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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms


Paranatellonta are stars or star groups that fall upon angles at the same time that a significant constellation or planet is also upon the angles. They are viewed as attendants. In ancient astrology the term was also applied to the constellations that ascended with the zodiacal decans.

In modern astrology the term Paran (short for Paranatellonta) is generally used to describe stars or planets that are angular as a planet hits the ascendant, MC, Descendant or IC. For example, the parans of Mercury would be those stars or planets that were rising, culminating, descending of located upon the IC at the same time that Mercury is in any or those positions. Thus if the fixed star Regulus culminates on the Midheaven as Mercury rises on the ascendant it is referred to as a paran of Mercury and considered to have an influence upon its meaning.

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