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- Horoscope for King Edward VI -

Sibly's horoscope for King Edward VI

From Ebenezer Sibly's New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology;
Horoscope: Plate no 3, between pages 852 and 853. Natal report: p.853
Sibly's source: undeclared

EDWARD VI. KING of ENGLAND. Born in Lat. 51° 32'.

It is remarkable of this native that he was extracted by manual operation from his mother's womb, and his life preserved. At ten years of age he succeeded to the crown of Great Britain, namely, on the 28th of January, 1547; at which time the ascendant of his nativity came by direction to the conjunction aspect of the planet Venus, lady of the tenth house or medium-coeli, which is the house of dignity, honour, and supreme power.

This prince reigned only six years and five months, and expired when he was little more than sixteen years old. The ascendant, in this geniture, must be taken for Hyleg, or giver of life, because neither the Sun, Moon, nor Part of Fortune, are in aphetical places. Saturn is the Anareta, or destroyer of life; and consequently, when Saturn came by direction to the ascendant, the native expired.

To prove this to be a fatal direction, we find there were operating at the same time, the Sun to the quartile of Mars, and the Moon to the opposition of the same malefic planet; so that both the luminaries were afflicted when Saturn traversed the ascendant, and gave fresh vigour to the hand of Death. Hence it is apparent, that this native was not designed by nature either for a long or happy life.

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D. Houlding; published online: June 2008
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