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Famous Aquarians
Abraham Lincoln | Germaine Greer | Bob Marley | Oprah Winfrey | more



by Deborah Houlding

How does the Sun in Aquarius play out in the charts of the famous people? For the deep-dive into the symbolism of this sign see: Aquarius - The Sign Symbolism of Aquarius.

Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln had the Sun rising in Aquarius on the trine of an 8th house Mars in Libra. Aquarius, like Libra, is naturally supportive of interests in law and civil rights, but although Lincoln held the potential to be a great leader and outstanding public figure (angular Sun, angular and dignified Jupiter as MC-ruler, Saturn culminating on the trine of Venus) it was the experience of guiding his country through its most disturbing period of history, the Civil War, which has left him remembered by many as the greatest American president of all time. Mars is descriptive of the battles that filled his life, and of his end – he was shot on the 14th April 1865 as Saturn (at 27 Libra) retrograded to the conjunction of Mars, and the Sun (at 25 Aries) opposed it.

Although Lincoln’s family had to struggle to make a living, and he had to struggle to gain an education, the fierce ambition and strong determination of his elevated Saturn allowed him to rise above his station to qualify as a lawyer in 1836 and enter politics the following year. The Moon in the 12th house and its applying sextile to Saturn reflects his personal connection with issues of slavery and the ability to manifest those concerns into his professional interests and reputation. It also gave him a grave and melancholy air, and he was known to have suffered from deep depression on several occasions in his life. At its best, Saturn conjunct Neptune allows the ability to unite visions with reality; here, it is activated through the Aquarian vision of equality and freedom and pursued through the power of intellectual debate, writings, speeches, and democratic vision. Although often modest and unassuming in character, or at least moderate in the way they express themselves, Lincoln is a testament to how Aquarians know no limits in determination and perseverance when it comes to ambitions borne from moral commitment.

As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy.

- Abraham Lincoln (The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln vol II, R.P. Basler, 1858, p.532).

Germaine Greer


Professor, author and political commentator Germaine Greer has been defined as one of the most significant icons for female liberation of the 20th century. With her Moon conjunct Uranus on the South Node, square her 12th house Aquarian Sun, and opposing the Mars-ruled Midheaven, the trademarks for generating public attention towards opposition of male dominance are as obvious as her disdain for class systems and oppression from the ‘State’. Greer is a supporter of the philosophy of anarchism, which she claims moved her away from people who “talked about art and truth and beauty and argument” to people who “talked about truth and only truth”. The rest was “a synonym for lies - or bullshit, as they called it”.* Despite the idealism suggested by the perfect trine between Mercury and Neptune, the Aquarian principle of refusing to submit to collective agreement, focussed through a 12th house Sun opposing Pluto and squaring an earthy Moon, has grounded Greer’s interests into finding constructive solutions to the darker realities most of us don’t care to look at. Her emergence into public attention through effectively working sub-cultures was also typically 12th house in flavour – after a brilliant, though rebellious academic career which gained her a doctorate in 1967, she entered the political scene in London by contributing to the underground magazine OZ as ‘Dr G’.

Most Aquarians are naturally comfortable standing upon the fringes of society’s views, but in charts such as this, where the Sun is squared by the Moon and activist tendencies are present, the potential to challenge public opinion and to feel directly confronted by it allows the generation of conflict and controversy. Nonetheless, Germaine Greer has managed to maintain public respect because of the coolly intellectual and mainly articulate way in which she presents her arguments.

That Greer does have a drift towards presenting truth wrapped up in art and beauty is evident through her 2003 publication which can be directly associated with the Ganymede myth so heavily impressed upon the Aquarian psyche. As an undoubted statement of appreciation for adolescent form The Boy, (Thames and Hudson), is a richly illustrated book about the beauty of teenage boys, controversially published with the stated aim: “to reclaim for women the right to appreciate the short-lived beauty of boys”.

You owe it to other women and to your mother and to her sisters who couldn't get an education to get the best education you can and use it to clobber the people who oppressed your people.

- Greer on Revolution; Germaine on Love, 1972 interview (published online)

* Greer: Untamed Shrew by Christine Wallace (Pan Macmillan, 1997) p.87.

Bob Marley


Bob Marley has been called “the first Third World superstar”, “Rasta Prophet”, “visionary”, and “revolutionary artist”.* The Sun rules the 9th house and is located in the 3rd (a communication of spiritual values) from where it sextiles the ascendant and becomes manifest in the personality. Many biographers have made the point that it is not possible to understand Bob Marley or his music without appreciating the influence of his Rastafarian spiritual values. These emerge with Aquarian principles as witnessed in his songs, which call for the removal of inequality, divisions and prejudice, and the restoration of human rights.

The Moon's sextile to asc-ruler Jupiter, elevated in the 10th house, demonstrates the ability to gather wide-scale public attention, as well as portraying a liberal lifestyle. Jupiter is a tolerant planet and the title of Marley’s first record, (cut when he was 16), ‘Judge Not’ sets the temper of his career as an artist who communicated a message through music. But Jupiter also falls on the trine of Mars, which rouses passion and heated emotions, and Uranus is angular on the descendant, steering him into dangerous and controversial situations. Even his message of peace could be seen as provocative to some elements of his native political scene, though Marley survived the attempt upon his life on December 3rd 1975, when gunmen from the party in opposition took exception to his apparent support of the Jamaican Prime Minister when he agreed to play a free concert on the date of national elections. (Transiting Mars was then squaring Jupiter from the 7th house at 27 Gemini). Eventually, Marley helped reconcile the two warring parties when he performed a concert to mark a truce between them on 22 April 1978. Entitled the ‘One Love’ concert, Marley persuaded Prime Minister Manley and the opposition leader Seaga to join him on stage where they shook hands. For such an incredible and inconceivable event, Marley received the United Nations’ Peace Medal the following year.

Marley died of Cancer on 11 May 1981 with transiting Saturn opposing his 6th house ruler, Venus, and transiting Uranus conjunct his 8th house ruler, the Moon. At only 36 years of age, Marley had become a legend having built a celebration of his unique style of music all over the world and having his contribution to Jamaica's culture acknowledged by the Order of Merit. His funeral was attended by the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition.

That until there is no longer first class
And second class citizens of any nation
Until the colour of a man's skin
Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes
Me say war

- From the Song War by Bob Marley (1976) - his lyrics set to music the speech presented to the United Nations by H.I.M Haile Selassie.

* Bob Marley biography (published online)

Oprah Winfrey


With a stellium of personal planets in Aquarius, Oprah Winfrey’s talent for broadcasting, and the communication of social issues, has made her one of the most influential people in the world. The nearness of Venus (MC-ruler) to the Sun allows it to be defined as ‘cazimi’ – a state of solar-empowered brilliance, where the two planets are fused to act as one. Falling in the 2nd house and receiving the sextile of the Moon, this is one of many indications for success in financial concerns and matters that mainly appeal to a female audience.

Oprah may not appear as the archetypal Aquarian: the dominating influence of her ascendant-ruler Jupiter in the grand trine connecting the midheaven to Mercury, colours her persona with warmth, humour, and generous, larger-than-life enthusiasm. Such traits are endearing to the public but are unlikely to have propelled her to a position of global achievement without the firm reasoning capacity, cool-headed planning and fixed resolve demonstrated through the Aquarian Sun’s tight square to its dispositor Saturn. Saturn’s square to the Sun offers a challenge that will make or break self-fulfilment and in Oprah’s case reflects her very strict father, who pushed her to expect more of herself, and her need to overcome the impoverished conditions and abuse she suffered as a child. Born illegitimate and abandoned into her grandmother’s care, she was sexually abused on several occasions and conditioned to expect that as the norm. But the blessing of her grandmother’s care was that she was taught to read and recite in public at a very early age, allowing her to develop a keen intellect and talent for articulation which led her to become the youngest person and the first African-American woman to anchor the news at Nashville's WTVF-TV. The rest, as they say, is history.

Oprah can be seen as fulfilling her Aquarian principles in describing herself as a seeker of truth, and viewing her show as a ‘mission’ from which she is in a position to teach and educate as wide an audience as possible on diverse subjects of topical interest. Unlike many similar chat show hosts, she refuses to air subjects that are voyeuristic or negative in content, with no prospect of bringing enlightenment to her audience. It is through the Aquarian gifts of charm and grace that her influence upon transmitting information and encouraging social reform remains so powerfully active.

the greatest thing about what I do, for me, is that I'm in a position to change people's lives

- 1991 Interview (published online)

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