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Ivy's Goldstein-Jacobson's horary 'Can I save my sick boy?'

The following page includes the comment:

In the chart on the opposite page asking "Can I save my sick boy?", we do not turn the chart to have the 5th house rising because it is mainly a question of what a QUERENT CAN DO as the savior of the 5th house person; but we include it in this section because the question also carries the thought "Can my sick boy be saved?" In other words, will the child live or die? In such a case, work the Part of Death (page 241) for the chart as it stands. Here it is (D) 7:53 Libra conjunct the Sun-ruler-5th, & the text there proves he cannot live. Thus, no matter how powerful the querent's ruler might be she still cannot overcome Death - the answer is No.

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