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Part One

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Turning the Chart
Example Horary
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Learning Horary Astrology - free online tutorials written by Deborah Houlding

Answers to House Significations

Some of the significations are debateable. Your car, as a personal possession, would be signified by the 2nd house of moveable possessions, but if you are looking to see if it will get you to work without breaking down, the issue may be more appropriately answered through the use of the 3rd house of daily travel. Sorrow and misery are given to the 12th, but could very arguably be considered a result of 8th house influences. Hospitals are assigned to the 12th house, but may more reasonably fall under the 11th house of 'comfort and relief'.

Discretion and clear reasoning are called for. It is best to give thought to your question before rushing to draw up the chart. Think about how you would expect to see an answer in the chart. Consider this part of the process that calls you to understand the question and what the querent really needs to know when identifying the moment of connection that qualifies you as ready to judge.

Which house would you use to signify issues relating to:

God9th Contracts3rd
Employees6th Your mother-in-law4th
Sorrow & misery12th Benefactors11th
Bad luck12th Missing children5th
Tarot-card readers9th Telephone calls3rd
Slavery12th The opposition7th
The Buyer of your property7th The cure or medicine for an illness10th
Diplomats & Ambassadors5th Rumours3rd
Foreign countries9th The postal system3rd
Water supply4th International trade9th
Newspapers3rd Your feet12th
Your career10th Hospitals12th
Agents5th Commuting3rd
Magistrates10th Flowers5th
Awards10th Your sister3rd
The government10th Loss8th
Parties5th Hope11th
Illness6th The direction north4th
Your husband7th Work & chores6th
Spies12th Buried wealth4th
The garden4th Marriage7th
Music5th Priests9th
Secrets12th Your house4th
Your public image10th Wills8th
Authority10th Asylums12th
Philosophy9th Ancestry4th
Sickness6th Your Father4th
The Church9th Newspapers3rd
Drowning4th Destination in a journey7th
Dreams9th Money2nd
Ambition11th Health1st
Games5th Mining4th
Your known enemy7th Foreign Travel9th
Friends11th Your car2nd
War7th Prison12th
Neighbours3rd Income2nd
Lawyers9th Thieves7th
Pregnancy5th Your wardrobe2nd
Judges10th The throat2nd
Public Health Service6th Verbal disagreements3rd
Your mother10th Your country1st
Gossip3rd Release from Prison11th
Your team1st Self -undoing12th
Astrology9th Land4th
Your watch2nd Your cat6th
Gambling5th The Prime Minister10th
Universities9th Theatres5th

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Horary Astrology

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