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Sibly's horoscope for GEORGE III

From Ebenezer Sibly's New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology;
Horoscope: Plate number 17, between pages 890 and 891. Natal report: p.891
Sibly's source: "Calculated by the ingenious Mr. Charles Brent"
Data reads: "May 24th; 7 Hrs, 5 min, 10"; AM, 1738"


Were I to enter minutely into a calculation of this nativity, the event might be prejudicial to many, and draw upon me the contempt of some and the resentment of others. [Note: Because George III was the reigning king at the time that Sibly wrote]. Therefore, since it is my wish to give offence to no party, nor to stir up the embers of strife and dissention amongst the different orders of society, I shall content myself with making only a few remarks, whereby the inquisitive reader may be led to a contemplation of those celestial influences, which stimulate and govern the actions and pursuits of men, and form the basis of all sublunary events.

Upon the oriental horizon of this illustrious geniture, we find the noble and princely sign Leo ascending, with Caput Algol and the benefic Jupiter most gloriously elevated in the medium-coeli, the house of kingly honour, eminence, and unbounded sovereignty; which are true emblems of that universal joy, of that glory, honour, and renown, wherewith his majesty most deservedly ascended the British throne. As to the significators of temperature and disposition, no geniture in the world ever produced more evident proofs of that rectitude of principle, of that benevolence of heart and mind, of that regard to justice, mercy, and truth, which assimilates the human nature to the divine image of the Deity, and forms the interior of a patriot king. That the result has uniformly kept pace with this designation, I am sure no good man, nor any loyal subject, will deny.

The most remarkable circumstance in this geniture is the congress formed in the eleventh house; which it is my wish that every scientific reader would pay particular regard to; and I have no doubt but they will readily make out, by the rules heretofore given, a pretty correct presage of all the principal public occurrences that have happened during the present reign.

Whoever turns to page 166 of this work, will find it laid down as a fundamental principle in the rules of this science, that, by the constitution of the eleventh house, that is, of the configuration formed therein, we deduce all enquiries concerning friends and friendship, hope, trust, expectation, or desire; also whatever relates to the fidelity or perfidiousness of friends; or to the counsellors, advisers, associates, favourites, flatterers, or servants, of kings, princes, or men in power. The co-significators of which are the Sun and Aquarius.

I would now wish the planets in the eleventh house to be well considered, their tendency and designation ascertained, and compared with the revolutional figures of the royal horoscope, in those years when any remarkable national event came to pass. The result would not fail to enlighten the understanding of most men, and would lead the mind to an unalienable love and attachment to the person and family of our most gracious sovereign.

For example; let the radical horoscope, the revolutional figure for the thirty-eighth year of his majesty's life, and the scheme of the American era of independence, be projected by the side of each other: let the cardinal houses be well considered, with the manner in which they aspect or irradiate each other; and give the respective significators, as their positions are found to vary, their true and genuine implication, according to the known and established rules of the science; and I am bold to say, that no one will be at a loss to account for those unhappy events, which have seldom been attributed to the right cause.

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D. Houlding; published online: June 2008
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