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- Horoscope for King Henry VIII -

Sibly's horoscope for King Henry VIII

From Ebenezer Sibly's New and Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology;
Horoscope: Plate no 3, between pages 852 and 853. Natal report: p.852
Sibly's source: undeclared

HENRY VIII. KING of ENGLAND. Born in Lat. 51° 34'.

The lofty spirit and arbitrary will of this prince are demonstrably proved by the position of the luminaries in cardinal signs, as displayed in the annexed plate. His temperature and inclinations are ascertained by the configurations of Mercury in trine of the Moon, and in sextile to Venus; at the fame time that he beholds the ascendant with a sextile ray, and forms concordant familiarities with the other significators. This not only bespeaks a winning and complacent deportment, but manifests a luxuriance in the gifts of nature, not commonly bestowed upon the masculine conformation. Here are however strong marks of obstinate resentment, and obdurate revenge, even against offending females; whom it was not in his nature to forgive, when once seriously incensed against them, as the houses and signs testify, wherein Venus and Mercury are located.

The astrological cause of this native's desire after many women is deduced from the sextile irradiations of Venus and the Moon with Mercury, the Moon, being at the fame time dignified in the seventh house. And the reason of his continual disagreements and contentions with them, is because Jupiter, lord of the seventh, is in quartile with Mars and the ascendant, which stir up the choleric humour, unallayed by lasciviousness and lust. The severity of his treatment to them, is depicted by the luminaries being in quartile to each other; the Moon in the weft angle, in the house of Mars, while Venus, the significatrix of his concubines, is in conjunction with the Dragon's Tail.

The circumstance of this potentate changing his religion, and encouraging the reformation of Luther and Calvin, is most admirably described by the quadrate aspect of Jupiter and Mars, with the Dragon's Tail in the ninth house. I shall not go into a detail of this remarkable event, nor confider it astrally in all its parts ; my purpose here being only to mark out the extraordinary incidents of these great men's lives and to follow the directions under which they happened, that the young student, or inquisitive reader, might apply them as examples, and profit by the result.

This prince reigned over Great Britain thirty-nine years, and died on the 28th of January, 1547, in the fifty-sixth year of his age. In the geniture the Sun is Hyleg, or giver of life, which, being directed to the Anareta, will be found to correspond exactly to the time of his dissolution.

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D. Houlding; published online: June 2008
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