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Part 1, Assignment 1: Houses in Horary - Solutions

Which house rules visions?
The 9th house

Which house rules witchcraft?
The 12th house

In mundane matters, which house signifies the common people or the general state of the nation?
The 1st house

Lilly gives the 7th house to the defendant in a law suit. Would this still apply in a horary chart where the defendant is asking the question?
No - the querent would be shown by the 1st house

What might it mean if Mars is on the ascendant of the chart?
There is a blemish, mark or scar on the face

Which house rules money lent to others?
The 2nd house

Which house has rulership over any type of love question?
The 7th house

Which house signifies ‘fear and anguish of mind’?
The 8th house

What might it mean if either the Sun or Mars are in the 2nd house?
These show 'dispersion of substance' - the querent loses or spends a lot of money

Which house rules books?
The 9th house

Which house rules trust and confidence?
The 11th house

In the chart below, which house does Venus influence by its presence?

Example for house orbs
The 9th house

In the chart above, which house does the Sun influence by its presence?
The 8th house

In the chart above, which house does Uranus influence by its presence?
The 6th house

In the chart above, which house does the Moon influence by its presence?
The 5th house

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