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The Houses: Temples of the Sky, by Deborah Houlding
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Foreword by Robert Hand viiPDF extract
Introduction: 'Wheels & Signs' - Theories on House Division ix
Preliminary Guide to Celestial Division ixx
1Introducing the Houses: An Historical Overview 1
2The Angles: Significance of Egyptian Solar Philosophy 8
3Aspects & Gates: The 2nd/8th House Axis 21PDF extract
4Planetary Joys: 5th/11th House Axis 31
5The King & Queen: The 3rd/9th House Axis 42
6Cadency & Decline: The 6th/12th House Axis 51
7House Rulerships in Practice 61PDF extract
8Technical Basis and the Inherent Difficulties of House Division 93PDF extract
9Ptolemy's Powerful Places 109
Appendix A - Glossary of Terms 125PDF extract
Appendix B - The Planetary Hours 143
Appendix C - Al Biruni's Advice on Finding the Hour of Birth 149
Works Cited 152
General Index 156
House Rulership Index 161PDF extract

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