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Part One

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Learning Horary Astrology - free online tutorials written by Deborah Houlding

Traditional Sign Rulerships

Exercise: Assigning Significators

  1. Which planet signifies the querent?
    The Moon, as ruler of the ascendant

  2. If the question was about a holiday overseas, which planet would signify the trip?
    Saturn, ruler of Aquarius on the cusp of the 9th house of 'overseas travel'.

  3. If the question was about the querent's career, which planet would represent the quesited?
    Jupiter, ruler of Pisces on the Midheaven, which signifies the career.

  4. If the question concerned the death of the querent, which planet would represent the quesited?
    Saturn, ruler of the 8th house of death

  5. What aspect exists between the two main significators in the scenario given in qu.4?
    There is a separating opposition between the Moon, significator of the querent, and Saturn, significator of the quesited.

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Horary Astrology

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