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job proposal

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Joined: 27 Sep 2016
Posts: 34

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:30 am    Post subject: job proposal Reply with quote

Hello everybody!
Back to the forum again after long time!
Last year in my attempt to find a second job, I had a contact with a woman who appreciates me a lot due to a past collaboration we had. The job was for secretary to her school. She told me that it was too late for that year bt she told me to try again this year. So I as the one I asked her this job.
Today I would like to risk again and have a contact with her about the same request.
So, before calling her back again, I casted this chart: (hoping you can see it as it's the first time I use this platform)

Even though it does not seem to hopeful, I still think it can be yes, but please illuminate me more.
First of all Moon is in late degree and void of course. As job's significator (is it really or as a second job should I take 6th's significator?)
No reception with Venus (my significator) so the answer is NO
But ASC is in Spica
Moon is going to enter Mercury applying to Venus by square...
Is there any chance????
I need desperately this job and I appreciate a lot this woman. Will she help me?
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Joined: 12 Jul 2017
Posts: 447

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I hope I am wrong!

Although Spica and Regulus can be favorable, to me it looks like the person who is hired might be staying longer term. The 7th ruler is intercepted in the 10th and tightly conjunct the intercepted 10th house ruler, which is the strongest planet in the chart and receives it (Sun applies to and receives Mars). None of this is relating to your significators. This seems like it might be showing competition for the job. The moon is VOC and at a late degree but in a fixed sign and the indicators around the job are in a fixed sign too. To me this indicates a lack of change, although the angles are moveable so you should get a result quickly (reply back). I suppose one good thing about the 7th indicator is that it has a fire ascendant is a fire planet, in a fire sign, which tends to dissipate, and may indicate a no now but maybe sometime later they will leave. They appear to be beloved for now though, for whatever reason? To me the interception appears constrained, as if to say it is a nice job but that they would like to give you but can't?

Normally I would think Sun in Leo in the 10th in a career question would be FANTASTIC, but it is hard to get past Mars. Not to mention, Venus is separating from an opp to Saturn (perhaps your reason for seeking this job again). Maybe Mars is the woman you are in contact with but I find that unlikely. Mars and Saturn in general often indicate obstacles rather than helpful indicators.

It is hard to say though - would you describe the woman as Mercury-like or Mars-like?

The Moon and Mercury both will not aspect Venus for a long while and I would not regard that, since it is not within orb. The Moon did sextile Venus and then conjunct Mercury, which was its last aspect. It will sextile the ascendant next but that is less likely to be a strong influence (we normally look at aspects to significators). This might be describing the communications that you had with the woman who works at the school. Mercury rules the 11th house, which can be associates who help us in our work (2nd from the 10th).

It is rather ambiguous on some levels, but perhaps that is a way of saying it isn't a yes now but maybe later. Honestly, normally Sun in the 10th is really great.
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Joined: 27 Sep 2016
Posts: 34

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

your observations are really thought-provoking!

This woman is the owner and director of schools of foreign languages. She has strong enterpreneur's spirit, too. She is very practical (Yes, she tends to reply quite quickly for her staff needs!!)

That is to say, she could be seen as a mix of mercurial and martial characteristics... Yes, I could say it so.

I know she respects my qualifications, my reliability and ethos, at least this is the impression she gave me. She generally has friendly feelings for me.

Maybe she is content with her last year staff (if we take granted the fact that Mars or Sun is someone of her family- I suppose- who will stay longer for this, for the next etc year...) and there is no need of hiring sb else...

As I guess, we both shall stay with our good intentions and sympathies for each other, but there will be no professional collaboration ... this year, AGAIN!

I just wanted to see my chances, before knocking her door for second time...that's why I casted the chart.

Thanks tanit3333 for your insight!
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