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Benjamin Dykes

Dykes PhD

A professor, specialising in ancient and medieval philosophy, Ben has 11 years' experience in ritual practice of Western Mystery Traditions and earned his AMA from Robert Zoller.

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Please note: this service is only available as a consultation offered via phone or online via Skype (a free service) and digitally recorded as MP3s, at a time convenient for you.

Additional Information for your Annual Predictions:

Ben's report will include an annual prediction. If your most recent birthday was less than 6 months ago, he will base his predictions on the year from that birthday to the next. If your most recent birthday was more than 6 months ago, he will base them on the next one, provided you know what city you will be residing in on that date. In the absence of this information, the report may still be produced, but certain techniques will be avoided.
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