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Free Astrological Texts
There are a number of sites on the web offering free, downloadable transcripts of traditional texts, including the works of Lilly, Bonatus, Culpeper, Kepler, Sepharial, Robson, and more. For details refer to the online texts page.

Academy of Astrology
Very impressive site by Helena Avelar and Luís Ribeiro of Portugal. The Academy is dedicated to the in-depth study of Astrology and aims to contribute to the development of astrological knowledge.
"Astrologers of the Real Tradition of Astrology - information on astrology, practitioners, workshops and conferences, cutting edge articles and tuition. Subscribe to our newsletter at"
Astrologia Medieval
Paulo Alexandre Silva's Portuguese site on traditional astrology. Features a number of study aids, links, book recommendations and articles of interest to traditionalists.
Astrologia Oraria
Patrizia Nava's Italian site with articles (in Italian) on horary, details of her services, and information about courses and events.
Ancient Sky
Delightful site by Claire France-Perez. Carries many articles and resources for traditional and ancient techniques as well as a wide variety of material for astrologers of all inclinations
Beata Kibil
The website of a qualified horary astrologer Beata Kibil. Beata offers horary consultations in both English and Polish. For further information please see her website:
Benjamin Dykes
The site of Medieval Astrology expert Benjamin Dykes. This is an excellent place to learn more about medieval astrological techniques from a respected and active practitioner. The site includes an introduction to medieval methods, articles, FAQs, book reviews, and details of consultations.
Classical Astrology
The website of Dorian Greenbaum, classical scholar, translator and researcher. Includes articles and details of translated works.
Blog of traditional and predictive astrology, by Yuzuru Izawa, (in Portuguese). Articles offer information for beginners as well as advanced students. Discusses the philosophical bases of astrology and its methods.
Alexander Kolesnikov has created a welcomed website devoted to the Firdaria method. Future expansion into other areas of Medieval Astrology is expected.
Forum on Astrology
Besides various resources and articles, Robert Corre offers training based on the astrological methods of the 17th century astrologer Morin de Villefranche as taught by Zoltan Mason of New York. Site visitors can also obtain free online charts and engage in the forum.
Gryphon Astrology Blog
Articles, weekly horary question, discussion of traditional methods. An exploration of traditional astrology by a practitioner and student in the Art, Nina Gryphon. Renaissance and Medieval Astrology revived for the 21st century.
Horary Cosmic Compass
Horary and electional consultations by Karin Tye.
John Frawley & the Astrologer's Apprentice
Features John Frawley's work, publications, and details of his horary course.
Lehman Associates
Lee Lehman's site, offering details of courses, classes, books and software.
P. James Clark, Astrologer
Features natal, electional, medical & archetypal astrology, using ancient and traditional methodologies. The archives are particularly impressive, with a sizeable collection of articles, some comprising of classical and traditional reference material, others written by contemporary authors. The tools section also includes some very useful links.
Renaissance Astrology
Christopher Warnock presents articles, courses and resources for traditional astrologers. Covers horary and electional, offers consultations, features the astrological magick and talismans of Cornelius Agrippa, Marsilio Ficino and the Picatrix.
Science Astrology by Thomas Gazis
This is the blogspot of Thomas Gazis which presents articles on Political, Philosophical and Psychological Astrology Research.
Susan Swan - Horary Astrologer
Website of Susan Swan, who offers horary consultations and demonstrates a monthly horary on site.
Society of Astrologers
SoA specifically aims to support the knowledge of traditional astrology as practiced in Europe between 1200-1700. Membership to the Society is free for both practising and associate members. The Society maintains a Directory of Practicing members, on online network and ocasional journals circulated by email.
The Traditional & Mundane Astrology Pages
The site of horary expert and tutor Branka Stamenkovic, offering reproductions of texts, courses, consultations and articles
World Astrology
The web site of highly respected West Coast (USA) astrologer, Dorothy Kovach, and Russian astrologer Anton Grigoryev. The emphasis is on traditional and mundane, with Dorothy also offering her expertise in horary and financial consultations, and Anton offering some wonderful free translations of traditional works. The site is also associated with the well known private mailing list: Angelicus Merlin.

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