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Turning the Chart
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Test & Summary

Learning Horary Astrology - free online tutorials written by Deborah Houlding

Checklist for Judgement - Answers

  1. Which planet signifies the querent?

    Mars, as ruler of Aries on the ascendant.

  2. In which house is the querent's significator placed?

    It is located on the 9th house cusp, showing her interest in taking a trip abroad.

  3. Which planet signifies the mother?

    Saturn, as ruler of Capricorn on the 10th house cusp.

  4. In the 'turned chart of the mother' you will need to renumber the houses so that the house that signifies the mother becomes her 'turned 1st house'. Her 1st house describes her physically and also reflects her health and vitality. Consider the planets that are located in the mother's 1st house - do they suggest a return to health?

    Uranus indicates disturbance, a lack of stability, division and shocks. Neptune indicates dilution and weakening of the vital spirit. Mercury is retrograde between them, afflicted by their presence although it turns direct before perfecting with Uranus.

  5. In this turned chart, which planet becomes the significator of the mother's illness?

    Mercury, as ruler of the mother's turned 6th house.

  6. In which of the mother's houses is her significator of illness located?

    We have just noted that it is in her 1st house. The presence of the significator of illness and disease in the house of physical health and vitality, suggests that she is afflicted by illness.

  7. Which planet is the Moon separating from? Look at this planet and the aspect involved as relevant in describing the background to the question.

    Again, this is Mercury. The Moon is separating from the square of Mercury indicating that the question is asked against an awareness that the mother has recently been afflicted by illness. Mercury is retrograde indicating that the illness is recurring and therefore the mother has not been fully cured.

  8. Which house(s) does the Moon rule in the mother's turned chart?

    The Moon rules the 7th and 8th houses for the mother. In questions where there may be serious concern for the health, the 8th house becomes relevant in assessing whether the illness could become critical.

  9. Make a note of the aspects that the Moon will make until the end of its current sign. These are important in describing upcoming factors that will affect the outcome.

    The Moon's future aspects are:

    square Neptune - suggests weakening

    square Saturn - Moon square Saturn is a classic malefic aspect, see below

    sextile Mars - Mars is not relevant to the signification for the mother and its relevance to the querent is discussed under qu.17

    square Sun - not relevant to the mother's signification. In a general sense, the square of the Moon and Sun indicates tension, difficulties, and emotional upsets. In the radical horary the Sun rules the 6th house of illness, so the square of the Moon to the Sun perpetuates the general theme of difficulties caused by illness.

    square Venus - Venus rules the 7th house and is retrograde and combust. If we take the 7th house to indicate the destination that the querent was hoping to travel to, it suggests problems abroad and a need to return; if we take the Moon on the 7th house cusp to suggest that the querent's question is underlined by concern for other people, (or even a desire to rekindle a previous relationship), the affliction of Venus indicates a general theme of difficulties and emotional upsets.
    For the mother, the radical 7th house becomes the turned 10th house which deals with the cure or treatment that has been used against her illness. It's afflicted ruler demonstrates that the treatment has not been successful.

  10. Is there is an applying aspect between the Moon and the mother's significator? If so, is this a positive or negative influence?

    The most noteworthy aspect that the Moon is making is its square to Saturn. This is one of the most damaging aspects that the Moon can suffer and in a general sense suggests that the situation covered by the horary is leading to a state of damage or loss. Besides signifying the mother specifically in this horary, Saturn is a natural significator for death. The Moon governs the mother's 8th house of death and approaches her significator by square. When this is considered against the other indications of a return of a major illness, the symbolism offers a real concern that the illness will turn critical.

    - Look at any other factors that are relevant to the mother's significator and her state of health to form a judgement upon whether the mother will be strong enough to deal with the upcoming year without the querent needing to fear for her health -

    One might also consider that Saturn is on the trine of Pluto. Trines show planetary relationships that form easily without resistance, but the heavy nature of this combination carries connotations of crisis, and is often associated with traumatic upheaval and the need to strain against or give into ruthless and deeply powerful events. Because Mercury is angular it has - as the significator of illness - the power to do damage. Although in its own sign, Saturn is under the Sunbeams, indicating a weakened state. The upcoming afflictions look severe and the mother does not have the strength to overcome them. Regardless of whether the mother faces death or a brush with death, the chart is clear is showing that her health is not good and she needs the support of her daughter.

  11. Which planet signifies the father? Do the aspects that his significator makes indicate a return to vitality or a lack of health?

    The father is signified by the Moon, ruler of Cancer on the 4th house cusp. We have already considered the Moon's future aspects. They do not look promising and the square to Saturn is especially worrying since it generally indicates decline and a lack of vitality. Saturn rules the father's 7th and 8th houses; this may reflect concern for his wife, concern over the death of his wife, or even a risk of death for himself. There would need to be strong supporting factors to make a valid case for the latter.

  12. In the turned chart of the father, which planet is conjunct the cusp of his house of illness?

    Mars sits on the cusp of his 6th house of illness. Mars is naturally a malefic so its position here may draw our attention to the father being troubled through illness and disease.

  13. Which planet rules the cusp of the father's house of illness, therefore acting as the significator of his illness?

    Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius on the father's 6th house cusp.

  14. In which of the father's houses is the significator of his illness placed?

    Jupiter is located on the cusp of the father's 1st house. As in the case of the mother, this warns of illness invading the father's body. Jupiter is retrograde suggesting a recurring illness and denying the prospects of a quick recovery. It has strength through angularity. The Moon is also angular however, indicating that the father has some will to resist an illness.

    - Look at any other factors that are relevant to the father's significator and his state of health to form a judgement about whether he will be strong enough to deal with the upcoming year without the querent needing to fear for his health -

    There is very little to interfere with the view that the father's health is under threat although it could be concluded that worry and concern over his wife are factors that contribute to his depressed vitality. Even so, the presence of his 6th house ruler in his 1st house combined with the Moon's application to Mars on his 6th house cusp suggests that his health is in danger of taking a turn for the worse. On another level however, the Moon's sextile to Mars further suggests that the father would fight against illness.

  15. Now clear you mind of the factors you have seen from turning the chart. Go back to the horary and approach it from a fresh perspective, considering the radical houses and the querent's dilemma. She wants to take a trip abroad - are there any factors concerning her 9th house of overseas travel that might suggest it is to her benefit or disadvantage to do so?

    Mars on the cusp of the 9th house conjunct the Part of Fortune indicates that the querent's will is to travel. Mars tends to act according to its own wants and this also suggests that the querent will choose to go ahead with her plans. However, from the fact that Mars is naturally a malefic, its presence on the 9th house cusp may be warning of difficulties encountered in the trip.

    Jupiter rules the 9th house and is therefore the significator of the trip overseas. It is retrograde, suggesting that there will be a sudden return (this is also shown by the poor condition of Venus - see note 9 above). Jupiter is moving from the opposition of Uranus to the opposition of the Midheaven, which also suggests disruption or conflict in her plans to work overseas.

  16. Does agreeing to the contract for the year ahead seem a wise choice? Take a look at the querent's 10th house of professional matters. Does the condition of her 10th house, the planets in her 10th house, the ruler of the 10th house and aspects made by the Moon or other planets to the 10th house cusp look promising?

    Mars conjunct Part of Fortune on the 9th house cusp shows the strength of the querent's desire to travel. However, consideration of the 10th house indicates that the professional opportunity is blighted. Ruled by Saturn, the Moon's applying square indicates that there is some misfortune or failure involved. Neptune in the 10th house warns of confusion, illusion or deceit, Uranus in the 10th warns of unforeseen problems surfacing of a shocking or disturbing nature. The Moon is separating from a square of retrograde Mercury, ruler of the 3rd house of contracts - this suggests that the contract will not be fulfilled.

  17. The Moon is the applying to the sextile of Mars - what do you think that might mean?

    Within the context of a more positive chart, this would suggest benefit for the querent. It is difficult to accept it in this light in a chart so heavily afflicted. The Moon shows the flow of events and its positive contact to the querent's significator perhaps suggests that she is protected by subsequent events that naturally move her towards being where she needs to be.

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