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Jupiter transits main trend going the wrong way?

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Joined: 05 Feb 2014
Posts: 869

Posted: Sat May 20, 2017 1:56 pm    Post subject: Jupiter transits main trend going the wrong way? Reply with quote

I have often wondered when looking at astrological charts and transits for events, if when the energy of the outer planets is being carried by Jupiter it goes the wrong way?

As an example, today I was wondering about a current news item, about the son of the 100 million lottery winner taking his father and stepmother to court to be looked after financially for the rest of his life, having spent about 1.6 million pounds in two years. It looks as though the stepmother has had more than her fair share of poverty and hardship for most of her life, and the bbc news site reported about a row "after Mrs Dawes' 49th birthday party in November 2013", so I had a look at the ephemeris for November 1964 to get a rough idea of what her natal planets were doing, and was particularly struck that Saturn stationed at 28.5 degrees Aquarius on 2nd November 1964. Their lottery win was on Friday 7th October 2011, and I noticed that it is Jupiter that is carrying the Neptune 28.5 degrees Aquarius and IsisTranspluto 28.5 degrees Leo opposition on that date. Which made me wonder if the huge outer planet transit was actually going the wrong way, and the lottery win might have in the long term been more of a curse to her than a blessing? Whatever else was happening in her chart, this massive outer planet opposition was sitting right on her natal Saturn, which represents material wealth or the lack thereof, and being triggered by Jupiter. Right now, as she hopefully celebrates her successful court case, the transiting Moon's Nodes are sitting right on her natal Saturn, and transiting Jupiter is 45 degree semisquare to it. Also transiting Sun 28 degrees Taurus, transiting Mercury 2.5 degrees Taurus (antiscion 27.5 degrees Leo), and transiting Venus 13.5 degrees Aries (45 degrees to her natal Saturn). Things might not always be what they seem, and a big lottery win might not be the easiest thing for a wonderful life?

Then I just posted the chart of Ian Brady, whose death has been in the news recently, and in the chart of his first murder, the huge outer planet pattern that was transiting to his Moon and other planets associated with psychopathy, was being carried by Jupiter, suggesting that the murder was the energies going the wrong way, that although he may have got what he wanted with the murder, the main thrust of the energies was his lifelong imprisonment. I have noticed this before with a big outer planet aspect cluster transiting to a murderer's psychopathic planets, that during the crime these are triggered by Jupiter, but at the time of them being caught these same outer planets are triggered by other trigger planets like Chiron, Saturn or Saturn Uranus. (Uranus on its own also seems to go the wrong way, but in a stronger, more definite way). Obviously there are cases where murderers are not caught for years or decades after their crimes, if at all, and this may be due to the big outer planet clusters indicating "success" in their crimes, and it would take another different big outer planet cluster, which would be years later, for them to be caught?

Another huge puzzle with Jupiter is why, as many astrologers have pointed out and is obvious if you look at a lot of charts, are Jupiter transits so common at death? Especially if you read Jupiter as taking the main drag of outer planets the wrong way, a counter the main trend event. Do you read that as the main outer planets representing a big ongoing awful situation, and Jupiter as offering death as a release? I am not so sure, open question.
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Joined: 05 Feb 2014
Posts: 869

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 1:25 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

An example of Jupiter going the wrong way indicating death by triggering the transiting outer planets. Natalie Pearman was found strangled on 20th November 1992. She has a very damaged natal Venus, and it was transiting Jupiter, along with Chiron, that was triggering the transit of Pluto at 22.5 degrees Scorpio and IsisTranspluto at 23 degrees Leo. Transiting Jupiter was 45 degree semisquare to the transiting Chrion, Pluto, IsisTranspluto T square, which was aspecting her natal Venus.
"Natalie Pearman was found dead in a lay-by at Ringland Road, Norwich, in the early hours on 20 November....Natalie's body was found by a lorry driver at about 03:50 GMT. She was last seen alive in Rouen Road, Norwich, at 01:15 GMT the same day"

Typically that energy of Jupiter would take this big transit the wrong way, which would reverse when Chiron, which was co-triggering the outer planets, went retrograde in early December 1992.

But sometimes this kind of Jupiter transit can indicate death. I have seen this in charts and events a lot. There were some soldiers who died on the battlefield in world war one that I remember posting their charts and transits on this board a long time ago

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Joined: 24 Mar 2007
Posts: 146

Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 1:17 pm    Post subject: jupiter transits Reply with quote

The first thing that I noticed about Natalie's chart is that Mars rules her natal 8th house of death. That mars does form an aspect to natal saturn. Mars is disposed by mercury--which was being neagtively aspected by uranus and neptune at her death. Also, the transiting nodes were still aspecting that natal mars. Transits to the 8th house ruler can mean many things--deaths of other people but my thinking is that with that mars ruling her 8th house, she was pre-disposed to have a violent death.

Jupiter, in my mind means travel, so at death it can mean transition to the other side. On Basil Fearrington's web site, he mentions a case where a man had a so-called positive aspect-I think it was solar arc jupiter aspecting his MC. But his wife had the negative aspect-I think it was transiting uranus aspecting her sun. Sometimes death shows up more in our loved ones charts. The man died in a car crash.
My dad had transiting jupiter conjunct his natal saturn/pluto conjunction which was in his 12th house natally. When Mom died, transiting jupiter was in her 2rd house aspecting natal and progressed neptune in her 8th house-she died of a stroke. However, before both of them died, they did have progressions and solar arcs showing they had health issues. AMY
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