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The Mayo Foundation Course
Part II: The Inner Planets


The Mayo School 'Foundation-Level' Introduction to Astrology

PDFPart I: The Luminaries (1.85 MB)
Part II: The Inner Planets (487 KB)

This series of articles introduces the fundamental principles of astrology and builds to complete a 'foundation-level' understanding of astrology. Aimed at beginners, this series has been put together by Wendy Stacey of the Mayo school - one of the foremost and internationally acclaimed astrology correspondence schools.

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Deb HouldingWendy Stacey has been consulting, teaching and researching aspects of astrology since 1989. She is the present Chair of the Astrological Association and the Principal of the Mayo School of Astrology. Wendy writes a regular article for students in the Astrological Journal, teaches sociology for Southampton University and is completing a PhD which explores changing birth patterns. Visit her personal website at

The articles made available for download are copyrighted to Wendy Stacey and are offered here, with her permission, for private and non-commercial use only. They may not be reproduced further without her specific agreement. Published online March 2010.

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