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The Houses: Temples of the Sky, by Deborah Houlding
The Houses: Temples of the Sky

Nominated International Book of the Year, Spica Awards, 1999

Book Review - The Houses: Temples of the Sky by Deborah Houlding

Review by Kimwell Layton

This review was published in The Traditional Astrologer Magazine

Temples represents a milestone in our knowledge of houses as it traces their history and evolution over 2000 years. This is more than a historical treatise. The book concludes with some very concise and wonderful clarity on the meaning of houses, leaving the reader with a profound understanding of the core attributes of each house.

Houlding’s knowledge, research and experience are evident in her excellent presentation. Her passion for astrology and the integrity of the research are a tribute to her meticulous style and make a refreshing change to some of the astrological writings on houses published in the last 20 years. Temples is at the forefront of astrology’s need to take stock of the basic principals and encompass its roots. There has been too much written trying to grasp at psychological concepts possible for the sake of respectability. Let’s hope Temples helps our need to reclaim the astrological traditions as they are recorded by the likes of Manilius, Ptolemy, Al-Biruni, Firmicus, Lilly, et al, and use them in the new millennium.

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