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Nativity for Jean Baptiste Morin de Villefrance

Morin was born on February 23 1583. Lois Rodden's Astro-Data III offers a B rating from a biography, stating that he was born at Beujolais (Villfranche is in Beujolais), France, at 8:33am.
Dr. Carlos Raitzin gives a rectified time of 8:28:40 a.m. (UT) and offers an interesting review of Morin's own assessment of his chart, including the comment:

In Astrologia Gallica, Morin erects his natal chart first utilizing the Regiomontanus house system and then using the equal house system to demonstrate the absolute falsehood of the latter procedure. Under the equal house system, the stellium in question falls in his 11th [equal] house and thus the discontents, griefs, and artful manipulations that he was destined to suffer would have been transformed into personal satisfactions arising from his profession, friendships, powerful protectors, happiness and well-being for his parents, and riches for the native; but all of this was resoundingly disproved by the facts of his life.

A translated version of Raitzin's article is available online at:

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