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Meeting someone by year's end

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Joined: 02 Apr 2017
Posts: 22

Posted: Tue May 02, 2017 6:50 pm    Post subject: Meeting someone by year's end Reply with quote

Yes, another love chart but since the last two proved to be insightful and a good learning point to help navigate Horary charts (and also a bit about timing too) so why not?

The chart is radical (I think?). The ruler of the hour is Jupiter, which has Triplicity in Leo but as a night ruler. I'm not sure if the day/night aspect has an effect still or how that impacts the chart itself. In this case, I'm just going to see that this likely means it will take "time", which, yes. I'm not in the spot emotionally to go out and meet new people, and with this being such a huge window that I'm casting, I don't expect it to happen particularly soon anyway.

Anyhoo, here's the chart:

So, I'm Sun, Venus and Moon, the potential interest would be Saturn. I know there's some discrepancy between whether to use 5H or 7H for new romances but to keep things simple, I'm going with 7H to simply be representative of the "other person".

Sun is placed in the 9H. Here it's relevant. My priorities are shifting from dating to moving (trying to also do that by the end of the year). It'd be a big move, one that involves extensive for away travel so yes, appropriate. Sun is also in the Venus ruled Taurus, so it also shows that I'm really just trying to take care of myself right now, trying to have my "higher purpose" (9H) in mind.

Venus is in Aries, it's sign of detriment, in the 8H. It's separating from a conjunct with Chiron, so I'm trying to move past precious heartaches, but its sucking right now and still hurting a bit. But it's moving forward and won't be retrograding any time soon so it looks like I'll be able to move on okay.

Moon is in the 12H in Leo. I see this as likely being that I'm not emotionally available currently. Moon will be moving out of the 12H into the 1H, so my emotional availability will change. It's just going to take some time.

I have the outer planets on but I'm just using Saturn as the ruler for Aquarius to make things easier. If anyone wants to tackle the outers in conjunction with the traditional, that's always appreciated. I like seeing how people tie them into the charts.

Saturn is currently retrograde in my 5H. Whoever my potential future partner could be, it also looks like they're not emotionally available at the moment which is fine.

I'll be tossing in my 11H ruler into consideration for this because admittedly, I'm hoping that if I do meet someone, I'll be friends first so that we can hopefully build a good foundation. Really hoping for a slow burn kind of thing. I'll also take my 5H ruler into consideration because dating and all that, but also because the 7H ruler is posited in there too.

My 11H ruler is Mercury, which is currently in retrograde. Seems appropriate. I also haven't been good at getting out there to try and meet people. My mind's just been on really getting out of here (Mercury in 9H ruler sign).

My 5H ruler is Jupiter in retrograde. It's currently in my 3H (on the cusp but more than close enough). Again, doing a lot of re-thinking and understanding about what I want in love. Communication is also a crucial factor for me (Jupiter in 3H), so it's emphasis on that cusp is important. For me to feel open to being wooed, I need to find someone with whom I have open and clear communication with. It needs to be mindful, understand and done with clear intent.

Now for the aspects:

Moon is separating from a trine with Venus = I'm trying to not let myself get too emotionally caught up in the heart break I'm feeling and trying to nurse it.
Moon is applying a sextile to Mars (9H and 4H ruler) = I'm focusing my emotional shift to moving from my old home (4H) to my far away home.
Moon applying a square to Sun = it looks like this will be a difficult process because I'll still be emotionally caught up in the heartache (Sun in Venus ruled Taurus) but emotionally I'll be driven to try and get things to work out.

So far, none of this is pointing to me meeting anyone. It just kind of confirms that I'll be focusing on moving and myself for a while which is accurate.

Since this is a long term thing that I'm thinking about, I'm going to try and break down other aspects past this, though, to maybe see if this is telling me further about what I can personally do to heal well enough to open up to love again, and maybe even show how I could meet them.

Mercury will be going direct tomorrow, so soon I'll be feeling more open to meeting new people and making new friends which, yes. I'm on the mend. I'm not sure how soon it'll be but it would be nice to be able to get to know more people and gain new connections.

Mercury will stop moving towards Jupiter (romance house ruler) and move back towards Saturn (7H/other people ruler). I see this as saying I just need to start severing the idea of love as being an outcome to a new friendship and really just focus on getting to know people which is sound advice. When Mercury goes direct, it'll be moving to perfect a trine to Saturn. It's about 3 degrees from perfecting this. There's a couple of things to note though:

Mercury (my sign of friendship) is in Saturn's sign of fall. I take this as I'll be trying to make friends, but I'll still be incredibly weary of people. Learning to trust again will be a big deal. Saturn is in a Jupiter ruled sign, which is also Mercury's sign of detriment. The good thing is that Saturn is posited in the other person's 11H, so they'll be looking to be friends too. Perhaps this detriment/fall exchange is because there'll need to be clear boundaries. No romance in the friend stage. The platonic connection will break if romance is introduced, especially too soon? Which makes sense. Once you start dating someone, you can still be friends, but it takes a lot of work to maintain that seemingly simple connection.

I guess it's also neat to note that mercury will also be moving towards the modern Aquarius ruler (but still not going to spend much time musing on that).

The next aspects moon makes before leaving the sun are also interesting and insightful. I'm, again, taking them into consideration just because this is a long time line I'm thinking of. And the moon moving from the 12H into the 1H seems important and relevant.

Moon makes a sextile to Jupiter - my 8H ruler and 5H ruler. I'll need to learn to accept my previous heartache in order to reconcile myself emotionally with the idea of being open to love again. Yes, very obvious.

Moon then makes a Trine to Mercury, after it goes direct no less! Once I learn to reconcile my anxieties and worries over past pains, I'll open myself up more readily to meeting people. Again, very obvious and also a good reminder.

Then the final aspect that the Moon makes before leaving the sign is a trine to Saturn! The potential other person.

Moon previously aspecting Mercury before trining to Saturn seems to reinforce the need to really make sure friendship is a priority before I can meet someone. Each aspect it hits before that person is primarily focused on me and me alone, so yes, this won't be some romance movie of someone coming to sweep me off my feet when I'm crying in the rain. I'll really need to get back on my feet and feel secure again before meeting someone can happen.

When I meet them, it doesn't look I'll at all be emotionally interested though since the Moon will be in the sign of Saturn's detriment, though Saturn receives Sun via Triplicity. Venus is also in Saturn's fall sign, and Sun does not receive Saturn at all, so I might just see them as a new person to meet and not think much of them since I'll clearly just be focused on myself.

Overall, it seems like yes, I will. It'll take time, but it will likely happen, just not sooner than I'm ready for it too. At the very least, it looks like there'll be an *opportunity* to meet someone. All of my significators are/will be moving to Saturn which I've seen as a positive indicator. Saturn is also flowing to all of my significators so that reinforces it. It just looks like it'll be a process but all things considering my romantic history, its rare that i end up into someone well before theyre into me so this seems pretty standard for me. I tend to go in 100% platonic and neutral, and then as I get to know them extremely well, that's when feelings develop.

I'm not good at timing though so I'm not sure what the time frame for everything would be. The last chart casted seemed to have some relevant timing aspects but I'm not sure what should be considered here as a point of reference. There aren't any planets in angular houses so that just seems to reinforce that this is something that will take time before it happens.
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Joined: 16 Oct 2016
Posts: 201

Posted: Wed May 03, 2017 5:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Chart not included Cool
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Joined: 02 Apr 2017
Posts: 22

Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 3:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Oh huh? I put it in there. It's showing up for me just fine. I'll try to re-attach it. Sorry about that!
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Joined: 16 Oct 2016
Posts: 201

Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 5:57 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well.. Still no chart, may be it is not working on apple devices Confused
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Joined: 02 Apr 2017
Posts: 22

Posted: Fri May 05, 2017 8:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm currently running errands so I haven't had the ability to hop on the computer to do so but in the mean time, here is a link:
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