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By Steven Birchfield:
William Ramesey's Astrologia Munda
Is my husband having an affair?


William Ramesey´┐Żs Astrologia Mundi by Steven Birchfield

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Astrologia Munda

The complete fourth book of William Ramesey's Astrologiae Restaurata (Astrology Restored: published in London, 1653), is made available as a PDF dowload, edited and annotated by Steven Birchfield (1.43MB). The Fourth Book, entitled Astrologia Munda, was called by Ramesey "Astrology in its Purity". Birchfield regards it as the closest thing we have to an accessible textbook on traditional mundane astrology.

Is my husband having an affair - Steven Birchfield
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This detailed and carefully researched article by Steven Birchfield considers several elements of traditional technique, prompted by a deeper consideration of a recent forum horary question "Is my husband having an affair?"

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Steven Birchfield is a professional engineer, astrologer, teacher and scholar. His academic background includes degrees in Structural Engineering, Mid-Eastern Philosophy and Social Anthropology.

Originally from the US, for 20 years Steven was a missionary and evangelist, working and living in East Africa, the Middle East, Indian sub-continent, Western and Eastern Europe. He currently resides in Norway with his wife and children.

He began his studies in Modern Archetype/Psychological Astrology in 1978. In 1991 and the beginnings of Project Hindsight, he began his studies in Classical Hellenistic Astrology, following with his Medieval Astrological studies and a DMA diploma from Robert Zoller in 2004.

Steven's articles have been translated and published in several Traditional Journals in Europe; In the Bulgarian Astro-Journal, Bres and Anima Astrologiae in the Netherlands, as well as Astrologia Restaurata in Germany.

The articles and papers made available for download on this page - including all text and diagrams - are copyrighted to Steven Birchfield and are offered here for private, non-commercial use. Permission must be sought for reproduction. Published online November, 2008; last update March, 2010.