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Some astrologers working this service (click links for details):

Nick Dagan Best
Kim Farnell
Paula Garton
Alan Hale
Chris Marshall
Jennifer Morgan
Paul Newman
Silvia Pannone
Julia Parker
Gary Richardson
Helene Schnitzer
Andrea Soole
Antony Wilson

Consult a Professional Astrologer
Call: 0906 517 4050

Top Quality Astrologers

This service is run by some of the most professional and qualified astrologers in the world. Many are authors, teachers & lecturers. All are members of the Astrological Association of Great Britain who helped initiate the Astro*Live*Link service.

The details below include the astrologer's Astro*Live*Link ID number. If you wish to speak to a particular astrologer simply telephone 0906 517 4050 and then dial the astrologer's ID number when requested. If they are on-line and available you will be connected directly to them. If not, you will be given the option to connect to the next available astrologer.

Nick Dagan Best [ID: 523]
Nick Dagan Best Nick Dagan Best first learned astrology in his native Montreal, then went on to study with the New York City chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (the largest astrology association in the U.S.) and earned a Level III certification. Having worked with many people in creative fields (filmmakers, actors, musicians), he can help find a melody for anyone singing the relationship blues.
Kim Farnell [ID 599]
Kim Farnell Kim Farnell has been a professional astrologer since 1990. She has taught astrology and lectured extensively in the UK and overseas. She was previously the Vice Chair of the Astrological Association of Great Britain and has been editor of its Newsletter, Transit, both as a print magazine and online. Kim has also been on the Executive Committee of the British Astrological and Psychic Society and was editor of its newsletter, Mercury for two years. She has written sun sign columns for a number of magazines and websites and is presently the horoscope columnist for Bliss Magazine. She also writes for Enhancing Your Mind, Body, Spirit magazine and has had articles published in numerous astrological periodicals all over the world. Kim is the author of The Astral Tramp: A Biography of Sepharial (Ascella 1998). Her books Reading the Runes and The New Illustrated Guide to Astrology were published in 2003. Her CD book Astrology and Sex is due to be published in 2004 as are Reading the I Ching and One Mystic Vampire: A Biography of Mabel Collins.
Paula Garton [ID: 345]
Paula Garton Paula Garton, an astrologer with over 20 years of study, is known for solving problems and gives astrological advice on Radio Humberside. She also teaches astrology (and meditation) at the local Adult Education Centre. Her expertise covers both traditional horary astrology as well as modern techniques ranging from forecasting, synastry (for relationships), to business advice including financial planning and personnel recruitment.
Alan Hale [ID: 399]
Alan Hale Alan Hale has been a practicing astrological consultant for 20 years and lectures at the Suffolk Astrological Society. His sharp intuition comes from his gypsy ancestry and having Scorpio Rising. In addition, his Gemini sun sign gives him his cockney gift of expressing himself in a fluent, friendly and informal style. Besides being an astrological consultant, Alan is also a gifted tarot reader who commutes between Norfolk and New York.

What do his clients say? "Alan understood me as a person and knew exactly where I was coming from. He provided many specific insights and a lot of helpful information that gave me a handle on the important decisions that I have to make. He was very supportive and I now know where to focus." David G., Borders, Scotland Nov 2003
Chris Marshall [ID: 111]
Chris Marshall Chris Marshall, professional astrologer since 1987 uses Eastern & Western techniques to explore an individuals' spiritual direction. He focuses on self-development, relationship compatibility, business and relocation. Chris writes for many magazines and newspapers including "Marie Claire", "The Mirror" & "The Telegraph", several books including "IChing" & "Chinese Horoscopes" & frequently appears on radio & TV.
Jennifer Sylvia Morgan [ID: 281]
Jennifer Sylvia Morgan Jennifer Sylvia Morgan was born with psychic abilities, but went on to discover astrology in 1970. Since then she has studied astrology broadly and now has a wealth of experience to draw on. She can help you to understand the situation currently surrounding you and discuss the potentials of your future.

What do her clients say?
"She was very helpful - excellent. It was quite obvious she knew what she was talking about - everything was explained scientifically and she was undeniably spot-on. She even picked dates that tied in with what I felt was likely to happen. I have had a couple of readings elsewhere before, which although good was not as personal as this time." Carol K, London Nov 2003
Paul Newman [ID: 699]
Paul Newman Paul Newman has been a professional astrologer for over 15 years. He studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies and now teaches and lectures on astrology. Besides contributing articles to the Mountain Astrologer, Astrological Journal and other astrological publications, he wrote & illustrated the humorous book "You're not a person - just a birth chart". He specialises in personal forecasts, career and relationship issues.
Julia Parker [ID: 277]
Julia Parker Julia Parker, is one of the most famous astrologers in the world. Though Julia started out as a consultant, she is most well known as an author of many best selling astrological titles including The Compleat Astrologer [1971], Parkers' Astrology [1992 & extended in 2002]. In all, over five million copies of her books have been sold worldwide. In addition, Julia has written columns for Company, Woman's Own and Good Housekeeping in the UK, and still writes for the 'Hong Kong Tatler' and its seven satellite editions. She has featured many times in television and radio programs and has lectured with her husband Derek on astrology throughout the world.

Julia trained at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, where she obtained a Diploma. Later she became Secretary, then President of the Faculty for 12 years and is now Patron. She was also a Trustee of the Urania Trust - a registered astrological charity. Her specialities include: Personal Relationships, Electional, Children's Charts, Forecasting, Vocational, and Psychological Astrology.
Gary Richardson [ID: 606]
Gary Richardson Gary Richardson has been working in Astrology since 1986. He holds the Diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (D.F.Astrol.S) and has written course material for the Faculty. He also teaches astrology at local classes in North Wales.
Helene Schnitzer [ID: 600]
Helene Schnitzer Helene Schnitzer completed a 4-year professional training course in astrology & a study of Jungian psychology. She turned professional in 1986. Helene has written articles for various publications, translates astrological literature and has her own column. Her approach is psychological, practical and based on her experience, so here is someone you can really talk to! Helene's specialities are relationships and Astro*Carto*Graphy.
Andrea Soole [ID: 960]
Andrea Soole Andrea Soole is a well-known writer and consultant astrologer. She has been a professional astrologer since 1984 when she joined Equinox mail order astrology company in London. In 1989, she became the senior astrologer and manager of the Astrology Shop in Covent Garden. In 1992, she set up Equinox Australia operating out of Sydney. In the late '90s she returned to London, to work as an astrological writer, adviser and promoted astrology at exhibitions throughout Australia, the UK, Ireland and the USA. She has written columns including SHE magazine 2001-2003, regularly writes astrological features for women's magazines and frequently appears in the media: Channel 4, Living TV, Sky, BBC World Services and has featured in ES Magazine and the China Post [Hong Kong]. She is based in London where she has many personal and corporate clients and travels regularly to Hong Kong to consult and give talks on astrology.
Andrea's Specialities include: Personal Relationships, Business, Astro*Carto*Graphy, Electional Astrology, Children's Charts, Forecasting, Vocational, Mundane, and Psychological Astrology.
Antony Wilson [ID:237]
Antony Wilson Antony Wilson is a well-known writer and consultant astrologer. Apprenticed with top organisations: For many years, he worked as part of the Equinox team of astrologers at the Astrology Shop in Covent Garden and later for Navigators. There he developed his writing, outstanding counselling skills and knowledge of Astro*Carto*Graphy. Antony holds a BA (Hons.) in social sciences [Leeds, UK] and a Certificate from the Faculty of Astrological studies [London]. He is also qualified as a teacher of English as a foreign language. This training enables him to draw on his astrological perception and technical skills, but to explain your chart and your forecast in very clear terms and without planetary jargon.

In his capacity as a professional astrologer, Antony has featured on radio (including a phone-in spot on Talk Radio) and on UK national television. He has also scripted a series of astrological videos and written many articles and horoscope columns for well-known publications. His Specialities include Personal Relationships, Business, Astro*Carto*Graphy, Children's Charts, and Forecasting.

Call 0906 517 4050 and then dial the astrologer's ID number when requested. If they are on-line and available you will be connected directly to them. If not, you will be given the option to connect to the next available astrologer.

Premium line calls cost 1.50/min.
Readings are for guidance only. Maximum: 20 mins.
Calls are recorded for security. Fully operational 9am - Midnight [UK time], (reduced coverage available 24 hours).

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Astro*Live*Link Ltd, PO Box 4114, London W1A 6TF.
Helpline: 0870 125 0011 [UK] +44 1624 82700 [World-wide]

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