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7th House Delineation

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Yair Alon

Joined: 16 Jul 2014
Posts: 93

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:29 pm    Post subject: 7th House Delineation Reply with quote

Hi, everyone!

This person came to me very interested about its love life (will I marry? how many times? when? will I be happy?).

I saw mixed testimonies, and therefore I turn to you for help.

The Moon in the 7th is in its triplicity, but also in its detriment, so debilitated. So, a bad omen for marriage. As the Moon is also ruler of the 1st, I see that as a sign of very individualist person.

VII ruler, Saturn, is as weak as the Moon, being retrograde, in the malefic VIII. Also, Saturn as ruler of the 7th is not a good omen for marriages (no marriage or sad ones).

My question was mainly with Mars, which is the 7th Almuten, and is exalted by rulership and triplicity What could that indicate? Is it enough to overpass Moon and Saturn? Or is it showing only a relationshio (like dating) that does not become a marriage?

Part of Marriage is at 07LIB11, and, therefore, weak, being burned by the Sun and in a cadent house.
Yair Alon
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 2907
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi yair,

thanks for asking!

let me go off on a tangent here.. the way i see it the relationship between the sun and moon in a persons chart has great bearing on the way that person interacts with others.. it is kind of like a foundation-al thing for me.. so when looking at this chart, that would be the first thing i would consider.. obviously there is a need for relationship here with the moon in the 7th which in turn rules the ascendant.. this is backed up further with the focus of planets in libra too.. then there is the venus conjunct north node which is very benefic as i read it and feeds into this relationship focus as well.. all of that is mostly favourable, but it isn't offset by the some of the observations your make fully either..

the relationship between the 1st and 7th house rulers is good.. the first house ruler, although debilitated, is still strong by being angular.. i would read saturn as in the 9th myself, as opposed to the 8th. basically i think the need for relationship is very strong here, so makes sense they are asking this question of you!

they might be unconsciously drawn to someone with some drawbacks - saturn in pisces retro, and someone with some type of ideological outlook that carries some baggage with it too.. going into this more consciously, and being aware of a tendency to be drawn to certain types of individuals would still be difficult to overcome this, and then one can never see everything.. the moon is applying to a close sextile with mars which is strong here.. this reflects the strength of this person asking the question. it follows this with an application to venus - so seeking harmony is something to their nature as well.. it is separating from the square to mercury - so many relationships is something from the past, but still a part of the make up of the person and perhaps a tendency to many relationships, as opposed to one permanent one! i think this dynamic of what the moon applies to and separates from is important, especially here..

mostly i think of charts and things like this more of a chance for the person to understand themselves better.. either they are into that, or they aren't, but it has great bearing on their ability to be in a relationship and for the relationship to stand the test of time, putting it simply..

i would be looking at the predictive charts - solar returns and solar arc directions, to highlight when an important relationship is most likely.. when saturn transit hits the 7th house, this topic will become much more significant for this person.. i think this might coincide with the nodal axis in the area of this persons ascendant axis as well, so - maybe some of those eclipse charts in that area of time, especially if they coincide with something in the solar return charts, or solar arc directions - is what i would be wondering about..

i hope some of this is helpful. thanks for asking..
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Joined: 26 Aug 2014
Posts: 90
Location: UK , Cardiff

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

in my opinion, in the analysis of issues like this, is crucial several elements:
- Character structure of a person
- Emotional structure - situation
- Knowledge of previous relationships

means at this stage we can consider only the first two elements ...

basic structure
Cancer Asc
double Libra, So and stellium
Capricorn Mo

This structure will always strive for the realization of the relationship. So the basic structure in this case is not an obstacle to an early realization of of the relationship or marriage.

Emotional structure - situation
Ve in Libra square Ur, Ne
Mo in Capricorn conjunction of Ur, Ne

here already can be a problem that is usually manifested through a very small number of of the relationship and / or a very short relationship.

So here there is a need for idealization of the relationship or men who are, for example, suspicious or lying manipulators, drug addicts, drunkards any other suspicious types, although there may be artists, musicians ...

on the other hand it may be a need for a "high voltage" that person wants to feel when entering into a relationship, or it may be a person that the original in any sense, that have a common description of such unusual and strange ...

This element is closely associated with a third said element which is the knowledge of the previous emotional life of a person ...

So if such a basic structure is in life so far made small number emotional relationships and that they were very short, be sure that this is the cause of emotional situations, ie emotional position of planets in the chart and their aspects...

Without these data could be difficult to analyze.

But the next period will bring this person a very deep emotional changes, which will in a relatively short period to fully edit your own emotional needs, and therefore the method of selecting a partner ...

The person is already in this period (from the beginning of 2016 the end of 2018) and it is very likely the cause of these questions ...
Whether a person is in a relationship that is not good or is under these aspects entered into a relationship (which is very likely), it can not know without feedback ....

It would be good if we can get the information...
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 2907
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi alex,

you make some good points, and i skipped over the venus square those outer planets which are another factor too.. but i think the one you mention that i like the best is we don't know much about the person - in particular whether they are male or female.. this is very important to know as i see it!
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Joined: 26 Aug 2014
Posts: 90
Location: UK , Cardiff

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi james_m

Of course, I agree .... I'm going on the assumption that it was a female person ...

somehow this type of questions more fits with a female person, although does not have to be that I was right
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Joined: 20 Dec 2012
Posts: 140
Location: Southwest England

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 8:43 pm    Post subject: Observations Reply with quote

Hi there - this is an interesting horoscope. Zoller says that individuals with water signs rising need emotional security. Cancer, being cardinal water, will actively seek this security, hence their wish to establish their marriage prospects.

Being a nocturnal chart means that the Moon increases in importance, the Moon being the sect ruler of night. Being the ascendant ruler adds further emphasis to the Moon's central role in the horoscope. The Moon falls close to the angular seventh cusp giving it great quantitative strength - it will want to act and it will be effective in acting. This activity is reinforced by being in cardinal Capricorn.

However, qualitatively the Moon is in detriment, ruled by retrograde Saturn in Pisces close to the ninth house cusp. On the face of it, Saturn inhibits the Moon's expression. However, the angular relationship between the two planets - a sextile - mitigates against the most difficult scenario, Moon square Saturn.

It is Mars that is the most interesting feature of the horoscope. Mars is powerful in one of its own signs, Scorpio, angular in the fourth house and trine to the ascendant and sextile Moon. Mars is the nocturnal ruler of the water triplicity so gains further dignity as night ruler of its own sign. It transmits this dignity to the water ascendant and Saturn in Pisces. Furthermore, this powerful Mars is the exaltation ruler of the Moon and seventh house cusp. Additionally, Mars is the almuten of the fourth and fifth cusps.

These houses are important ones in relationships, the fourth being early experiences, the fifth being about pleasure, love, romance, enjoyment and children. The seventh of course is about marriage and intimate relationships amongst other things. Hence, the quality of Mars is critical to the question posed to our colleague.

Interestingly, by my calculation, this Moon is quite choleric, being a second quarter phase, and aspected by hot, dry Mars and Mars being its almuten. In short, my view is that this individual may be quite intense, passionate and perhaps somewhat overbearing in relationships - ardent is the word. This is reinforced by the symbolism of the ruler of the ascendant, their presence, being on the cusp of the seventh, the house associated with others and relationships.

I am sure the individual will marry, but they may have to cool their ardour to sustain long-term relationships. I wonder if the sextile to Saturn, although without dignity in Pisces, is perhaps more helpful than it might appear, being somewhat cold but moistened by Pisces' waters, and offering its moderation to the Moon through rulership of the Capricorn descendant and by aspect. Saturn may also offer a degree of realism to the Scorpionic Mars by aspect.

In terms of temperament, I make this individual to be melancholy and phlegmatic in equal measure, with choleric Mars' relationship with the Moon offering heat and further dryness. This is reinforced by the second quarter phase Moon which is hot and dry. The individual tends towards a reflective and empathic approach to life. However, the choleric element adds passion and ardour where it might not be expected.

The individual enters a Jupiter/Mars firdaria period on 19 June 2017, then Jupiter/Sun on 7 March 2019, and Jupiter/Venus on 23 November 2020. This may be a particularly interesting period for relationships, with Jupiter, Mars and Venus being highly dignified in the horoscope and bearing on relevant houses. Jupiter is highly dignified in the fifth. Venus in Libra is a natural significator of relationships.

A very interesting relationship exists between Venus in Libra and Saturn in Pisces - Venus is the almuten of Saturn's position and Saturn is the almuten of Venus' position. They exist in mutual relationship by exaltation. Venus is the almuten of the most elevated houses, the ninth, tenth and eleventh. Perhaps any marriage will bring status by association and a foreign connection.

Primary Directions

This period of time is also supported by the following primary directions involving relevant planets. The directions are calculated zodiacally with zero latitude using Regiomontanean positions. (D=direct; C=converse)

Z R Opposition Venus 0L D => Saturn 0L 23 27'45" Pto 19 Mar 2019
Z R Venus 0L D => Opposition Saturn 0L 23 27'45" Pto 19 Mar 2019
Z R Mars 0L D => Venus 0L 24 56'50" Pto 11 Sep 2020
Z R Jupiter 0L D => Mars 0L 25 45'24" Pto 4 Jul 2021
Z R Saturn 0L C => Opposition Venus 0L 26 11'29" Pto 10 Dec 2021
Z R Opposition Saturn 0L C => Venus 0L 26 11'29" Pto 10 Dec 2021
Z R Mars 0L C => Jupiter 0L 27 18'25" Pto 21 Jan 2023
Z R Venus 0L C => Mars 0L 27 49'18" Pto 28 Jul 2023
"...the motions that are akin to the divine in us are the thoughts and revolutions of the universe."

Plato, Timaeus, 90.
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Yair Alon

Joined: 16 Jul 2014
Posts: 93

Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:22 am    Post subject: More feedback Reply with quote

Thank you all for your delineations. Very good and precise!

Regarding the gender, this is the chart of a male subject. My experience is the same as that of alex... usually these are matters that concern mostly women.

I need to add, however, that I am under a strong impression that the individual is homossexual (although not confortable with that himself). The 8th cusp in Aquarius, with Uranus in the 7th may be a indication of that. There is also points you mentioned, like Venus square Uranus-Neptune.

Unfortunately I donít have many details on the nativeís life, because it is a virtual client, who only wrote me and wanted a written report only. So Iím sorry but I canít talk about previous relationships, except for the fact complained by him "I have never had any meaningful relationship, and I think Iíll be alone forever".

James, thanks for the insight on the Sun-Moon relationship, and also the reading of the Moon in VII and ruling ascendant as a good thing. Curiously, I have read this, as you saw, as maybe signs of a selfish person. Also, I mainly saw the Moonsí afflictions, and not all the strength that astralwanderer mentioned quite right!

Thank you all.
Yair Alon
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