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Some astrologers working this service (click links for details):

Nick Dagan Best
Kim Farnell
Paula Garton
Alan Hale
Chris Marshall
Jennifer Morgan
Paul Newman
Silvia Pannone
Julia Parker
Gary Richardson
Helene Schnitzer
Andrea Soole
Antony Wilson

Consult a Professional Astrologer
Call: 0906 517 4050

Expert astrologers from around the world [UK, USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa], are available for immediate in-depth consultation by telephone.

Lines are available in the UK between 9am and midnight. The reading is based upon your own birthchart and offers guidance on any area of concern, including of course love, money, career and relationships.

To speak to a qualified consultant astrologer simply call 0906 517 4050. Calls cost 1.50 per minute and will last no longer than 20 minutes. You will be asked for your date of birth, and your time and place of birth if known.

This service is provided by Astro*Live*Link. A free help line for the service is available on 0800 834 861

Premium line calls cost 1.50/min.
Readings are for guidance only. Maximum: 20 mins.
Calls are recorded for security. Lines are fully operational between 9am - Midnight [UK time] but some coverage is usually available 24 hours.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Astro*Live*Link Ltd, PO Box 4114, London W1A 6TF.
Helpline: 0870 125 0011 [UK] +44 1624 82700 [World-wide]

More about this service: FAQs
Presently, this service is only available in the UK
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