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by Mike Edwards QHP

Astrologers of the 17th century referred to themselves as philosophers, and to their practice as Art. In those days, Astrology was indeed classified as Philosophy, as were most learned subjects.

The Astrologer's Art was the practical application on earth below of the philosophical theory expressed by the maxim "As Above, so Below; as Below, so Above." Astrologers translated airy theory above into fiery practice on earth below, thus to perform their Art, which explains why astrologers of the day also dubbed themselves artists.

Hence, the proper practice of the Art is Horoscopy. In earthly accord with the seven spheres of the planets above, we have seven modes of horoscopickal judgement, as follows:

  1. The kindly Moon, Diana, Lady of the people, rules horary interrogations.

  2. The trickster Hermes, inventor and Lord of our Art, gives us golden free will to elect times proper for our deeds and inceptions.

  3. Bright beauteous Venus presides over human births and all pleasures we are born to.

  4. The Golden Sun dictates the fates of kings and potentates.

  5. Red Mars rules tribes and dynasties.

  6. Jove, bright and calm, claims dominion over states and great nations.

  7. Slow and Steady Saturn, Lord of Time, precisely allots the fate of Earth and Air, dictating time and tides for all affairs 'neath Heaven.

Adapted from the Considerations of Guido Bonatti in his
"Anima Astrologiae"

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