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Electional chart: Ruling house for editing

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Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:02 am    Post subject: Electional chart: Ruling house for editing Reply with quote

Normally when casting an electional chart, I look at 1-7 houses, plus other houses as touched by the nature of the question.

In this case, I'm trying to cast an election chart to send a manuscript in for editing. I've waited till after Mercury retrograde, as it's a fist submit.

As this concerns *editing*, however, not necessarily a positive reception of the manuscript (which has already been accepted), I'm wondering if the main house of the quesited shouldn't be the 3rd, rather than the 7th? As the 3rd rules writing, communication, and editing?

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Joined: 12 Jul 2017
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Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

If you are not the editer and are sending it to someone else to edit, it does seem like a 7th house area, however I generally do not see the 7th house as particularly meaningful unless it is something like starting a new business partnership or a relationship or some sort, or agreement between two parties (loans, judgements, interviews, sending something to someone for approval, etc.). If this editer is a particular person you will work with long term, then perhaps I can see emphasis on the 7th. Otherwise, I would fail to see its relevance and would stick to the 1st and 3rd houses if this is your manuscript.

A slow Mercury is not much better than a stationary or retrograde one, so check the speed. I would not only wait until after Mercury turns direct but also when it is swift and direct and in Virgo (domicile). Virgo is an excellent placement for editing, however it may even be too critical and it depends on the nature of the book. If this were a creative piece, I might not like Mercury in Virgo, however it may also be square Neptune in Pisces, depending on the degree and whether you wish to avoid this. Beware of Saturn in Sag as well, since a late degree Mercury in Virgo will square it. Whatever Mercury is aspecting is going to have a great emphasis on its energy, since it is an inferior planet. I love it when Mercury is aspecting Moon or Sun in a positive way, as this shows clarity of thought and getting the truth out. This would be a more effortless placement for editing as well. Mercury combust is to be avoided, but a conjunction to the Moon is fine. Trine or sextile is better.

Another thing that might be helpful is if the Moon is trine or sextile the Sun, especially if the Moon is increasing in light. In general, that is a very favorable aspect for any venture and would increase the likelihood of success. Avoid malefics on angles and if they touch Mercury or the Moon, hopefully they are received by a benefic. Mars will be with Mercury a while and I might worry about carelessness or chopping up the manuscript. They might edit it quickly but with errors. Mars does make Mercury more brilliant at times (quick thinking) but it has its downsides as well. I have this in my natal, so I know its energy, and I am good at editing but I often go back and make changes because I am constantly having lightening flashes of ideas and thinking of new things, rather than an even flow of energy where I can edit things once and move on. I think avoiding malefics can be more important than anything else, or taming them with essential dignity and benefics, especially since finding a perfect moment is quite difficult. Most people have deadlines and have to take the best of what they can get. I use election charts for many different appointments and generally find these things are helpful.
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