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The Traditional Astrologer

Traditional Astrologer Magazine issue 16 EditorDeborah Houlding
ThemeTraditional astrology
First issueJune 1993
Last issueJanuary 2000
PublisherAscella, Nottingham, UK
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The Traditional Astrologer was first published in June 1993 and closed its run with issue 19 in January 2000. It was designed, produced and edited throughout by Deborah Houlding. David Plant acted as assistant editor for issues 1-17 and associate editors included David McCann and Dylan Warren-Davis (issues 8-18) and Kim Farnell (issue 18). The magazine was produced in A4 format, initially with 40 internal pages, increasing to 44 internal pages from issue 8.

The aim of The Traditional Astrologer was to promote interest in traditional astrology at a time when few astrologers were exposed to traditional techniques. The first issue was produced informally, reproduced as photocopies, and circulated to a small number of about 100 astrologers who had shown an interest in subscribing. All other issues were set to a 1000-copy print run, some of which were subsequently reprinted.

Most issues were arranged around an astrological theme, and the magazine regularly included instructional articles on traditional techniques, explorations of astrological charts judged by various traditional techniques, reviews of books and reproductions of traditional astrological works. Many issues also included topical editorials, for which Deborah Houlding was honoured by the P.A.I. of America in 1995 for "consistently well-written editorials in The Traditional Astrologer". Most issues are no longer available for purchase.

Issue 16 was published in March 1998, themed on Mars. Contributors to this issue include Carol Wiggers, David Plant, Deborah Houlding, Derek Parker, Dylan Warren-Davis, Felix Jay, Garry Phillipson, John Ball, John Frawley, Linda Reid, Sue Ward and Wanda Sellar.

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