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When is the best time to start a new job

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Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:51 am    Post subject: When is the best time to start a new job Reply with quote

So, when is the best time to start a new job, where YOU are in the employ of others.

This means that you are likely a subordinate (a 6th house matter in the rules of modern horary astrology) being paid an hourly wage and subject to government legislated rules and benefits, versus being self-employed or working on a contract, which typically has no government benefits outside of wages.

Q. Is the astrological magic moment when you first apply for the job ?

No. Just because you apply for a job doesn't mean that you will be offered the job ! Most jobs almost certainly have competition and or multiple applicants. Therefore, there are no guarantees that you will get an interview, even if you feel that you are qualified for the position.

Q. How about doing an election chart for the time when you are offered a job?

Well, when/if you are offered a job, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will start the job. You may get another (better) job offer, you make break your leg before you start and or something else that may prevent you from working, etc.

Q. So, when is the best time to start a job, which election chart is best.

In my experience, the most relevant election chart which determines the outcome of the job is the EXACT moment that you START the position !

If you have to report to an office, it is the moment that you enter the front door of the employer, physically, for your very first SHIFT that counts the most.

That election chart will speak volumes about the outcome of the job, more so than any other election chart.

Factors to consider:

When planning an election employment chart (if you can?) make sure that the ascendant and its ruling planet, is beefed up. Ideally, there should be applying, benevolent aspects from the ruler to a benefic planet, the ruler of the 6th house and 10th house. A well aspected 6th house insures good relations with co-workers and your work is appreciated. Good aspects to the 10th house are very useful, if you need a supportive boss or supervisor.

In addition, the radix Moon should be in good, applying aspect to the significator ruling the house of work, and or the planet ruling the occupation being sought after.

Pitfalls to avoid:

Avoid starting a new job when the Moon is void of course, the chart ruler is afflicted, such as applying squares and oppositions to the malefics (Mars, Saturn), also, applying adverse aspect from the chart ruler to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, which indicate unforeseen events of a malevolent nature.

Avoid election ascendants that are invalid, such as 27 to 29 degrees, or zero to 3 degrees. That said, some late ascendant charts make a lot of sense, such as seasonal work, being laid off, then recalled, etc. Also, commission work like sales, real estate, etc.

Avoid chart rulers or significators that square the Moon's nodes, or chart rulers that fall into the 12th house. The former indicates a fatality that changes the whole ballgame. When the latter, you may be deceiving yourself, or may be deceived by others. In any event, a big red flag.

Planets conjunct the election ascendant:

When natal planets conjunct the election ascendant within one degree of orb, that may change the flavour or outcome of the entire election chart.

Natal Sun = election asc. : This job is likely made for you. This is one of the best election charts to have, especially if personal recognition is important to you.

Natal Moon = election asc.: If the job involves dealings with the public, or dealings with females, or if a personal move is required, all will go well, provided the Moon is not afflicted.

Natal Mercury = election asc.: The job is likely important to you, perhaps a career advancement or promotion. Good for journalists, writers, teachers, media workers and those in the computer fields.

Natal Mars = the election asc.: You have no choice, but to take the job !

Natal Jupiter = the election asc.: Good fortune, generally, especially with occupations ruled by Jupiter.

Natal Saturn = the election asc.: You may not have wanted the job, at all. But now, you have it and must make your bed and lie in it, too.

Natal Neptune = the election asc.: If the job involves the arts, dancing or photography/video, this is a great opportunity. However, even after all that, you could still be deceived.

Natal Pluto = the election asc.: The job may well transform or change your life, but be careful not to upset the proverbial applecart. One of the pitfalls of Pluto is alienation, so watch out for that ! You may be perceived as a threat to others, real or psychological !

Final thoughts:

Q. Supposing I don't get the job. Then, what ?

All interviews and jobs are good, provided, you have learned the lesson of that circumstance. My own career life has been enriched by Buddhist and Confucian teachings that teach tolerance for less than ideal situations. The natal chart, along with your own intuition, will likely guide you to where your karmic duties lie and where your bread is buttered.

If you have allowed your life to sink to situations of desperation, then, you may still be vulnerable to attack and or financial lack, even if you do get "the job." You may have to plan your life, better, so that you are not caught in that situation, again and again.

Focusing on the essential things, first, leads to greater things. Do the small things, very well. Get a consistent good night's sleep, eat a balanced diet, success starts with your 4th house, first, so build a good home, then the rest of the houses, before houses 6 and 10, will fall into place.

The natal houses tell us the order of how you must build up your life, your body first (1st house), then, self worth (2nd house), then, expanding your mind, through education (3rd House), etc. If you skip any one house, and rush to house 6, then you may not be ready for 6, if sections 1 through five have not been formatted, yet !

Take no shortcuts, no matter what.


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