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The Houses, Temples of the Sky - by Deborah Houlding

Foreword by Robert Hand
1- Wheels & signs: theories on house meanings
2 - Introducing Houses: An Historical Overview
3 - The Angles: Significance of Egyptian Solar Philosophy
4 - Aspects and Gates: The 2nd / 8th House Axis
5 - Planetary Joys: The 5th / 11th House Axis
6 - The King & Queen: The 3rd / 9th House Axis
7 - Cadency & Decline: The 6th / 12th House Axis
8 - House Rulerships in Practice
9 - Problems of House Division
Appendix A - Al-Biruni's Advice on Finding the Hour of Birth
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This list represents the common assignation of house rulerships over specific concerns.

The rulerships offered are based on general principles, but these may need to be amended according to the specific context of the chart. For example, 'criminals' are generally listed as falling under the rulership of the 12th house because of the damaging and covert nature of their activities, but in some charts the criminal may be more appropriately signified by the 7th house, which deals with matters concerning those who attack us and oppose us directly, and is thus the house traditionally said to represent 'the thief'.

The list should therefore not be considered as authoritative or applicable in all situations. When combined with common sense it will provide a good starting point for consideration.

Acclaim: 10th
Accomplishment: 10th
Advancement: 10th
Adversity: 12th
Advice: 9th
Advisors: 9th
Affliction: 6th, 12th
Aged: 4th
Agents: 5th
Agriculture: 4th, 6th
Airlines: 9th
Allies of the nation: 11th
Allies: 2nd
Ambassadors: 5th
Ambition: 11th
Ancestral wealth: 4th
Anguish of mind: 8th
Animals: 6th (large: 12th)
Ankles: 11th
Anxieties: 12th
Appearance: 1st
Archivists: 6th
Arguments: 3rd (afflicted)
Armed forces: 6th
Arms: 3rd
Arts: 5th
Aspirations: 10th
Assets: 2nd
Astrologer: 7th
Astrology: 9th
Asylums: 12th
Aunts: 6th
Au-pairs: 6th
Authority: 10th
Back of shoulders: 5th
Back: 5th
Bail: 12th
Banished persons: 12th
Banks: 2nd
Banquets: 5th
Beginnings and endings: 4th
Beliefs: 9th
Benefactors: 11th
Betting on sport: 5th
Black: 7th
Bladder: 7th, 8th
Body, defects: 6th
Body, shape & form of: 1st
Bondage: l2th Books: 9th
Breasts: 4th
Brothers: 3rd
Buildings: 4th
Burials: 4th
Buried emotions: 4th
Buried treasure: 4th
Business partnerships: 7th
Buttocks: 7th, 9th
Buyer: 1st
Calves: 10th
Captivity: 12th
Career: 10th
Caretakers: 6th
Cars: 3rd
Cattle, large: 12th
Cattle: 6th
Character: 1st
Children: (ancient): 10th, 11th
Children: 5th
Chores: 6th
Church: 9th
Civil service: 6th
Clergy: 9th
Clothes: 5th
Coal: 4th
Collector of taxes: 8th
Colour of appearance: 1st
Comfort and relief: 11th
Commanders: 10th
Common people: 1st
Communication: 3rd
Communications: 3rd
Complexion: 1st
Computers: 3rd
Concentration camps: 12th
Conception: 5th
Conclusions: 4th
Confidence: 11th
Confinement 12th
Conscience: 9th
Contentions: 7th
Contracts: 3rd
Correspondence: 3rd
Councillors: 11th
Councils: 11th
Counsellors: 9th
Countries: 10th
County councils: 11th
Courts: 10th
Cousins: 3rd
Criminals: 7th, 12th
Crisis: 8th
Crops: 6th
Cure for an illness: 10th
Dancing: 5th
Danger 12th
Dark Colours: 6th, 7th
Darkness: 4th, 6th, 8th
Death Duties: 8th
Death rate 8th
Death: 8th, (ancient: 4th, 7th)
Debates: 3rd
Debt: 8th, 12th
Decay: 8th
Decline: 8th
Deeds: 3rd
Defendant In Lawsuit: 7th
Dentists: 6th
Destination, journey: 7th
Destiny: 9th
Dictators: 10th
Dignity: 10th
Diplomats: 5th
Disability allowances: 6th
Disease: 6th, 12th
Disposition: 1st
Distinction: 10th
Divination: 9th
Doctor treating illness: 7th
Doctors (generally): 6th
Documents: 3rd
Dreams: 9th
Drink: 5th
Drowning: 4th
Drudgery: 6th
Dukedoms: 10th
Dukes: 10th
Earls: 10th
Early childhood experiences: 4th
Earnings: 2nd
East: 1st
East-north-east: 2nd
East-south-east: 12th
Education system: 3rd
Elephants: 12th
Emails: 3rd
Empires: 10th
Employees: 6th
Employers: 10th
Enemies: 7th
Enemies, unknown: 12th
Enjoyment: 5th
Enmity: 12th
Entertainment: 5th
Epidemics: 6th
Exchequer 2nd
Exile: 12th
Explorers: 9th
Exports: 2nd
Expression, manner: 1st
Face: 1st
Factories: 6th
Fame: 10th
Family property: 4th
Farmers: 6th
Farming 4th, 6th
Fate: 9th
Fathers: 4th
Father's kin: 6th
Father's money: 5th
Faxes: 3rd
Fear: 6th, 8th
Feasts: 5th
Feet: 12th
Fertility: 5th
Financial matters: 2nd
Financial obligations: 8th
Fineries: 5th
Fines: 12th
Fingers: 3rd
First impressions: 1st
Food: 5th
Foreign countries: 9th
Foreign lands: 9th
Foreign office: 9th
Foreigners: 9th
Form, shape of body: 1st
Foundations: 4th
Freedom: 11th
Friends: 11th
Friendship: 11th
Fugitives: 7th
Funerals: 4th
Gain: 2nd
Gall-stones: 8th
Gambling: 5th
Gardens: 4th
Gems: 4th
Gifts: 5th
Glory: 10th
Goals: 11th
Goats: 6th
Good fortune: 11th
Gossips: 3rd
Government: 10th
Grandchildren: 9th
Grandparents: 4th
Graves: 4th
Green: 2nd, 12th
Green and white: 9th
Grief: 8th
Groin: 8th
Ground, quality of: 4th
Guidance: 9th
Guilty secrets: 12th
Guts: 6th
Gymnasiums: 5th
Haemorrhoids: 8th
Ham labour: 12th
Hams: 10th
Hands: 3rd
Head: 1st
Heads of State: 10th
Health of children: 5th
Health: 1st
Heir to deceased: 8th
Hidden matters: 8th
Hidden things: 4th
Hidden treasure: 4th
Hidden vices: 12th
Hips: 9th
History: 4th
Hobbies: 5th
Hogs: 6th
Home team: 1st
Home: 4th
Homeless people: 12th
Honey-colour: 5th
Hope: 11th
Hopes of the nation: 11th
Horse-racing: 5th
Horses: 12th
Hospitals: 12th
House of Commons: 11th
Houses: 4th
Illness: 6th
Immorality: 5th (affflicted)
Imprisonment: 12th
Income: 2nd
Increase in hope: 2nd
Increase of money/assets: 2nd
Infamy: 10th
Infirmity: 6th
Inheritance: 8th
Inhibition: 12th
Initiator of event: 1st
Inland transit: 3rd
Inns: 5th
Inspiration: 9th
Inspired thoughts: 9th
Intellect: 1st
Internal communications: 3rd
International communications: 9th
International law: 9th
Internet: 3rd
Invisibility: 12th
Isolation: 12th
Journeys, long: 9th
Journeys, short or regular: 3rd
Joy: 5th
Judgement: 10th
Judges: 10th
Justice, dispensing of: 10th
Kidneys: 6th
Kin: 3rd
Kingdoms: 10th
Kings: 10th
Knees: 10th
Knowledge, higher: 9th
Knowledge, mundane: 3rd
Labour: 12th
Labour party: 6th
Labourers: 6th
Land: 4th
Language: 3rd
Law Society: 9th
Law, dispensing of: 10th
Law, practitioners of: 9th
Lawsuits: 7th
Lawyers: 9th
Learning: 9th
Lease agreements: 4th
Legacies: 8th
Legs: 11th
Leisure industry: 5th
Letters: 3rd
Libraries: 6th
Lies: 3rd (afflicted)
Life: 1st
Literature: 3rd
Livelihood: 2nd
Liver: 5th
Loans: 8th
Lodgers: 6th
Long journeys: 9th
Loss: 8th
Lotteries: 5th
Love affairs: 5th
Lovemaking: 5th
Lovers: 7th
Lower belly: 6th
Lower intestines: 7th
Luck, bad: 12th
Luck, good: 11th
Lungs: 4th
Magazines: 3rd
Magistrates: 10th
Maids: 6th
Malicious hauntings: 12th
Manners: 1st
Marriage/divorce rate: 7th
Marriage: 7th
Material comforts: 2nd
Material possessions: 2nd
Menial tasks: 6th
Merriment: 5th
Messages: 3rd
Messengers: 3rd
Metals, mining of: 4th
Mind: 1st
Minerals: 4th
Mines: 4th
Mining: 4th
Misery: 12th
Monasteries: 12th
Money lent: 2nd
Money markets: 2nd
Money of partner: 8th
Money owed: 8th
Monks: 9th, 12th
Moral ideas: 9th
Mothers: 10th
Motivation: 11th
Mourning: 8th
Moveable goods: 2nd
Murder: 8th
Music: 5th
Mysticism: 9th
Nation's assets: 2nd
Nation's food reserves: 6th
National art galleries: 5th
National birth rate: 5th
National debt: 8th
National reputation: 10th
Nationalism: 4th
Natural resources of earth: 4th
Navel: 7th
Neck, down to shoulders: 2nd
Neighbourhood: 3rd
Neighbours: 3rd
Neighbouring nations: 3rd
Newspapers: 3rd
Nobility: 10th
North: 4th
North-north-east: 3rd
North-north-west: 5th
Notoriety: 10th
Nuns: 9th, 12th
Nurses: 6th
Occult groups: 12th
Oil: 4th
Old age: 4th
Opponent: 7th
Orangy-yellow: 3rd
Outer image: 1st
Outlaws: 7th
Overseas: 9th
Overwork: 6th
Oxen: 12th
Parents: 4th
Parks: 5th
Parliament: 11th
Parties: 5th
Partner's money: 8th
Partners: 7th
Partnerships: 7th
Paternity: 4th
Patrimony: 4th
Patriotism: 4th
Periodicals: 3rd
Persecution: 12th
Personal fears: 12th
Personal belongings: 2nd
Personal strength: 1st
Personality: 1st
Pets: 6th
Philosophy: 9th
Physical appearance: 1st
Piles: 8th
Pilgrims: 9th
Places of comfort and relief: 11th
Plays: 5th
Pleasant things: 5th
Pleasure: 5th
Poison: 8th
Police as law enforcers: 10th
Police as public servants: 6th
Political ideals: 11th
Popular favour: 10th
Position: 10th
Post office: 3rd
Postal service: 3rd
Power: 10th
Praise: 11th
Pregnancy: 5th
Pregnant women: 5th
Premature states: 12th
Press: 3rd
Prestige: 10th
Price, of transaction: 10th
Prime officers: 10th
Princes: 10th
Prison system: 12th
Prison: 12th
Prisoners: 12th
Private life: 4th
Private places: 12th
Privy council: 8th
Profession: 10th
Professional pursuits: 10th
Professors: 9th
Profit: 2nd
Profit or loss: 2nd
Promiscuity: 5th (afflicted)
Propaganda: 3rd
Property for sale: 4th
Property market: 4th
Prosecution in a lawsuit: 1st
Public acknowledgement: 10th
Public employees: 6th
Public enemies to the nation: 7th
Public eye: 10th
Public mortality: 8th
Public opinion: 3rd
Public records: 6th
Publications: 3rd
Publishing industry: 9th
Pubs: 5th
Querent: 1st
Rabbits: 6th
Railways: 3rd
Recreation: 5th
Red and white: 10th
Red: 4th
Reformatories: 12th
Release: 11th
Religion: 9th
Reports: 3rd
Reproductive organs: 7th
Reputation: 10th
Resorts: 5th
Resources: 2nd
Restriction: 12th
Restraint: 12th
Return to the source: 4th
Revelations: 9th
Revenue: 2nd
Rich, luxurious things: 5th
Road/river traffic: 3rd
Romance: 5th
Royalty: 10th
Rulership: 10th
Ruling in law court: 10th
Rumours: 3rd
Run-aways: 7th
Rusty colours: 3rd
Saboteurs: 12th
Sad events: 12th
Saffron: 11th
Scandals: 12th
Scholars: 9th
Scholarships: 9th
School life: 3rd
School system: 5th
Scientific institutions: 9th
Sea traffic: 9th
Secret enemies: 12th
Secret societies: 12th
Secrets: 12th
Seclusion: 12th
Self-undoing: 12th
Servants: 6th
Sex: 5th
Sex of unborn child: 5th
Sex organs: 5th, 8th
Sexual inhibition: 5th
Shame: 12th
Shared aims: 11th
Sheep: 6th
Shepherds: 6th
Shins: 10th
Shipping: 9th
Shoulders: 3rd
Sickness: 6th
Sides of body: 5th
Sisters: 3rd
Slavery: 12th
Slaves: 12th
Small animals: 6th
Smaller intestine: 6th
Social issues re. children: 5th
Social occasions: 5th
Social security services: 6th
Social standing: 10th
Society's views on sex: 5th
Solicitors: 9th
Soothsaying: 9th
Sorrow: 6th, 8th, 12th
South: 10th
South-south-east: 11th
South-south-west: 9th
Speech: 1st, 3rd
Speeches: 3rd
Spies: 12th
Spiritual matters: 9th
Sport: 5th
Sporting arenas: 5th
Spouse: 7th
State of the nation: 1st
Stature: 1st
Stock exchange: 2nd
Stomach: 5th
Strangury: 8th
Strength: 10th
Students: 9th
Subordinates: 6th
Substance: 2nd
Success: 10th
Support, assistance: 2nd
Supporters of ruling power: 11th
Supporters: 11th
Tavern: 5th
Taxes: 8th
Telephones: 3rd
Television: 3rd
Tenants: 6th
Tenements: 4th
Theatres: 5th
Thief/thieves: 7th
Thighs: 9th
Throat: 2nd
Toil: 6th, 12th
Tombs: 4th
Towns: 4th
Trade unions: 6th
Trade: 10th
Tradition: 4th
Traitors: 12th
Transport system: 3rd
Travel, long: 9th
Travel, short: 3rd
Travellers: 3rd
Treasure, hidden: 4th
Treasury: 2nd
Trust: 11th
Underground groups: 12th
Underground systems: 4th
Underground tranport: 3rd, 4th
Underworld: 4th
Unemployment insurance: 6th
United Nations: 9th
Universities: 9th
Unknown matters: 12th
Victims: 8th
Visions: 9th
Visitors: 3rd
Vitality: 1st
Vitality, lack of: 6th
Voyages: 9th
Vulnerability: 8th
Water supplies: 4th
Weakness: 4th, 6th, 8th, 12th
Wealth from hidden sources: 4th
Wealth, manner of attaining: 2nd
Wealth: 2nd
Wells: 4th
Welfare state: 12th
West: 7th
West-north-west: 6th
West-south-west: 8th
White / pale colours: 1st
Widespread diseases: 6th
Wills: 8th
Wisdom: 9th
Witchcraft: 12th
Witches: 12th
Witnesses for the defence: 8th
Witnesses for the prosecution: 2nd
Womb: 7th
Working classes: 6th
Writing: 3rd

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