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1: I Become An Astrologer
2: Herbert Volck: The Embittered Veteran
3: Captain Lohmann: Rearmament by Stealth
4: In the Hands of the Gestapo
5: Felix Kersten
6: Find Mussolini!
7: My first meeting with Walter Schellenberg
8: Lunch with Heinrich Himmler
9: Counter- espionage Headquarters, Berlin
10: Himmler and July 20, 1944
11: Count Bernadotte's Mission
12: Himmler at the End of his Tether
13: The End Approaches
14: Heinrich Himmler's Final Orders


Zodiac & Swastika by Wilhelm Wulff: Chapter Five - Felix Kersten

Chapter Five - Felix Kersten

Felix Kersten

Felix Kersten

My acquaintance with Felix Kersten, one of the background figures in the dark morass of Nazi politics, brought me for the first time close to the Nazi high command. A great giant of a man who posed as a harmless masseur from Finland, Kersten had wormed his way into the highest aristocratic circles abroad and into the top strata of the Nazis. Although not an intellectual, he was a realistic and extremely shrewd thinker. He came from a farming family and in 1917 served for a short while as an officer in the Finnish Army, after which he fled to Germany to escape the Bolsheviks. Kersten then worked as a dishwasher, a film extra, a masseur, and-from 1930 on- as a "doctor of manipulative therapy." He was on Christian-name terms with the Prince Consort of Holland, Heinrich von Mecklenburg, and he was Himmler's personal physician.

When Zimmermann took me to see him one winter's evening in 1942, Kersten was living in a new and extremely elegant flat on the corner of the Rüdesheimer Platz in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. He owed these pompous surroundings to the "Aryanization" program, the former occupant, a Jew, having been evicted. The apartment was full of ostentatious elegance. The decor had been copied from the castles, palaces, and country houses of Kersten's wealthy patients. Our host greeted us sullenly. We had miscalculated our journey and arrived half an hour late. Kersten gravely told us that he was not accustomed to waiting for people requesting favors. He was entitled to regard our visit in this light: Zimmermann had told him of my fate, and from Zimmermann's sister, Gerda, he had learned about the irradiated milk project and the difficulties we encountered in getting it launched.

Soon the somber atmosphere which had made the first quarter of an hour of our visit so unpleasant was dispelled. Kersten's sullen mood lifted, and the conversation took a more lively turn. Zimmermann spoke of his concern for his milk project, and at first, Kersten feigned ignorance of the affair. Later on, however, he promised to help Zimmermann and to introduce him to the right people, who would use their influence on his behalf. Not long afterward this was duly done.

During the conversation I watched Kersten carefully. Was he to be taken seriously? At that moment he wore the look of an affable man, which is what Zimmermann had led me to expect. Greedy little eyes, which were reminiscent of a child's, peeped from Kersten's bloated face. He was a thyroid case and suffered from fatty degeneration of the heart. But despite his enormous girth, he was quick on his feet. His fat grasping hands, covered with small whitish scars, played continuously with a pencil or a little picture. In the terminology of medieval character assessment, he was a phlegmatic with a sanguine touch. He was extremely passionate and sensuous, extremely lazy, extremely vain and ambitious. Zimmermann knew all this and had correctly assumed that Kersten would be flattered to be introduced to an astrologer who might conceivably be of interest to Himmler. Suddenly Kersten said to me: "You can talk quite openly to me about political developments; I am quite well informed anyway, and I have my own ideas and worries about the war and the internal development of Germany. Now tell me what you think about Hitler's horoscope."

I very cautiously outlined the different constellations and drew his attention to some which were particularly bad. I then suggested that a man like Hitler could not be a successful national leader for long and said that I felt sorry for the German people; I foresaw bitter events which were bound to occur unless there was a radical change of policy. At that time the Moscow and Leningrad offensive had been broken off and our troops were engaged in "strategic" withdrawals which were actually to last three long years. I told Kersten that Hitler had the same Saturn position in his natal chart as Napoleon and that, although their destinies were not identical, there were certain parallels, applying primarily to Germany's Russian campaign and the battles still to come. I then suggested that if Germany were to be saved from complete disaster, something would have to be done soon. I did not say what had to be done, but Kersten knew what I meant.

Kersten then said, "Can you let me have Hitler's horoscope? I would like to show it to Himmler." I was terrified by this remark. Kersten saw my reaction and went on in patronizing tones: "My dear fellow, there's no need to be afraid. Himmler will not hurt you. I can arrange everything. But what you have been telling me about Hitler's future is important and interesting, and Himmler must be told about it."

"No," I replied. "I don't want that. Please don't say a word to Himmler. I don't want to be taken into 'protective custody' again by the Gestapo. Himmler must know nothing about it. He would not understand and would find my statements seditious. Please treat my observations about Hitler's horoscope as confidential, and don't make any trouble for me."

At this point Kersten asked me if I had suffered a great deal in protective custody; I replied that I had seen and suffered the same terrible things as other prisoners in the same situation. I then went on to say that my negative forecast for Hitler's personal future was borne out by mundane horoscopes, especially the horoscope for Germany and the chart for January 30, 1933-i.e., for the founding of the Third Reich, which was supposed to last for a thousand years but which would soon be in its death agony.

"You must tell me more about this, Herr Wulff," Kersten said. "It is extraordinarily interesting and important for me and for the projects which I am pursuing. Now that you have started, you must go on."

Zimmermann also urged me to continue. He knew Kersten better than I did, for the Finn was an admirer of his sister, Dr. Gerda Zimmermann. But I once again declined. I told Kersten that I was unable to consult my documents because they had been confiscated, adding that the Gestapo had already discovered many of the predictions which I had made about Germany's future. All I could have told him then, I explained, were the few things I happened to have remembered. This would have given an incomplete picture, for some of my calculations and interpretations went back twenty years, and I had forgotten much that was relevant.

"You must meet Himmler," Kersten told me. "You'll like him. He is a nice man and can do a great deal for you if you want him to."

I refused this offer. I had no desire to meet Himmler in person. What I had heard about him was quite enough for me. Later Zimmermann told me that I was wrong about him, but Zimmermann did not know what I had seen in the natal chart. Kersten then asked me to cast a detailed horoscope for himself and also for Himmler. Himmler's constellations interested me as an astrologer, and I wanted to include his chart in the new collection I intended to make. And so I began to work for Kersten, but only after obtaining his assurance that I would not be subjected to further persecution at the hands of Himmler's Gestapo. A few weeks later I handed Kersten his detailed horoscope.

At that time I did not possess all of Himmler's birth data and so could not calculate a chart for him.

 Chapter 6: Find Mussolini!

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