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Will I win the election?

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Will the person in question win the election on 17 october?

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Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:40 am    Post subject: Will I win the election? Reply with quote


[size=18]Native asked whether he will win election which will be on 16th of october (result on 17th). Saturn in Asc. is not good, he is also squaring Mars. His opposition is seen from 7th house which is ruled by Mercury who is combust (Or is it cazimi?). Moon represents electorate. Moon is immediately applying trine to Mercury so it seems opposition will win, but before that Moon will be trining Sun.
Will Sun allow or deny the trine to mercury is my question. Kindly guide. Will the person win the election or the opposition?[/size]
Learning western astrology.
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Joined: 12 Jul 2017
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Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I view elections as a 10th house matter and the 7th ruler shares the 10th house ruler, which emphasizes their affinity. Additionally, there is a luminary in the 7th versus a malefic in the 1st. The 1st is usually the querent (here Jupiter), the 7th the opponent(s) for the election (here Mercury).

The opponent: The Moon rules the 7th's 2nd house and trines the Sun in the 11th, showing they probably have powerful connections. I think the Part of Fortune is probably in the 8th house as well. I normally think of Mercury with Sun in the radical 11th as someone who has strong connections in general, particularly 9th house ones here (Sun rules the 9th = religious people, far away regions, foreign rulers, educated people, other lawyers and judges, etc.). Mercury in Libra in the 11th can show someone with a history of being a lawyer or who fights for justice.

The querent: Although Jupiter is a superior compared to Mercury, it is feral in the chart and at a critical degree, about to change signs to Scorpio, which is a less positive sign for Jupiter than Libra (Scorpio is cold and moist versus hot and moist; Jupiter by nature is host and moist). Venus conjunct Mars in the 10th may show some scandal the comes to light. The fact that the 7th ruler rules over Venus and sextiles and is received by Saturn in the 1st seems to emphasize the 7th house person somehow using information against them to sway the public regarding his image, or perhaps just benefiting from it. Mercury sextile Saturn is also resourceful, disciplined and a good businessman.

Mercury is not cazimi, it is combust. In this case, I think it might be emphasizing communications with powerful people being important in some way.

Jupiter in general is a more superior candidate for leadership in a given chart due to being a superior (and here it is in the 11th, but again feral and also peregrine), but I doubt it will happen. I have no idea what this is regarding, though.

I have never been that great at competitive charts, though (1st versus the 7th). I tried game charts for example... Thumbs down I think it helps to verify you have the right planet via description of the parties involved.
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