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Mutual reception by square aspect

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Joined: 17 May 2011
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Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:18 am    Post subject: Mutual reception by square aspect Reply with quote

Hi All,

What are your experiences on mutual reception by square? I don't ask about general reception because as Lilly points out in this case "things seldom come to passe..."

But mutual reception is different because the planets receive one another and I have personally had horaries work out when I saw planets in mutual reception even without an aspect, however two points:

1. The aspect bringing them together is a square in this case
2. The nature of planets matters too
3. The quality of the planets matters too

For example, today we have Moon in mutual reception with Mars. Mars is fallen in Cancer and the Moon is peregrine in Aries. So... when reading a horary with this aspect to the significators I may say there was intention but a negative end result.

Would you all agree or what are your thoughts?
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Joined: 12 Jul 2017
Posts: 452

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I basically agree with what you are saying but would add on it...

Mutual reception via square: Bonatti would say it would generally come through the hard work of the planet applying. Quesited applying in general is considered the easier scenario for perfection of a thing.

Mutual reception without essential dignity: If both significators are badly debilitated then it would likely not amount to anything or nothing good, though, even with mutual reception. You do have to consider the condition of the planets themselves and how they express their energy within the matter, correct. An essentially ill malefic can be an indication of something difficult and/or disappointing. Generally speaking, mutual reception shows that both planets have a vested interest in the situation. In the English language, when we say, "I am approaching the situation on their terms," it is basically what reception is like and in mutual reception we might think of it as both parties approaching the other that way. If a planet is in detriment or fall or peregrine, that planet's normal energy to do something is dysfunctional. A planet can have essential dignity and be in fall or detriment though, which may alleviate things a little. When peregrine and in detriment or fall, that is quite bad

Example combined info: Say if the planet is Venus quesited applying to square Mars in a love matter with mutual reception and both are not well essentially, we could interpret that as say a couple interested in a connection but what they bring is not exactly of the best quality, such as the typical poor qualities of Venus when she is not in her proper placement (debauchery, cheating, non commitment, being too independent, manipulative, etc.). The square shows disagreement between the two parties, mutual reception showing both might want to attempt to please the other here. Without essential dignity, neither is likely to accomplish their goal in the relationship and neither is pleased. Perhaps neither knows what they want or how to get it (since essential dignity means that). Still, Venus is generally fairly gentle and easy in nature and less likely to mean a painful outcome in the situation than say Mars or Saturn in poor quality. Mars also regards Venus as a friend in traditional astrology, meaning he is nicer to her than other planets, and his response in the square might show a passionate connection that fails to go anywhere. I think one of the reasons Venus is easier also is because Venus isn't much of a surprise to us - she isn't generally particularly cunning. [Saturn, on the other hand, can show difficult lessons and karma that we get drawn into and can be quite painful. We think that something of worth should be difficult to get and that isn't always the case. That is why Saturn is so common in romance horaries and feeling broken hearted, wanting what we can't have. I can picture a mutual reception square involving Moon and Saturn and how painful that could be for both parties involved. Mars can be more sudden or unexpected in nature when quesited and can indicate quarreling or even physical encounters.]

Some other things to consider: Accidental debility in mutual reception might show they want to do good in the situation but just aren't in the right circumstances to do that. They could be powerless in some way, such as having other obligations, being surrounded by those who block them, being at a geographical distance, having poor luck, etc.

Other important things to know about reception If the planet applying is well dignified and receives the applied to planet, this can indicate that planet has a lot of strength to force the situation into something more favorable. This can be true with or without mutual reception. Robert Hand has a lecture on this available on Youtube and it is called pushing disposition. It is something true in natal as well. Likewise, if an applying planet is not in great condition, but the applied to planet is and receives It, this can also be something more favorable. It depends a lot on the essential and accidental strength involved though and also the general nature of that planet. Although Mars and Saturn can be essentially and accidentally good, by their nature they tend to be more difficult than say Jupiter or Venus.

However, as Bonatti mentions, if you are a querent, you generally don't want to do all the work, and so applying and receiving, coming from a good dignity and forcing the other planet is going to be much more difficult than if the quesited did that and it would indicate that you have a much more vested interest in causing the outcome than the quesited. There might be hope but through your hard work.

Cases where mutual reception is bad: Mutual reception by any aspect can actually be negative in certain situations. For example, if you were asking about an illness, you would not want significators relating to the illness to be in mutual reception with the querent. You might want the disease to receive the querent, signifying protection (since this is an indication of the planet agreeing to not do harm), but when the querent also receives in turn, this negates the planet's agreement to not do harm. This is something I have asked Deb about and it is something I have seen time and time again to be true.

You will find loads of posts on reception within this site and one that I recall is this one, which has some useful info:
Also this one is useful about reception, although more so one sided aspects:

I know you don't like long posts and may not read what I wrote, but it is a complex subject. If all you care about is a yes/no answer then you may not want extra info, but I personally find horary useful for more information than that and you could get a yes/no answer right half of the time by guessing.
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