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synastry between three people

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Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:36 pm    Post subject: synastry between three people Reply with quote


i am here to ask you all a question that has been in my life for along time, longer than 3 years ago.

I would like to ask you what was /has been between me, this Virgo man and Taurus woman.

I was born 21.03.1990 Lodz, Poland at 12:20 pm

Virgo 10.09.1989 Lodz, Poland (unknown time)

Taurus 8.05.1989 Rzgów ( a village near Lodz- unknown time).

She is a very toxic person. She didnt have a good attention when she was younger because she comes from a pathological family.

Virgos parents divorced and he got himself into the bad company.

So in 2014 he was dating some Leo girl that was half italian half polish. Of course the one who was interrupting the relationship was Taurus. She made herself Leo’s best friend, told her to teach her italian, became her best girl friend. To be near Virgo.

She then didnt want anything from Virgo.

She demaged teh relationship between Virgo and Leo. Later on she told in a company that Leo was too immature and too sensitive for the company.

Later on in 2015 Virgo met me. It was a great attraction between us as we started dating after a short romance. She immidiately decided to be my best friend. Even though ive known her for the last 20 years i thought that REALLY she was my best friend.

NO she was not.

Everytime i was spending time with Virgo, she must have interrupted.

Everytime when i was staying at his place she was appearing.

I couldnt handle this. He told me she was his friend.

She told everyone he was her best friend.

She made her boyfriend jealous of Virgo in a way that her boyfriend needed to talk to her seriousely.

She is a sociopath, emotional abuser.

Now after 3 years we do not have contact anymore. I cut it in reality and social media. When we faced each other she cried at my face. I was as cold as ice.

So since 2015 and her interrupting and manipulating Virgo he had a lot of short flings with party girls. Taurus was already in a relationship with Awuarius 5 year younger man. She introduced her bf to Virgo and everyone.
I was very angry at Virgo that he left me with no word. I was making him jealous. I was doing everything , working hard as well to make him crawl back. And HE DID SEVERAL TIMES.

EVERYTIME after he was posting some pic describing me Taurus was commenting, taurus was immidiatelly calling him asking about me.


Before New Year’s Virgo and his friend left to Asia. When they have been abroad she started being active more on social media.

I mean , she is passive, SHe earns a lot of money but is stupid. She only takes from people not gives. I know she likes Virgo and is possesive of him BUT she has an Aqua boyfriend.

When in 2016 when Virgo thought that maybe had a chance with her , she was friendzoning him so much that even he was posing with her and her Aqua bf on party pics.

Now he let go . He has his own company with friends. When he let her go i think that she realised it, added him again on social media and tries to stalk him.

How do i know?

In the last couple of months I have realised that everyone makes mistakes and i cant be mad at him after 3 years. We have not been in a real relationship then… So i started following him on social media, liking his pics and being nice when we meet.

Taurus realises that. She comments what i comment.. She stalks him and some of my moves.

Its ridiculous. SHe is in a company because of Virgo. I know that before me and after Leo girl they have been close friends but nothing was happening between them.

Now i think he got matured and realised that he didnt have to be friends with her. That life not evolve around her and her company.

That is why she misses him ( idk if as a friend or a potential lover?) having her Aqua bf and still be a fb and instagram stalker who likes EVERYTHING Virgo and his friends likes and posts…

I am self sufficient, I am Aries. I know i can be moody. because of my Pisces, water-y influences. I am a hard worker as well, like very hard worker. He realised that later- thats why he wanted me back.

Because he likes discipline.

I do not use snapchat, i do not use instagram stories. I do not update my life. I do not crave for an attention. When Virgo and his friends were abroad she immidiately started to like every one of the pics he put and his friends. She started being more visible, started being active.

So what i am saying is- is it my paranoia or REALLY does she have an eye on him?

I want him back. We all have been immature. She told him i come from poor family and need help. She told him who has beaten me ( yes thats true) in my previous relationships.. WHO THE H*** ELL let her tell it? It turned out my trust to her. I cut contact immidiatelly with her.

So now she knows he doesnt talk to me. She knows that he had other gfs… The most scariest thing was that she was adding his unofficial gfs to fb when Virgo have been with them,

Taurus was liking their pics…


So my question is- why did she manipulate Virgo and why she stick her nose into my relation, why did she interrupt? Even though she has a boyfriend?

Maybe she only LIKES ATTENTION?

Please if you can , read the synastry for 3 people. I am myself cant do it. But before i did it twice and between me and Taurus there have been bad aspects…

Thank you 🙂

Because she knows he is cool..

What do you think?
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