with an exclusive agreement with the real estate agency to sell, they gave the information to another agency, who had a client with limited funds, and THAT agent was willing to do anything (was looking high and low) for a good property with low price. His own agents, despite the contract "sold him out" and lied to him about the price being too low. This gets way more complicated than I'm typing here but in short: the agents he hired lied and decieved him with the hopes of just selling his property before year's end and getting their bonus form him and going on vacation.
3) in looking at the properties, the signature date for completing the sale was moved from Dec 5-15. That time led him/us to realize the price is too low and how bad the other offerings (for purchase) really are.
4) he has said to me that we cannot start a family until his purchase is settled and he had wanted to get it done quickly to move on in life and not drag it out. I appreciate that.
5) given #1 above since she didnt sign, and all the other points, he is cancelling the initial ssale transaction. It did not occur today. So the planned sale fell thru and I am now wondering again: when will he sell, and was this failure to sell foreseen in the chart - if so, where?

Also, the market is not in his/our/anyone's favour for selling right now.
There are numerous other apartments even in his own building for sale, priced much higher than his, and yet not selling. So his initial fear was that it would not sell at all if he priced it as theirs (which were before this economy and currency fell a few years ago to half its previous value). As a result anyone who sells will take a loss of at least 50%.

My question remains though - given that I thought this was "in 3/4 months" (the time it takes moon/buyer to get to the DSC and enter his home) as an answer to the horary, when WILL he really sell? Is there a way to see a "second buyer" in the chart?

Many thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction here...[/url]
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Joined: 19 Sep 2014
Posts: 109

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 6:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I know this is a long post - sorry about that-- but if anyone does have time or insight with real estate "timing" of horaries, i'd be much obliged...
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Joined: 25 Jul 2015
Posts: 28

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 2:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Polina

You've posted lots of charts all on the same topic. You're probably getting no replies because of that.

You're clearly an intelligent person but from all the posts you've made it's obvious you're using astrology to avoid dealing with something.

People have tried to gently encourage you to see it but you're so intelligent that you're good at slipping around it and continuing on the same track without facing what people have told you.

Sorry this is harsh but these endless 'love horaries' are a mask for something deeper in you that astrology - natal, solar revolutions, horaries, synastry, time lords, whatever - cannot solve. It all gets very manipulative.

Sorry to be blunt but you need to stop asking astrologers and astrology to do what they can't do, and start using other avenues in your life to face your life squarely.

"As thou daily conversest with the heavens, so instruct and form thy minde according to the image of Divinity" ~ William Lilly
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Joined: 19 Sep 2014
Posts: 109

Posted: Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello mw,

As horary timing is difficult to predict even in the best of cases, i'm not sure why asking this chart is a problem. Or why posting any chart on this forum is a problem for someone else, for that matter.

This is not a love horary it is a financial/real estate horary (which I repeat, I have very little experience in). I in fact asked this question before any of the others but since no one replied,a nd since financial/real estate is very hard to read much less add "timing" to, I then asked the others. However this is still the main question that remains unanswered. And I dont feel others should justify their reasoning for posting here, any more than I would be required to.

I am not sure who you are (online or in real life) as I note you have only posted 2 times on the forum so far. But if my posts offend you please feel free to ignore them or not comment. I am sure you have better things to do with your time! I would also venture to say that is the best approach for a forum. As far as I know, this is a public forum, there is no requirement as to what horaries can be asked here, and myself and other posters do not mind chart outcomes (scary, negative, whatever they may be) as much as we find it offensive to be told not to post at all. I would never feign to write another poster telling them not to post, and never have. If a post remains unanswered so be it. It is odd to me to go out of one's way to send negative messages prohibiting someone else to post unless of course you are the site owner/moderator or there is some violation occurring. As far as i know, there is none of that here.

I send you best wishes despite your apparent animosity and wish you calm to heal your own wounds.

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