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Should I go on with my job or Should I leave it ?

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Joined: 16 Oct 2016
Posts: 223

Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 2:39 pm    Post subject: Should I go on with my job or Should I leave it ? Reply with quote

I have to decide whether I will stay in this job or if I will move on. I have put so much effort and time in my job and I love my job. However, I have to move on quickly if there is no hope of making money in this job ( this is a commision based job and quite depends on country's economic conditions - not good at all in recent 1-2 years - as much as my personal effort ). Confused about what to do, I asked heavens ( I do not want to be the victim of my own feelings and exhausted soul ) . Chart does not seem promising, I have to leave. However, I am quite interested in what Sun and Moon are saying.

Looking at the chart, I do not know what to do i.e. Shd. I go with my job or shd. I leave it ( mercury in the 8th). I am highly influenced by my feelings ( mercury exalting Moon, plus Moon in its own exaltation). I feel I am just in a battle ( Moon conjucting alcyone).
I am doing a 5th. House nature of job. It has great importance in my life ( Saturn conjucting IC ) , but I can not get what I want from my job ( Saturn at Mercury's detriment ).
Sun , ruler of 11th, is my success from my carrier. It is pregerine in Gemine and backfiring Jupiter in the 1st ( deceptive Jupiter - at the fall of Sun - exalts Saturn. I have a kind of delusion about my job . Reverse reception between Jup and Sun is to say that what I (will ) gain from my carrier will be in odds with my dreams ).

And, no MR between Sun and Mercury.
Venus is already in its detriment and in the 8th.

The late AC may well be showing I already asked a similiar question about my job ( I had hope then I might be successfull ) or simply I have already come to the end of rope .

Looking at at the lumaniries, Sun and Moon, both in the 9th. House , I am hidden from the world in my thinking and in my feelings ? Isolated somehow ?
Moon is just about to change signs. She is soon to be dominated by Mercury i.e. me and my feelings will be in accordance with each other ( moon in mercury - mercury in exaltation of Moon ) ?
Moon will be soon combust and finally conjuct Sun.Is that to say that I am closing a page in my life ?
Is True Node disposed by Sun echoing it is good if I close this page i.e. Leaving my current job ?

Am I accurute with Sun and Moon ? If yes, is that to say that I will leave job in 5 units time ?

Edit : I forgot to add that in my natal, I have 22.13 degree virgo raising, and I have Libra Sun at 4.50 in the 1st. In above chart Sun is 4.27 . Is this something to consider except that this question is important to me ?

Plus, although Jupiter is rx, it is the most elavated planet in the chart ( in its terms, in the 1st, free from combustion ) . Jupiter is running this chart . I suspect this is something I need to re-consider . Am I under influence of Jupiter ? Is it something I need to work out in the 1st place, rather than the job itself Confused
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Joined: 02 Apr 2015
Posts: 225

Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 7:11 pm    Post subject: Re: Should I go on with my job or Should I leave it ? Reply with quote

The question is framed as: "should I stay or should I go?" That is: stay with the current job or change to something different. L1 vs. L7

L1 and L7 are in similarly debilitated states so they say that changing or staying do not amount to any significant diference.

Look for indications of change in the chart. Are there any?

Yes, the Moon is in the last degree of Taurus. What does than mean? It means that the change will incur a loss of essential dignity for the Moon (you).

The Moon is also in the surroundings of the Pleiades and Alcyone indicating inability to see clearly and disappointment. The Moon will also enter combustion if the change is made; another testimony for uncertainty, obscurity and unfavorable outcome.

My answer is: unless you have a clear direction to go and the current job is not bringing any money at all then I would refrain from changing at this time. Do your best with what you can and research and plan carefully before making drastic changes.

Overall "change" is not favorable in the present condition.
Felipe Oliveira
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Joined: 16 Oct 2016
Posts: 223

Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 8:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks so muchhhh Felipe, I shd. Have looked at L1 and L7. OK, I will stay in my job until I am clear (Wandering in the depths of predictive horary - which I found extremly diffucult - I am afraid I invented stories i.e all I wrote above Confused )

What you had to say is a great help. I was thinking of telling my broker that I wld. Like to take a break until september and I might not come back ( she might have been happy, though ) .I will not do that. It is so weird putting my effort, time and money into something I will not be making money of , and still I'd better stay.

I wonder if the job is not right or if I am not doing it right or is it just a passage of life - these last couple of years have been really tough.
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