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Links for - Specialised subjects & techniques in astrology

The following sites are recommended for the quality of their content.

Arabic Parts
The Dreamhouse site has a full list of Arabic parts and their formulas for calculation.
Astrologer Cosmin Ursulescu aims to look critically at how we should take care of astrology, with a site that features book reviews, astrology tests, practical examples, and discussion on asteroids and more.

Asteroid 433 Eros: The Astrology of Love
It's a central tenet of astrology that the essential nature of something is revealed in its shape and form. With this in mind, Kim Falconer's excellent resource on asteroid 433 Eros, gives us pause for thought. Scientists call this body 'mysterious' and 'tantalizing', with NASA images portraying a perfectly heart shaped crater, which, as Kim reports, "looks like a love heart etched in the sand by a romantic couple". The site gives information on many asteroids and points, featuring astronomy, mythology, astrological research and general interpretations.

Astro*Carto*Graphy is the study of projected planetary lines as they affect your locality. Put simply, when you move to another location - to settle down or for a holiday or just travelling through, different parts of your birth chart are stimulated. This site offers reports based on the work of legendary astrologer & AstroCartoGraphy pioneer, Jim Lewis.

Astrological Jewellery
Astrologer and designer Marieke Ruegg offers a range of silver pendants based upon the zodiacal signs at

Business Astrology
More and more organisations are using business astrology to assist in decision-making and staff development. This UK site by Kris Lee and Isla Pearson offers detailed of their services aimed at bringing astrology into the workplace.

This is the website of Martin Lass who has several highly informative articles on Chiron - in particular the article Musings of a Rogue Comet - The New Chiron Paradigm is recommended. Martin is author of Chiron Healing Body and Soul, a definitive work on Chiron published Llewellyn Publications (details on his site).

Dating is a genuine astro-dating site that matches people using:

1. Their Sun signs
2. Their Moon signs
3. Their Chinese Astrological Years, lunar months, and associated 'Elements'.
4. Their Chinese Numerological Life Path numbers

Electional Astrology
Joann Hampar runs the Astrology Insights site which focuses on horary, electional and relocational astrology. This page leads to an article on the role of the Moon in Electional astrology.

Fertility Astrology is the website of Fertility astrologer Nicola Smuts, whose research and methods in this field are pioneering and unique, and who is well known for her international lectures.

Fertility and Astrology is the website of Pat Harris, who offers advice on fertility treatment based upon her own research and experience as a consultant astrologer in the field of health psychology.

Financial Astrology
This specialist site includes many articles to introduce the basics of financial astrology and planetary cycle analysis. Offers an understanding of business astrology and details of how to incorporate this information into fundamental and technical analysis.

Gardening by the Moon
This very attractive site offers a fairly thorough beginner's guide to Gardening by the Moon, combining the study of the moon, herbalism, and astrology. It includes a brief history of the subject, Moon phases, humoral meanings of the Moon through the signs, a handy list of Culpeper's planetary rulerships and monthly planting guide.

Herbalism Website dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of the Welsh tradition of herbal medicine, along with its historical links to other European herbal traditions.(The work of Stella Byrne and Dylan Warren-Davis).

Culpeper's 17th century classic 'The English Physitian' is reproduced online at Yale University's Medical Historical Library. offers a seachable database of herbs and their traditional medicinal properties.

The Gardening by the Moon site gives a quick reference for the planetary associations listed by Culpeper

Lois June Wickstrom's Herb Lore Page is a nice introduction to self-healing by herbs, detailing some common herbs and recipes.

History of Astrology
The text to Derek and Julia Parker's book History of Astrology is available online at MetaReligion.

Illustrators, (astrological)
Zodicatz by Frazzled Cat Productions, produces a range of cards, stationary and illustration services based on the theme of an astrological cat.

My Spirit Radio
A Talk Radio Channel for everyone with an interest in the fields of body, mind, spirit and self development. The monthly programmes cover a wide variety of programs from Astrology to Zen, Aromatherapy to Wicca.

Natural Magic
This is an excellent site by Scott Lincoln "Omar" Davis, centered around the work of the 16th century philosopher John Baptist Porta. Besides reproducing his text Magiae naturalis (Natural Magic), the site includes articles on his life and work, and a very full and detailed glossary of terms - many of which are relevant to 17th century, traditional astrological texts.

Reno Schmalce has put together a site offering lots of information on various numerological systems, and the opportunity to order reports at

Philosophy Resources
Philosophy related news, books and web resources.

Sabian Symbols - origin & history
This article, by Diana Roche, is part of the Sabian Assembly website which has many other features of interest to astrologers

Vedic Astrology
21st Century Vedic Astrology is the site of Laura Barat, a Vedic Astrologer in Colorado, USA, who has published several introductory and more advanced articles on her site.

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