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Links for - Organisations, Schools & Bodies - Astrology

Astrological Association of Great Britain
Amongst other things, the AA organises an annual conference, carries details on local groups and issues various publications for British astrologers. For details of local events see their regularly updated Astrologer's diary.

NCGR - The National Council for Geocosmic Research
NCGR is a global astrological organization dedicated to education and research. The word "geocosmic" refers to correspondences and cycles that relate earthly to celestial phenomena.

Urania Trust - Associations, Societies and Educational Establishments
The Urania Trust site offers a respected list of the world's main astrological associations, professional organisations and educational establishments.

Aquarius Severn Astrology Society

A long-standing group based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (UK). The site features details of their regular programme of talks, workshops and classes, and also includes many other resources and tables of interest to astrologers.

Amsterdam School of Astrology (ASA)
Offers workshops, lectures, supervision, longer training programmes on specific topics, and a regular program of international speakers.

Astroart Astrology School, Istanbu
Led by Öner Döser, the Astroart School of Astrology has been established with the aim of teaching and developing astrology in Turkey.

Astrological Psychology Institute (UK)
The API (UK) teaches and organises events for the psychological approach of Bruno & Louise Huber. They publish the newsletter 'Conjunction', and offer discounts on fees for events run by the Association.

Bosch Astrological Society
The Bosch Astrological Society is the only local astrology group in The Netherlands that also promotes traditional astrology. Among other things they organize yearly workshops in Den Bosch. They are connected to the journal Anima Astrologiae (pub/ed. Martien Hermes).

Cebesia - Belgian astrological association, founded 1926 by G.L. Brahy
French language site which includes discussion of astrological topics and a quarterly newsletter.

Company of Astrologers
Based in London, the Company of Astrologers was founded in 1983 to promote the practice of astrology as a way of insight and self-knowledge. It offers a full teaching programme, correspondence courses, publications and a forum for the sharing of astrology.

Herkules Astrology School
Herkules Astrology School teaches both classical and esoteric astrology, in several branches throughout Norway. The school offers a regular two or three year program, seminars, as well as an internet based option.

London School of Astrology
Pulls together leading astrologers to organise classes and events at London.

Mayo School of Astrologyl
Traditional school of astrology, founded by Jeff Mayo, with a good, established reputation.

San Francisco Astrological Society
The San Francisco Astrological Society (SFAS) provides a monthly forum for people interested in astrology to gather in the Bay Area of the USA.

Scottish Astrological Association
Formed in Edinburgh in 1974 to promote a deeper understanding of astrology in Scotland. Organises lectures and discussions every fortnight throughout most of the year. There are library facilities available for books and CDs, periodic workshops and conferences

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