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lower manhattan terrorist attack oct 31/17 / sayfullo saipov

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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
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Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:08 am    Post subject: lower manhattan terrorist attack oct 31/17 / sayfullo saipov Reply with quote

i was following this from an astro pov and waiting until a date came out for the fellow responsible for the horrible event- sayfullo saipov... his birth date is feb 8 1988 tashkent, ubekistan.. the event happened on oct 31st from approx 3:05 to 3:10pm in manhattan..

below is saipovs noon chart..

below is the event chart..

saipovs chart with some transit data.

it seems to me that the man is going thru his first saturn return and the chart has a real challenge with mars applying to saturn in his natal chart, while both square onto his venus/nodal axis.. in fact t. saturn which hasn't yet made the exact return is close to the mars/saturn midpoint and very close to the exact square to his nodal axis.. at the same time t pluto is moving towards an exact square to his natal moon if the noon time is relatively close... hard to know on this though..

the event chart back to his chart observations..

the transiting nodal axis is at 20 leo which is right where mars is in the aug 21 2017 solar eclipse chart for new york. t pluto is in much the same place as it was in the solar eclipse chart for aug 17 as well. the event chart moon/saturn square at 23 pisces/sag is exactly on the aug 17 solar eclipse midheaven at 23 virgo... it is interesting as this is of course where all the action is in saipovs chart as outlined above - the saturn/venus/nodal axis config.. to simplify - t moon conjunct conjunct north node in pisces, which is seen in the set up as described above in my first paragraph on his chart..

i tend to see the importance of the nodal axis in his chart with the planets configured around this axis as being the critical zone to his chart and it is indeed very active at the time of this event.. saturn square venus in anyone's chart is a big challenge, especially at the time of the return.. it is likely that he held very conservative values.. with saturn in sag - a certain rigid religious attitude is always possible, but combined with the square to venus and mixed with the conjunction to mars - the push pull of the mars/venus square tied into saturn on this particular nodal axis combo of north node in pisces, south node in virgo - would create a situation where martyrdom for his narrow religious ideology was perhaps more attractive? i can't help but ponder the timing with moon in pisces so close to his north node and this complicated astro set up, that he felt this was his fulfillment of some sort of divine mission..

so pisces north node - sacrifice, or insanity embraced seems to loom large given the moon saturn square in transit and to his chart in particular.. saipovs solar arc mercury is very close to exact conjunct the north node for the time of the event as well.. in fact it draws my attention to the mercury/neptune 45 semisquare which is very close in his chart - delusional thinking in the making - so both making the hard aspect of conjunction(mercury) or semisquare ( neptune ) to his north node via the solar arc directions.

maybe some others have some observations to make...

edit - image fix...

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Joined: 05 Feb 2014
Posts: 837

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:10 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

His Neptune is 9 degrees Capricorn, antiscion 21 degrees Sagittarius, conjunct his Mars at 21.5 degrees Sagittarius. Also his Neptune/Mars antiscion conjunction is 45 degrees semisquare to his Mercury at 25 degrees Aquarius.

Mercury does seem to have a connection with actually executing a violent action.

His Mercury's antiscion is 5 degrees Scorpio 07 minutes, so transiting Jupiter was exactly conjunct it.

His Moons Nodes seem very important at 25 degrees Virgo/Pisces, as transiting Chiron at 25 degrees Pisces and Saturn at 25 degrees Sagittarius are focussed on his Moons Nodes, which one interpretation would be the people in his life who are most important to him. Transiting Phaethon was also 5.5 degrees Libra, antiscion 24.5 degrees Pisces.

His natal IsisTranspluto is 21 degrees Leo, which is 45 degrees semisquare to 6 degrees Libra, antiscion 24 degrees Pisces, aspecting his Moons Nodes. This also connects his natal Sun to his Moons Nodes.

During his lifetime, transiting IsisTranspluto has opposed his Mercury, affecting the Neptune and Mars that are associated by aspect with his Mercury. At the time of his recent violent act, this seems to have been triggered by only transiting Jupiter conjunct his Mercury's antiscion. But that seems to be more background, the current Jupiter trigger wasn't very powerful, and his Moons Nodes were extremely heavily transited, suggesting that his associates were behind him. Of course, this is where not having accurate times of birth is annoying as there was probably a solar arc from an angle to his Mercury. And as you say, there is definitely a solar arc from his Mercury to his Moons Nodes. Solar Arcs seem to be more powerful than transits in denoting actual events, and a transit on its own without a Solar Arc backing it up often doesn't do much.

So that Solar Arc of his Mercury to his Moons Nodes could be interpreted as carrying out an action on behalf of people who are most important to him. And it is his Moons Nodes that are being extremely heavily transited at the time, and thus also his Solar Arc progressed Mercury.

Also his converse Solar Arc Mars is about 21 degrees Scorpio, squaring his natal IsisTranspluto at 21 degrees Leo. And the transiting Moons North Node was 20 degrees Leo for the Mean Node and 21 degrees Leo for the "True" Node.
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Joined: 05 Dec 2011
Posts: 3672
Location: vancouver island

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi fleur,

yes - those nodal connections seem significant to me using the different techniques that i am used to working with.. i noticed something similar with the fellow responsible for the texas church murders a few days ago too, but i haven't bothered to start a thread on that..

it is interesting the connections you make.. we could make a much better case study if we had an exact time for the person.. thanks for your comments..
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