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Natal charts prepared according to medieval techniques
Horary / Electional Astrology
Chart rectification
One to one telephone consultations (UK only)

Traditional Astrological Readings
Skyscript is proud to be partnered with some of the world's finest astrologers. If you are looking for an astrologer who specialises in traditional techniques, you can order a personally prepared written report from Benjamin Dykes or Christopher Warnock, both of whom are highly regarded as experts in their field. Between them they offer a full range of traditional services including:
horary astrology
electional astrology
natal reports prepared according to medieval methods
annual predictive techniques such as revolutions and directions

No element of this service is automated or simplified. You receive the personal attention of a skilled and internationally acclaimed astrologer, with the opportunity for a follow-up email to answer any outstanding questions after you receive your written analysis, (and of course the potential of ongoing support from an astrologer who will take you on as a long-term client should you wish).

See the link below for more details of these astrologers and the services they offer.

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One-to-one Telephone Consultations (UK only)

If you live in the UK, highly respected and experienced astrologers, approved by the Astrological Association of Great Britain, are available for immediate in-depth consultation by telephone. We recommend you read the profiles of the astrologers that operate this service, they include some of the most well known and professionally qualified authors, teachers and lecturers of astrology.

These astrologers will use the most appropriate astrological technique to give you clear and relevant astrological advice during a live interactive consultation over the phone. See the link below for details of how you can speak to a respected astrologer right now. The process is very simple and straightforward but is currently only available for callers within the UK.

More about this service

Be wary of confusing the services offered by credible astrologers with computerised or automated services offered elsewhere on the web. If you are looking for computerised reports, try which offers a reliable and popular service at economical rates.

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