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Benjamin Dykes

Dykes PhD


Benjamin Dykes, Ph.D., AMA, Astrologer

Benjamin Dykes offers predictive natal analysis by written report or telephone consultation. We recommend his services for:

Natal Reports prepared according to Medieval Methods
Solar Returns & Annual Predictions

Brief Biography

Professor Dykes lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. He received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has seven years' experience as a college instructor, concentrating on the ancient and medieval philosophy that informs much ancient and medieval astrology. He frequently incorporates ancient therapeutic techniques into his college courses, teaching students how to improve their lives by using principles of philosophical counselling.

Benjamin also has 11 years' experience in ritual practice in the Western Mystery Tradition, including the Golden Dawn, Wicca, and Thelema. After many years studying modern astrology, he began studying medieval techniques and earned his AMA (Adeptus Medievalis Astrologiae) from Robert Zoller, the foremost practitioner and teacher of medieval astrology in the world.

Benjamin is currently involved in translating the 1488 Latin edition of Abu Ma'shar's Flowers of Astrology into English. He is also preparing a several-part compendium of concepts and techniques in medieval astrology which is suitable for both beginners and those with a background in modern astrology. In the near future, Benjamin's course materials will be available for purchase. More details can be found on his website at

See an example of the method used by Ben to prepare the comments in his reports.

Read Ben's article on the medieval approach to defining 'happiness' in the birth chart

Visit Ben's website at

Ben's Views on Astrology

"Medieval astrology is the fullest development of the original systems of astrology in the West: it runs from the Egyptians through the Greeks, the Arabs, to the medieval Latins. It accurately predicts the probable order of events in a person's life as promised in the natal figure (the horoscope).

I believe medieval astrology is spiritual. As the astrologer Firmicus Maternus said, 'The divine Mind…orders all things…preserved by everlasting fiery motion for the procreation and preservation of all things.' In medieval astrology we try to know what the Divine Mind has determined, and our role in that Life.

Predictive astrology also helps us achieve proper happiness, knowing how to greet setbacks and feel joy over our blessings. As Ptolemy said, 'Foreknowledge accustoms and calms the soul by experience of distant events as though they were present, and prepares it to greet with calm and steadiness whatever comes'.

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