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Part 1, Test 2: Houses in Horary - Solutions

What does the term 'cardinal' mean?
Something of primary importance

In a chart drawn to locate a lost or stolen item, which house would you expect the significator of the lost item to be in when describing that someone else has taken it and sold it?
The 8th house

In charts concerning illness, which house describes the doctor?
The 7th house

What colour is associated with the first house?

Which house signifies underground supplies, such as water pipes?
The 4th house

In a commercial chart, which of the following would indicate a low price?
10th house ruler in the 6th house (because the 6th is a cadent house and therefore denotes weakness)

In an illness chart, the querent's significator is angular, and the 6th house ruler is cadent. What might this suggest?
The vitality of the querent is strong (significator angular) and the disease doesn't have the power to inflict serious damage (significator cadent).

The querent recently had a ring stolen and is asking for information about this. She has no idea who took the ring; which house would you use to gain information on the thief?
The 7th house

What colour is associated with the 7th house?

Which of the following WOULD NOT be shown by a luminary on the midheaven?
The querent suffers from a poor constitution

Which house signifies 'health'?
The 1st house (the 1st house signifies health and vitality; the 6th house signifies illness and disease)

What does the term 'cadent' mean?

Which house is associated with 'the dispensing of justice'?
The 10th house

In a chart drawn to discover the whereabouts of a lost item, what does it mean if the significator of the lost item is in a succeedent house?
There is some chance of recovery

Which house signifies the direction north?
The 4th house

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